Cadiz cathedral - visitor´s guide

The Cadiz Cathedral is a beautiful well-proportioned baroque building with neoclassical elements. Its shape and the golden-yellow dome is an icon for the city. When the evening sun arrives the views of the cathedral from the seafront are magnificent.  Any visitor will understand easily why the cathedral is called “santa Cruz sobre el Mar” (The Saint cross over the sea).

The highlights of the cathedral include one of the best word-carve choirs in Andalusia, the crypt of Spain´s top musician Manuel de Falla and the breathtaking views from the tower.

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History of Cadiz´s cathedral

The monumental Cathedral of Cadiz is one of Cadiz’s top attractions and provides a distinctive panoramic view of Cadiz. We can say the cathedral shapes the best-known image of Cadiz.  The cathedral of Cadiz dates back to the 18th century. Work started in 1722  and it was finished in 1838. Such long construction time implied the participation of different architects and the use of neoclassical elements that generated certain debates at the time due to the contrast they implied with the original plans.  Due to financial difficulties, despite the cathedral was consecrated in 1838, its towers were not finished till 1846 and 1862.

During the more than 100 years of construction different architects participated in the design of the building and with 3 different styles: baroque, rococo, and neoclassical. 

The original plans included building a tower higher than the one of Seville´s cathedral, but due to financial problems in the later stage of the construction, the plans were reshaped. 

Interior and chapels in Cadiz´s cathedral

It has a nave and two aisles, separated by bundles of columns, a dome over the crossing, and baroque furnishings, which include beautiful chair stalls that arrive from the Charterhouse of Seville.

One of Spain´s most famous persons, musician Manuel de Falla, author of the Aranjuez Concert, is buried in the crypt of the cathedral of Cadiz. Manuel de Falla was actually born in Cadiz. The crypt is fantastic and as an anecdote, it is built below sea level.

One of the most outstanding treasures inside the cathedral of Cadiz is the figure of Saint Bruno in the San Sebastian chapel. Its author is probably Montañes, though there is some debate about this. There are in total 15 chapels at the cathedral beside the main chapel. The main chapel is impressive, decorated in bronze, marble, and jasper.

Inside the tower you will also be able to admire an impressive clock from the mid XIX century.

Cadiz Cathedral museum and treasure

Other very interesting treasures of Cadiz cathedral include a tall silver monstrance with a golden tabernacle, a processional cross (Custodia del Milon) of over 5 meters in height!  And inside the cathedral museum, you will discover fantastic paintings

Cadiz´s cathedral plan

plan of Cadiz Cathedral

Views from the tower of Cadiz´s cathedral

The best views in Cadiz are for sure from the tower in the cathedral. For many people the best thing in the Cathedral and also in Cadiz are the views from the tower (Torre del Reloj)  Breath-taking views of the city of Cadiz and the sea can be enjoyed from the tower. Access is included in the entrance fee and the stairs are very affordable. The bells continue to operate. Wath out your ears when you access the tower!

Views from the tower of Cadiz cathedral

Cadiz cathedral Video

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