Top 10 restaurants in Seville

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Recommended Restaurants in Seville

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Seville.

You can also find them in our Seville interactive touristic map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

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our top-picks in Seville

Restaurante La Casapuerta

Restaurante La Casapuerta- Seville

Restaurante La Casapuerta in Seville Casapuerta offers a modern Andalusian dining experience in the heart of Seville. The restaurant itself is attractive, cozy and inviting. The menu includes a variety of traditional Sevillano dishes, with a slightly updated look and taste. A great option if you are in the area. Book a table at Restaurante La Casapuerta Average customer review Score for Restaurante La Casapuerta 9   Seville tourist guide  Recommended restaurants in Seville Style


Repetto- Seville

Repetto in Seville Right in the center of town, on San Pablo street we find Repetto. They serve traditional homemade Andalusian dishes, with their own personal touch, meant to be shared with friends or family. As an added bonus, they also feature a top-notch cocktail bar and a gourmet store if you want to bring anything home with you. Book a table at Repetto Average customer review Score for Repetto 9   Seville vacation guide

Mirador San Fernando

Mirador San Fernando- Seville

Mirador San Fernando In the center of Seville, near the University, The Mirador de San Fernando restaurant is one of the best in the area thanks to its Mediterranean cooking, its great service, and the tranquil ambiance. The goal of chef Marisa Dominguez is for her patrons to feel like they are at home, enjoying an excellent meal. If you can, choose the indoor patio. Book a table at Mirador San Fernando Average customer review

Fusión & Tradición

Fusión & Tradición- Seville

Fusión & Tradición restaurant in Seville Fusión y tradición offers just that: fusion and tradition. This cute and cozy little eatery is located in the center of Seville serves some delicious home cooking in a laid back and relaxing setting. The food is typical Andalusian with a twist, and the restaurant is the type of place where you sit down to eat and loose track of time. A great choice for a quiet romantic meal.

Señorio Sevilla

Señorio Sevilla restaurant in Seville

Restaurant Señorio Sevilla Chef Daniel García is at the helm of Matiz, an elegant and sophisticated restaurant in the center of Málaga ideal for a Mediterranean fine-dining experience. The restaurant is dimly lit and beautifully decorated, ideal for a quiet romantic dinner. Chef Daniel offers creative versions of typical Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, as well as several re-imagined typical “Malagueño” dishes that will pleasantly surprise you. Book a table at Señorio Sevilla Average customer review

Hedonia Tapas&Brasas

Hedonia Tapas & Brasas in Seville

Hedonia Tapas & Brasas restaurant in seville Hedonia is a modern restaurant in Seville that specializes in high-quality tapas and in grilled steaks. Located in the Nervion district, at Hedonia you will be able to select half dishes to ensure you can try out more things from their menu. This is one of the places in Seville where octopus is best served! Book a table at Hedonia Tapas&Brasas Average customer review Score for Hedonia Tapas&Brasas