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Ultimate guide to visit Cadiz

Cádiz is a province of Andalucía, in Southern Spain. The city is completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, dating back over 3 thousand years.  Cádiz is well known for its seafood and Sherry wine. In this city guide of Cadiz, you will discover the best plans, things to do and interesting excursions from Cadiz- 

People often overlook Cádiz when making their travel plans, in favor of Seville, and though Seville is amazing, Cádiz is ABSOLUTLEY worth a visit. Check out our city guide of this amazing corner of Andalucía. Besides the city, the province is home to some of the most spectacular white villages of Andalusia, like Setenil de las bodegas, Arcos de la Frontera (the most visited white village in the province due to its good road connections), Grazalena, El Algar and others.  

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santa cruz cathedral cadiz

Practical information to plan your visit to Cádiz

5 top reasons to visit Cádiz

Santa Cruz Cathedral 

Santa Cruz Cathedral is the cities main architectural attraction. This spectacular religious building was built between 1722 and 1838, and has been Cadiz’s epicenter ever since. It was first known as the Cathedral of the Americas since it was financed with the spoils of the conquering of the New World. 

The cathedral was built almost on the beach in substitution of the cities old cathedral that had fallen into disrepair. The city of Cádiz also wanted to show off its newly acquired relevance in 1717, when it became the countries main port, instead of Seville. 

Santa Catalina Castle

In 1596, Phillip II, king of Spain, orderd the construction of a fortress to protect the city of Cádiz, and one of the countries most important ports. The city had been occupied and sacked by British and Dutch forces, and, after recapturing the city, the King wanted to ensure the safety of this key territory.

The fortress is built on the water and looks out onto the Mediterranean. Nowadays the castle offers wonderful views and plays host to exhibits, galleries, and other events. 

Galeria Benot

The Benot Gallery is located right on Cadiz’s port and hosts a large collection of contemporary Andalusian artists. The exhibits rotate, highlighting a certain artist, subject, etc. Few things are more romantic that enjoying an art gallery on the Mediterranean coast of Andalucía. 

Museo de Cádiz 

As we have mentioned, Cádiz is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and therefore has an incredible vast and rich history. In 1970, the cities Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeological Museum merged so as to better tell the story of Cádiz. The Cádiz Museum displays a vast array of artifacts from an archaeological collection that highlights pieces from prehistoric Andalusia, paintings by Rubens and Murillo depicting 16th and 17th century Cádiz, you will even find an assortment of ‘Tia Norica’ puppets that are used during Cádiz‘s famous carnival celebration.


It would be a real shame to visit a city on Spain’s coast and not check out one of its beaches, even more so when we are talking about Cádiz. Locals are well aware of the wonderful beaches Cádiz has to offer. The spectacular La Caleta beach, located west of the city, is a small stretch of fine gold sand, protected by  Santa Catalina castle. Playa Victoria, to the east of the city, is much larger and perhaps less secluded. Both offer clear blue water, sandy beaches, and all the beachside shanties (or chiringuitos as they are known in Spain) that you could wish for. Check out this link for information on beaches in Spain

Best time to visit Cádiz

The south of Spain can get swelteringly hot in summer and crowded as well, as the summer is Andalucía’s high season. Summer is also, unfortunately, when a lot of local festivities, concerts, and other events take place. But Cadiz is also well-known thanks to its February carnival and the Comparsas songs. February is an excellent time of the year to visit the city!

The best time of year to visit, if you want to avoid the heat and the crowds is between March and June. Of course, if you want to experience al the fever and passion that Andalucía is so well known for, summer is the time to go. 

Weather in Cádiz

Cadiz enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. 

interactive tourist map of Cádiz

Recommended attractions in Cádiz

These are our top recommended attractions to enjoy in Cádiz during your stay. Cadiz may not be as fascinating as some of the other main cities in Andalusia, but its beaches and historical city centre are with no doubt worth a visit. 

Comparsa group in Cadiz

Cadiz Carnival – the amazing sound of comparsas

The origins of the modern Carnival, have religious origin following the ban of eating meat on days of Lent, which begins forty days before each Holy Saturday, also known as Ash Wednesday. From this day is a period of reflection for Christians in which one of his penance is fasting in preparation for Easter.

Recommended hotels in Cádiz

These are out top recommended hotels in Cádiz 

El Armador Casa Palacio

Why do we recommend El Armador Casa Palacio ? Hotel Boutique Convento Cádiz is housed within a 17th-century convent in the historical center of Cádiz,

Best things to do Near Cádiz 

Cadiz is home to some of the most beautiful white villages in Spain. Besides this, the fascinating natural reservoir of Doñana is located at 40 minutes drive from the city. Doñana is probably Spain´s most important national park.

Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park Andalusía, in Southern Spain, is known for many things: it’s home to amazing monuments like the Alhambra of granda and the Mezquita

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Calle de las Cuevas de luz in Setenil
Hidden Gems

Setenil de las bodegas, the village built on a rock in Cadiz

Setenil de las bodegas is a small white village located in the province of Cadiz. Its surname says a lot about Setenil. “De las bodegas” refers to the many caves in the rocks of this village. Some of its houses are literally built on the rocks and it is easy to imagine Neolithic caves that served as dwellings for hunting groups. One of Spain´s hidden gems for sure!

Arcos de la Frontera
Hidden Gems

Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos de la frontera is one of the jewels in the province of cadiz. It is a picturesque town on a rock on the North bank of the Rio Guadalete. From there it rises like a spectacular amphitheatre. Arcos de la Frontera was known as Medina Arkosh in Arab times, the name was changed after its seizure by Alfonso X in 1250. The Arab alcázar was succeeded by the castle of the Dukes of Arcos.

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The variety and quality of the artistic heritage in the city of Seville, the mixture of styles, eras and civilizations, and the special color of this city makes it an unforgettable place. White streets and squares, flamenco dancing, the river Guadalquivir and the Cathedral and Giralda are just a few of the reasons why Seville should be in your list!

Video of Cádiz- The city in a nutshell

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