Seville city guide

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Ultimate guide to visit Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and its most populated city. Discover in this Seville city guide why the capital of Andalusia is meant to have “un color especial”. Seville is a busy city with an eventful history. This is apparent both from Seville’s buildings, which are of great importance to the cultural tradition of Spain, and from its festivals. It is favorably situated in the fertile valley of the Guadalquivir, which curves gently past the city and is navigable for some 56 miles down to its mouth at Sanlúcar de Barrameda. From early times, this site was of great importance and frequently changed hands! 

Discover the best things to enjoy in Seville, ideal hotels to stay in, restaurants where you will eat like a true Sevillano, and much more, from the famous Barrio de Santa Cruz to Triana and the top sights in the city. 

Seville city guide - Contents

The Real Alcazar of Seville 8.9 rating
The Real Alcazar of Seville 8.9 rating
Restaurante La Casapuerta 9 rating
Restaurante La Casapuerta 9 rating
Flamenco Shows in Seville
Flamenco Shows in Seville

Practical information to plan your visit to Seville

5 top reasons to visit Seville

History – Roman Hispalis, an important port thanks to the river Guadalquivir (the vier is navigable all the way south to the Atlantic ocean, 60 miles south of the city) , then an important taifa during the Muslim occupation and one of Spain´s most important cities and the one with a more strategic role in the trade with American colonies. All this history explains many of the things you will feel in Seville

Flamenco. Magical and different. Flamenco has captured the attention of people from around the world. Passionate and seductive, writers and poets alike have tried to explain the strong emotional charge that takes place in a tablao. The sound of castanets and taconeo increases, cancers get their colorful dress moving in the air and a deep voice starts singing loud.

La Giralda and cathedral . Seville´s top attraction and one of the icons of Spain, la Giralda is the minarete of the ancient mosque where today´s cathedral stands. This was meant to be the largest cathedral in the world, and icon for Christianity and a marvel for everyone to enjoy today.

Food and wine . Seville is a foodies heaven. More than 3,000 bars, taverns, and restaurants await you and you will be able to taste fantastic Andalusian dishes, which are amongst the best-known specialties in the Spanish diet. Gazpacho, Salmorejo, fino wine from nearby Jerez de la Frontera, olives and olive oil, jamon Iberico and much more. Seville is also home to some excellent markets like el Mercado de Feria or the typical Mercado de Triana.

Best time to visit Seville

Our favorite months to visit Seville are March, April, May, first half of June, September and  first half of October. 

Bear in mind that during April the April festival takes place. Accomodation prices increase notably but the city offers a fantastic atmosphere. During Easter prices also increase a lot and the city tends to be overcrowded.

Weather in Seville

It is nearly never cold in Seville. From November till end of February you can expect daily high averages of 60F (low averages in those months around 45 during the night. 

During summer temperatures can get as high as 97 in July (warmest month of the year) for daily high averages.

The probability of rain is low, with 25% rain probability in October (month of the year with more rain)

Complete 2 day in Seville plan

Enjoy this fantastic itinerary

Attractions in Seville : La Giralda in Seville

Seville trip – 2 days city break

A 2 day short break to enjoy Seville in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Ideas, recommendations and itineraries to get the max out of your stay. Discover the fascinating mix of cultures that contributed to the current heritage of Seville. Flamenco, La Giralda, the Barrio Santa Cruz, Calle Sierpes, the “Las seats” modern architecture. Enjoy Seville with this fantastic 2 day plan!

Recommended attractions in Seville

Seville is a magical city and it is easy to connect with its soul. Imagine yourself getting lost in the beautifully decorated and narrow streets of Santa Cruz district, flamenco sounds, the smell of trees in the streets. You will be transported in time…. Seville is itself the attraction! There are of course sights you should not miss and we have put together our favorite attractions in Seville here. But no matter which of the attractions you decide to visit, Seville will not disappoint you.

Flamenco Shows

Flamenco Shows in Seville

Flamenco shows in Seville – Guide to decide the best show for you This shows offers great value for money and it is a perfect

Recommended hotels in Seville

One of our favorite things about Seville is that many hotels are loyal to the essence of the city and while you stay at one of them, your overall experience gets improved. Be it thanks to a terrace with views, a patio with trees or floors decorated with tiles, Seville is a city that has been able to escape from the easy path of globalized architecture. Find here our list with the best hotels in Seville

Recommended restaurants in Seville

There are many places to enjoy Andalusian quality food in Seville but you will also need to pay attention and avoid the “too touristic” versions. We have put together a guide with the best restaurants in Seville. You can also find below 3 of our top recommendations to enjoy food like a Sevillano!

Restaurante La Casapuerta

Restaurante La Casapuerta- Seville

Restaurante La Casapuerta in Seville Casapuerta offers a modern Andalusian dining experience in the heart of Seville. The restaurant itself is attractive, cozy and inviting.


Repetto – Seville

Repetto, Seville – Review Right in the center of town, on San Pablo street we find Repetto. They serve traditional homemade Andalusian dishes, with their

Fusión & Tradición

Fusión & Tradición- Seville

Fusión & Tradición restaurant in Seville Fusión & Tradición offers just that: fusion and tradition. This cute and cozy little eatery is located in the

Build your itinerary with our interactive map of Seville

Top things to to in Seville

Andalusian horses

Andalusian horse and the horse fair in Jerez

The Jerez de la Frontera horse fair is a must-visit for anyone in Andalusia in May and for lovers of horses. Andalusian horse shows, sherry wine, flamenco shows, and food. 200 public booths in which food and wine are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. One of Spain´s most colorful festivals


Seville Fair in April

After Easter vacation is over, halfway through spring, the city turns into the bride of the world, and for this, the streets tidy up with perfume and orange blossom flowers. It puts on a flamenco outfit, striped white, red and green, with frills to celebrate the Seville April fair.

Christ image during a procession in Seville

Seville Easter festival

Semana Santa is the time of “La pasión” as locals refer to it. Seville Easter Festival or holy week is one of the busiest times of the year. Local sevillanos and Spaniards from other regions alike gather in the streets to encourage the different brotherhoods whilst they parade with heavy and beautiful art masterpieces through the narrow streets of Seville. Locals refer to this week as La Pasion!

Horses in Seville
Wall in seville
Giralda de sevilla
The Real Alcazar of Seville in Seville

Seville in depth

Discover secret places, stories and more in Seville

Find here interesting articles about the history, festivals and way of life in Seville.

The variety and quality of the artistic heritage of Seville, the mixture of styles, eras and civilizations, and the special color of this city makes it an unforgettable place to the audiovisual and cinematographic world.

Although there are a lot hidden areas where famous films have been shot in Seville, let’s point out two sceneries because of their beautiful landscape and the media impact they have had in these recent months.

History of seville

The ancient Hispalis’ was renamed Colonia Julia Romula’ after Julius Caesar captured it in 45 BC. It became a Roman judicial district and was fortified the remains of the wall can still be seen. Various dinasties ruled the city during the Moor occupation, and Seville rivalled for a time with Cordoba as the most important center in Al Andalus.
With the discovery of America Seville became a very important harbour… Continue reading

La Feria de Abril, Seville´s April fair

After Easter vacation is over, halfway through spring, the city turns into the bride of the world, and for this, the streets tidy up with perfume and orange blossom flowers. It puts on a flamenco outfit, striped white, red and green, with frills to celebrate the Seville April fair. Continue reading

Easter in Seville

The Seville Semana Santa (Holy week in Seville) commemorates the passion and death of Christ through religious processions done by the brotherhood of the city’s Cathedral from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. During this time, 61 brotherhoods carry out their path in the streets and 10 more do it 2 days before, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. On top of these religious aspects, The Holy Week in Seville is a sociocultural, touristic and economic event of great importance in Seville. Continue reading. 

Read more about Easter in Seville

Video of Seville - the city in a few minutes

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