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Ronda bridge

The most famous bridge in Spain and one of Malaga´s top tourist attractions. The Ronda bridge offers amazing architecture and an iconic landscape

The Puente Nuevo or “New Bridge of Ronda” is Ronda’s main tourist attractions and one of the icons of Andalusia and Spain. You will find the Ronda bridge in our list of Spain´s main attractions too. This is one of our favorite sites in Spain; let us share with you why this bridge is so special.  The city of Ronda, located in the region of Malaga,  is perched high on a cliff and is split in two by a canyon that runs right down the middle of the. The Ronda bridge offers fantastic views from many different areas. We are sure you will love it!


Tours to visit the Ronda bridge

We would normally say that there is no need to join a tour to visit an open-air tour. However, after having being several times in Ronda and only have enjoyed a tour the during the last visit, we have to say it is worth it. To start it, guided tours are inexpensive or even free of charge. During the tour you will learn a lot about Ronda and also discover very interesting anecdotes about the Ronda bridge in Spain. Last but not least, the guides are experts and they know from where you can enjoy the best views of the bridge. 

If you a limited budget on how much to spend on guided visits in Ronda, then our recommendation is to use your budget to visit the Ronda bullfighting ring (we recommend you have a look at our visitor’s guide to get ready for the visit) since it can only be visited with an entrance ticket. If budget is not so much of a concern, then joining a tour to visit the Ronda bridge makes perfect sense. 

The Ronda bridge in a nutshell

The two halves of Ronda are connected by three different bridges. The Puente Nuevo, as the name indicates is the newest of these bridges and also the largest. This bridge was constructed in the 18th century and spans the 120-metre-deep canyon.

Construction took over 30 years and required two different architects to finish the job. Construction began in 1759 and ended in 1793. Within the bridge there is a peculiar chamber which has had several uses but mainly served as a jail cell! When the Spanish Civil War broke out, legend has it that both sides used this room as an interrogation room, where they would torture prisoners even throwing them out the window to their deaths if they didn’t get what they wanted.

The bridge had already claimed lives before. There was an earlier bridge built in the same place in 1735. This first bridge was poorly built with a single arch and in 1741 it collapsed killing 50 people.

How was the bridge built at Ronda Spain ?

The design of the current Puente Nuevo is completely unique, no other bridge in the world is built in the same fashion.

After the tragic collapse of the first bridge, architects decided to use a design they were more familiar with featuring 3 arches instead of 1 for more stability. 

They had to reinforce the cliff sides at each end and drop supports downward into the river bellow. The rocks used for the bridges construction were sourced directly from the river bed. A true feat of engineering. 

Ronda Bridge characteristics

How tall is the bridge of Ronda?

120 meters or 394 feet tall. 

When was the bridge in Ronda Spain built?

Construction began in 1759 and the bridge was finalized in 1793. It took over 30 years to build! 

Who built the Ronda bridge in Spain?

The chief architect of the Puente Nuevo was  Martín de Aldehuela, who was brought in to re design the bridge after the collapse of the original bridge that was in its place. 

How do you walk down to be in front of the Ronda bridge?

Tours to Ronda from Málaga and Seville

if you plan to enjoy a visit to Ronda from either Seville or Malaga we believe the best option for just a one-day tour is a coach-guided tour. Driving in the area is a bit tricky and if you only have one day a guided tour makes it easy for you. There are high-quality, affordable day trips to Ronda from both Seville and Malaga which are worth booking. We have included 2 good examples below. If you stay in Malaga we recommend you to have a look at our day trips from Malaga section since there are many fantastic tours that can be enjoyed from Malaga without the need to change your hotel each day!

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