Segovia tourist attractions

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Segovia tourist attractions

You are going to spend 1 day in Segovia during your vacation in Spain and you are looking for ideas to ensure you make the most out of your time. 

Segovia is located at a bit more than one hour´s drive from Madrid. It is a must-see destination in Spain so in case you hesitate to visit we strongly recommend you do. You will not regret it!

In this section we provide  you with the top Segovia tourist attractions. You can also find a map with the best attractions in Segovia by filtering them in our Segovia interactive touristic map . You will be able to filter by type of attraction and your travel style and convert this map into a comprehensive attraction guide adaptable to your taste.

We also recommend you to have a look at our tourist Segovia guide  where you will get lots of inside information, recommended hotels, restaurants, stories and more about Segovia. 

Our top recommendations in Segovia

Palace and gardens - La Granja de San Ildefonso

Palace and gardens – La Granja de San Ildefonso- Segovia

The beautiful grounds are perhaps the most attractive feature of La Granja. They were designed in classical French style along the lines of Le Notre’s gardens at Versailles and cover anotal area of some 360 acres surrounded by a fence nearly 4 miles long. The paths and squares were finished in 1723, at a total length of 22 miles; the elm and wild chest nut trees were planted in the same year. The garden was

Roman aqueduct

Roman aqueduct of Segovia

The Roman aqueduct of Segovia The roman aqueduct of Segovia´s landmark and amongst Spain´s top attractions. It is with no doubt one of the finest structures in the world from Roman times. Its exact date of construction is not known, though experts date it between the second half of the first century and the start of the second century A.D, during the reigns of Trajan and Vespian. The aqueduct is probably Segovia´s top attractions, but

Alcazar de Segovia

Alcazar de Segovia

Alcazar de Segovia in Spain The Alcazar de Segovia is one Segovia´s top attractions. Segovia, 1 hour drive north-west of Madrid, is a mid-sized city which offers amazing heritage and excellent gastronomy. The Alcazar de Segovia is amongst the most visited attractions in Spain. Average customer review Score for Alcazar de Segovia 9.2   Alcazar de Segovia visitors guide History of the Alcazar de Segovia  The Alcazar was a royal residence until 1570. Isabella set out

Cathedral Segovia

Cathedral of Segovia

The old cathedral was totally destroyed in the revolt of the Comuneros. Charles V ordered a new cathedral with a different ground plan to be built on a higher site. Building of the late Gothic cathedral began in 1525. It is known as the “Lady of the Spanish cathedrals‘ owing to its elegance, slender lines, and restrained austerity. The ground plan was drawn up by Juan Gil de Hontañón, who was simultaneously building Salamanca Cathedral.