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Cities, beaches, hiddem gems, islands, mountain landscapes, national parks… Spain has a lot to offer but time is limited.  Plan your trip to Spain with our excellent guides and find not just great things to do, but also insider tips and special offers!

Depending on your interests you will have to choose which places match your travel style. No matter how much time you have or which is the itinerary you have in mind, our team of local experts have put together the best ideas to ensure travel planning is both easy and enjoyable for you.

Places to visit in Spain - Top cities and hidden gems

skyscrapers in a city in Spain
City guides

Cities in Spain

Which cities shoudl you visit in Spain? Spain is a large country and there are many interesting cities worth visiting. However, time is limited. In this guide we propose you the top cities you should keep in your list. Depending on your interests you will need to choose from the many fascinating options that await you … Read More

Mediterranean landscape in Spain

Most beautiful places in Spain

Spain is full of small villages that surprise the visitor. Places of inmense charm, history and excellent local food. Discover the most beautiful places in Spain to build your pferct dream trip … Read More

Most frequently asked questions when travelling to Spain

Note and coins used for tipping
Tips travel

A Guide To Tipping In Spain

it isn’t customary to tip in Spain. Service staff usually don’t depend on tips to make ends meet in Spain. HOWEVER if you enjoy good service and you want to tip this is not frowned upon. The following article will give you a good idea of the customary amounts that are tipped by type of service, but of course feel free to do as you please. Tipping in Spain is question you should put yourself in view of the service you have received and not on a compulsary reality. Making someone’s day is never a bad idea! … Read More

wine served in Spain
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Drinking age in Spain

Here is everything you need to know about the drinking age in Spain. Discover and the legal and cultural rules to drinking in Spain and enjoy the experience with responsibility. … Read More

The Basics: Where to sleep and best places to eat

Pool at a roof top terrace at hotel in spain

Best hotels in Spain

A selection of the best hotels in Spain to enjoy a great stay. Hotels with views to some of Spain´s top attractions. A curated selection of top 3 hotels per city to ensure you find the best out of the best from the list hand-picked by our local team of experts … Read More

Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos Torres- Fine dining near the Royal Palace

Best restaurants in Spain

A selection of the best restaurants in Spain to enjoy a great stay. Restaurants for all budgets and that cover different styles of Spanish cuisine. You will also find restaurants that are close to some of the main tourist attractions to ensure you enjoy great food without losing too much time during your trip itinerraries … Read More

Moving around

driving in spain
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Driving In Spain

Discover Spain by car! Driving in Spain can be a real joy if you know all the ins and outs, and that is why we created this guide to driving in Spain. … Read More

Ave train in Spain
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Ave train Spain map

The AVE is Spain’s super-comfortable, high-end high speed railway system. Most of the peninsula is connected by these trains and its the easiest and quickest way of getting around in Spain. Now AVE is even coming out with a low cost service so everyone can enjoy the high-speed life style. Find out more below, including a the Ave train Spain map (with AVE and AVLO connections) that you need to plan your trip.  … Read More

Top Attractions

White villages in Spain

White villages in Spain

One of the best experiences to enjoy in Spain is to leave the big cities and get to know the small villages spread throughout Spain´s geography. The white villages in Spain is the most famous option. Located in Andalusia, southern Spain, these villages are located in fantastic landscapes and share white in their houses as a way to fight against the heat. In this guide we recommend you a road trip amongst some of the most beautiful white villages in Spain. … Read More

Segovia cathedral

Spain Tourist Attractions

Top 60 Spain tourist attractions. A selection with the top picks and information on tourist attractions in all of Spain´s top cities. Complete visitor´s guides to each of Spain´s top attractions with ideas, tips and special deals … Read More

People walking el Camino de Santiago
things to do

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago has long been a challenging physical and spiritual journey that people of all walks of life have undertaken to achieve enlightenment and “test their metal”. The walk takes days to complete on foot and can be grueling at points, but the connection to nature and to one’s inner voice that you will experience is well worth the effort. Enjoy this complete guide of El Camino to prepare your trip. … Read More

Tours and Things to do

Guide tours in Spain
Guided Tours

Spain Guided day tours

Guide with Spain´s tours. A selection of curated tours wiht the best tours in each city. Walking tours, tapas tours, tours to enjoy top attractions. Both private and group tours … Read More

San Fermin one of the things to do in Spain
things to do

Things to do in Spain

Recommendations with the best things to enjoy in Spain. Sections to explore highlights per month, top festivals, local events and ideas curated by our team of local experts to ensure you enjoy a true experience … Read More

Spanish Culture and Traditions

Spanish culture

Spanish Diet

When people commonly refer to the Spanish diet, the image typically portraited is that of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil, grains, vegetables, fruit, fish…We cannot, however, refer to just one single Spanish diet since there are many regional differences. In this article, we are going to cover those and highlight some of Spain´s most well-known local dishes. From the valencian paella to the ,madrid cocido,learn all about spain’gastronomy … Read More

People visiting la Boqueria market in Barcelona
Spanish culture

Spanish culture

Spanish culture is complex, dynamic and rich. As in many countries in the world, globalisation has introduced many changes to daily routines and even to what people believe is right or wrong. Nevertheless, there are many things which are clearly “Spanish” As in many other places in the world, Spanish culture is today best enjoyed and perceived away from the larger cities … Read More

Things to buy and not to miss in Spain

Ceramics from Galicia
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What to buy in Spain – Best gifts and ideas per region

If you are what to buy in Spain to give a loved one this holiday season, you are in the right place. Here you will find the best, most original, and truly Spanish gifts that will transport you back to the Iberian peninsula every time you see them.

Our expert local guides have chosen authentic Spanish gifts that aren’t just kitschy, stereotypical souvenirs, that other sites try to pass for “authentic”. We have chosen authentic gifts from each autonomous community, so no one gets left out. Let’s get into it. … Read More

Themed Guides

Cadiz cathedral

Cathedrals in Spain

The cathedrals in Spain are part of the most important tourist attractions in the country. Some of them are totally out of the most visited parts of the country and, as a matter of fact, the 2 largest cities in the country, Madrid and Barcelona, do not hold the most impressive cathedrals in the country…. All 88 cathedrals but one (the Cathedral in Lleida which was transformed into a museum) provide religious service today. … Read More