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Spain in-depth: Tourist attractions

Best beaches in Southern Spain

beaches in Southern Spain - playa de los muertos palm trees

Southern Spain could be considered the soul of Spain. It is the birthplace of Flamenco, Bullfighting, and Tapas among other things, which is no small feat. It is also a region of Spain well known for its laid back vibes and bubbling nightlife. One huge factor that contributes to this “good times” culture are the amazing beaches that line the Mediterranean coast. It is hard to get stressed out when you live next to a spectacular, golden sand, turquoise water, beach. Add a beachside shanty that serves cold drinks and some Paella, and you have a recipe for easy living. Check out our guide to the amazing beaches in Southern Spain. 

Our recommended beaches in Southern Spain

playa de los muertos sunset

PLAYA DE LOS MUERTOS – A spectacular beach of the Mediterranean coast of Almeria.

Playa de Los Muertos  Playa de Los Muertos beach is a large stretch of completely straight beach that is more than a kilometer long and has some of the clearest blue water you will find in the amazing region of Andalucía. This little slice of paradise has a somewhat terrifying past as we will see further on, but this beautiful beach still consistently pops up on all the lists of the best beaches in Spain. It is also one of the more secluded beaches you will find as it is kilometers away from both Agua Amarga and Carboneras (the

Playa La Caleta sunset

PLAYA LA CALETA – One of the best beaches in Andalucía, located in Cádiz

Playa la Caleta  Playa La Caleta is located in the spectacular city of Cádiz and it is its most emblematic beach. It reflects the heartbeat of the city and the idiosyncrasy of the neighborhood that lays just behind it, La Viña, the epicenter of the city’s Carnaval celebration.  Average user review Score for PLAYA LA CALETA 9,4   Table of Contents About Playa La Caleta  Its ideal location protects it from the strong Levante winds which make beach-going uncomfortable in other areas of Cádiz. The beach is perfect for families, with calm waters and soft golden sand.  The beach

PLAYA CAROLINA-A beautiful shape and well preserved despite being a semi-urban beach.

Playa Carolina – un-touched beach in Murcia

PLaya Carolina in Murcia Playa Carolina is part of what is known as the “Cuatro calas” (the four coves), in the province near the border with Almeria, Andalusia Playa Carolina is considered one of the best beaches in Múrcia, an un-touched little piece of the Mediterranean. The area is under the protection of the Red Natura 2000 because of its biodiversity. Activities near this beach Average user review Score for PLAYA CAROLINA 9,2 Other spectacular beaches in Spain Discover more about sea-sports in Spain

PLAYA DE MATALASCAÑAS-5 kilometers where you can find different atmospheres.

PLAYA DE MATALASCAÑAS – Amazing beach in Southern Spain perfect for families.

PLAYA DE MATALASCAÑAS Beach This beach is perfect for families, and one of the most popular beaches in Huelva. It’s considered one of the best beaches in Andalucía. The beach is 5 km long of fine sand one of the biggest of the Costa de la Luz. This beach features a large peculiar stone that sticks out of the beautiful golden sand. This odd feature is in fact the ruins of the old Torre de la Higuera guard tower, which fell after the Lisbon seaquake of 1755. Average user review Score for PLAYA DE MATALASCAÑAS 8,8     The

PLAYA LOS GENOVESES-This is the way the seaside used to be: unspoilt

PLAYA LOS GENOVESES – One of the top beaches in Southern Spain, located in Almeria

PLAYA LOS GENOVESES Beach Almeria has some of the best beaches in Spain. The Playa de los Genoveses, is located in the Cabo de Gata natural park in Almería. The bay is stunning and has been used in many movies because of it. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Andalicía. Fine gold sand, otherworldly surroundings and the warm Mediterranean Sea, it doesn’t get much better. Activities near this beach Average user review Score for PLAYA LOS GENOVESES 9,4         Other spectacular beaches in Spain Discover more about the beaches in

Other tourist attractions in Spain