Spain in-depth: Tourist attractions

The most beautiful cathedrals in Spain

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The most beautiful cathedrals in spain

Spain is one of the countries in the world with more cathedrals. There are 88 cathedrals in Spain and all different styles can be found: Romanesque, gothic, baroque, Mudejar (a local style with Moorish influences) or renaissance.  The cathedrals in Spain are part of the most important tourist attractions in the country

Cathedral of Malaga in Malaga

 The cathedrals in Spain are part of the most important tourist attractions in the country. Some of them are totally out of the most visited parts of the country and, as a matter of fact, the 2 largest cities in the country, Madrid and Barcelona, do not hold the most impressive cathedrals in the country….  All 88 cathedrals but one (the Cathedral in Lleida which was transformed into a museum) provide religious service today.

In this post we will cover an important part of Spain´s history. Spain´s history is totally connected to the re-conquering process that took place during centuries. The country, once almost occupied by the Moors who developed Al-Andalus, gradually became Christian. Churches, abbeys, and monasteries were built along with castles. Cathedrals were also part of this process, though the significant development took place once the reconquering process endeded.

Some of the most spectacular Cathedrals in Spain were transformed from Mosques. This is the case of the Cathedral in Palma de Mallorca, or Seville. An amazing exception if the Mosque of Cordoba, which serves both as a cathedral and a mosque.

List of cathedrals in Spain

Valencia cathedral

After James I of Aragon had taken Valencia in 1238, Gothic churches and monasteries were built in Valencia and all along the coast. Almost all these buildings were later altered in the baroque style and thereby frequently disfigured, This fact also applies in part to Valencia cathedral. In 1262 the foundation stone was laid for the building, on whose site there had previously stood a Roman temple of Diana,a Visigoth church and after this a mosque. Table of Contents – Valencia Cathedral Is it worth visiting the Cathedral in Valencia? This is for sure not one of Spain´s most

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

Mallorca cathedral was built between 1230 and 1600 and thus has parts which are Renaissance despite most of the building is gothic. Locals from Mallorca refer to the Cathedral as “La Seu” The cathedral’s proportions alone make an immediate impression on visitors.  It is 6,600 square meters, holds 87 gothic glasses and 7 rose-windows (2 of them are quite impressive and one of them is the largest of all Rose-windows in the world!) As it is the case for many other Cathedrals in Spain, the Mallorca cathedral was built in the place where an ancient Mosque stood. Outside the

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral is located in Burgos, in the region of Castilla Leon. The building that we see today stands on site of the original building and was buit in 1221 on the orders of King Ferdinand III (the Holy) and Bishop Mauricio.   Table of Contents The building, which dominates the whole town, was designed by Master Enrique, who also built the Gothic cathedral in León. The Puerta Real or Santa María portal in the main façade is from the 18th Century. Most of its figures are missing. Above it is a beautiful rose window. The main façade also

Catedral Primada

Catedral Primada- Toledo

La cathedral Primada of Toledo is the Town´s major monument and one of Spain’s cathedrals best  examples of pure Gothic style. It contains an outstanding art museum with paintings from El Bosco or El Greco, to name but a few. The foundation stone was laid under Ferdinand III, the Holy, and Rodrigo Ximénez de Rada, Archbishop of Toledo, in 1226. The first architect was Master Martín who was succeeded by Petrus Petri. Although the cathedral took two centuries to build and was not completed until 1493. It is pure Gothic. The main façade has three Gothic portals: Puerta del

Giralda and Cathedral

La Giralda and Cathedral in Seville – The largest cathedral in the world

A lot has been said and written about the Sevilla Cathedral, Santa Maria de la Sede, and the Giralda, which was minaret of the old mosque on which it was built in the XV century. This is one of Spain´s top attracions. Seville was the capital of the Iberian Peninsula during the Almohad domination, it was its biggest mosque three centuries earlier. has two distinct styles, Muslim and Christian. In 1355, in Christian times, was when the minaret and its 4 golden balls that crowned the Giralda were demolished. They decided to put in its place a small minaret

The mosque of Cordoba 9.5 rating

Great mosque of Cordoba – history, plan and visit – a complete guide

The Great Cordoba Mosque is a grandiose and fascinating part of the Muslim art, initiated by the Caliph Abderraman I, that resumes in its history the evolution of the Omeya style in Spain on top of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style of the Christian construction, This is one of Spain´s landmarks, a must-visit, unique place in the world and for many people Spain´s most beautiful cathedral aswell. The Cordoba Mosque was named a UNESCO World heritage building in 1984. This world-famous building is also known as the Mezquita, was the principal mosque of western Islam and is the

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia- Barcelona

Gaudi is today one of the top magnets for visitors to Barcelona and one of Spain´s top tourist attractions. A very religious man, Gaudi started his  studies in metal work and is his name is the icon behind the modernisme movement in Spain, though his work shows clear examples of surreal and dreamlike qualities. Gaudi can be considered today as a one of Spain´s most famous people. Gaudi dedicated lots of his energy to the Sagrada Familia, which was however only started after his death (only the apse and the Nativity façade were completed.  The original design is an

Catedral de la Almudena

The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

The Almudena Cathedral The Almuneda Cathedral was built a part of the Royal Palace with a north-south orientation, differentiating from the rest of the cathedrals, who usually have an east-west orientation. The Marques de Cubas designed and started building the cathedral in 1868 but his project was modified by the architects Fernando Chueca and Carlos Sidro in 1944 to accommodate the dimensions of the Royal Palace. Average customer review Score for Catedral de la Almudena 9.3 Madrid CITY GUIDE  Best things to do in Madrid Other Cathedrals in Spain

Top tourist attractions in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral – Visitor guide

The goal of the streams of pilgrims that arrive in Santiago de Compostela is the Plaza de España, or Plaza del Obradoiro – which means the square of goldwork. Stately buildings surround the Plaza, including the superb façade of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral: one of the most beautiful churches on the Iberian peninsula, and the end of El Camino de Santiago. Visitor guide – Santiago Cathedral Recommended tour to enjoy the cathedral A visit to the cathedral is a must for anyone in Santiago de Compostela. This is one of the top 3 centers for catholic pilgrims in