Top 10 restaurants in Seville

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Recommended Restaurants in Seville

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Seville.

You can also find them in our Seville interactive touristic map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

We also recommend you to haev a look at our Seville visitors guide where you will get lots of inside information on Madrid.

Lots of Fun

Spanish Cooking Class with dinner in Seville

Enjoy much more than just dinner in Seville. This activity in Triana is perfect to enjoy dinner, but also to learn about the secrets of Seville´s and Andalusian gastronomy with a local chef. It is great fun too! The activity is adapted in such way that you will be able to enjoy it no matter if you are a novice or a more advanced cook.

Recipes are also adapted to possible dietary restrictions. 

Great Experience

Flamenco and dinner at Palacio Andaluz

Seville is the home of Flamenco in Spain. The city is probably the best place in Spain to enjoy a Flamenco show. Some of the shows offer a drink, but at palacio Andaluz you can enjoy also a dinner. The atmosphere provided by the music, the dance and the venue are perfect to enjoy a night you will nto easily forget. Enjoying your dinner at the same place is very convinient too!

our top-picks in Seville

Restaurante La Casapuerta

Restaurante La Casapuerta- Seville

Restaurante La Casapuerta in Seville Casapuerta offers a modern Andalusian dining experience in the heart of Seville. The restaurant itself is attractive, cozy and inviting. The menu includes a variety of traditional Sevillano dishes, with a slightly updated look and taste. A great option if you are in the area. Location of La Casapuerta  La Casapuerta is located in the center of Seville, in the cities old quarter, near the river. The restaurant is very


Repetto – Seville

Repetto, Seville – Review Right in the center of town, on San Pablo street we find Repetto. They serve traditional homemade Andalusian dishes, with their own personal touch, meant to be shared with friends or family. As an added bonus, they also feature a top-notch cocktail bar and a gourmet store if you want to bring anything home with you. Book a table at Repetto Average customer review Score for Repetto 9   Location of

Mirador San Fernando

Mirador San Fernando – Great authentic Andalusian eatery in the center of Seville

Mirador San Fernando In the center of Seville, near the University, The Mirador de San Fernando restaurant is one of the best in the area thanks to its Mediterranean cooking, its great service, and the tranquil ambiance. The goal of chef Marisa Dominguez is for her patrons to feel like they are at home, enjoying an excellent meal. If you can, choose the indoor patio. Book a table at Mirador San Fernando Average customer review

Fusión & Tradición

Fusión & Tradición- Seville

Fusión & Tradición restaurant in Seville Fusión & Tradición offers just that: fusion and tradition. This cute and cozy little eatery is located in the center of Seville serves some delicious home cooking in a laid back and relaxing setting. The food is typical Andalusian with a twist, and the restaurant is the type of place where you sit down to eat and loose track of time. A great choice for a quiet romantic meal.

Cinco Jotas - Arfe

Cinco Jotas – Arfe- restaurant in Seville

Cinco Jotas – Arfe restaurant in Seville The 5 Jotas is a very good choice to enjoy tapas in Seville. The restaurant has an excellent location, near many hotels and some of the top attractions in Seville. At 5 jotas you can decide to eat tapas and raciones (tapas served as a dish ) but you can also opt for more formal options in the menu. One very good thing is the possibility to ask

Señorio Sevilla

Señorio Sevilla restaurant in Seville – The best restaurant in the city to enjoy Iberico Pig

Restaurant Señorio Sevilla – Review In the heart of the old town of Seville, the Señorío Restaurant has just opened its doors, a new space where you can enjoy acorn-fed Iberian pork in many different ways since this product is present in 80% of its menu. Tiendas de Señorío, which has two tasting spaces in Madrid and is now committed to a more elaborate cuisine at the foot of the Giralda. They have opted for

Hedonia Tapas&Brasas

Hedonia Tapas & Brasas in Seville

Hedonia Tapas & Brasas restaurant in seville Hedonia is located in the heart of Seville and serves up some of the best tapas in the city as well as some of the tastiest steaks you can find. The restaurant is sleek and modern, perfect for a meal with friends or a romantic dinner for 2.  Located in the Nervion district, at Hedonia you will be able to select half dishes to ensure you can try

Cabo Roche

Cabo Roche restaurant in Seville

Cabo Roche restaurant in Seville Cabo Roche is as traditionally Sevillano as it gets. From the decor to the menu, this eatery in the center of the city is as typical as you will find. The menu features simple, straightforward forward and delicious dishes from the Andalusian cookbook. If you are in the area and want to enjoy a typical Sevillano dining experience, this is a great option.  Location of Cabo Roche  Cabo Roche is

Velella Restaurant

Velella Restaurant – great value option in Seville

Velella restaurant in Seville – Review Valella, slightly outside the city center of Seville, offers some serious bang for your buck food that is hard to beat, especially if you are on a budget. The menu consists of homemade Andalusian classics made with care. If you are in the area, and especially if you arent looking to break the bank eating out, head on over. Book a table at Velella Average customer review Score for


Trashumante restaurant in Seville

Trashumante restaurant in Seville Transhumante is one of the best new restaurants to open in Seville in recent years. The interior is modern and beautifully decorated with a slightly industrial style. The menu is equal parts traditional and innovative, offering updated versions of southern Spanish cuisine. To top it all off, they offer a wide variety of wines to choose from that will make your meal all the more special. This restaurant is visited by


Fluvial- excellent elegant tapas in the heart of Seville

Fluvial restaurant in Seville – Review Chef Fran Rodríguez is the creator of this elegant eatery in the heart of Seville. The restaurant is sleek and elegant with white marble floors and black leather chairs. The food is modern and innovative, as attractive visually as it is to the taste. The menu changes depending on the time of year, since chef Rodriguez only uses fresh seasonal ingredients. Fluvial also features an excellent cocktail bar that


Decuchareo 28 in Seville

Decuchareo 28 in Seville Decuchareo 28 is a small Bistrot-style eatery not too far from the center of Seville, but far from the hottest spots and tourist traps. The name of the restaurant describes best what you can expect here: Cuchara means spoon and in Spanish we refer to “comer de cuchara” when we eat healthily, traditional food, like the one served at home.   This is a family-owned restaurant where locals go. It is not a

Carlos Baena

Carlos Baena restaurant in Seville

Carlos Baena restaurant in Seville Carlos Baena restaurant is located near the “Puente de los Bomberos” in the center of Seville. It is a beautiful restaurant, with an excellent terrace, that has been in service for over 20 years. They serve traditional homemade Andalusian dishes, whipped up by brother/ sister chef duo María Ángeles y Juan Carlos. Carlos Baena also features an extensive wine menu that highlights wines from Ribera del Duero and Rioja. Portions

San Fernando - Hotel Alfonso XIII

San Fernando Alfonso XIII – excellent romantic restaurant in the heart of Seville

San Fernando Alfonso XIII restaurant in Seville – Review The San Fernando Alfonso XII, in which the San Fernando restaurant is housed, is worth visiting on its own. The hotel opened its doors in 1928 and it’s one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Seville. Then there’s San Fernando restaurant, which is as delicious as the Hotel is beautiful. The restaurant specializes in traditional Andalusian cooking. Everything about the experience is elegant, the

Los Corales

Los Corales restaurant in Seville – Excellent Modern Andalusian Cuisine

 Los Corales restaurant in Seville Located in the heart of Seville, Los Corales offers a modern take on classic Andalusian cuisine. Los Corales first opened its doors in 1938 and since then has been serving some of the best dishes you can find in the city. They use only local seasonal ingredients to prepare their dishes, many of which are finished at the table. Book a table at Los Corales Average customer review Score for

Peko Peko Tapas

Peko Peko Tapas restaurant in Seville

Peko Peko Tapas in Seville Peko Peko is one of the most popular places in Sevilla for tapas for a reason. Located in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, Peko Peko serves Andalusian / Peruvian fusion tapas. They feature some of the classic tapas you would expect in a Sevillano tapas bar and a few you might not ceviche, Peruvian noodles, yucka… They feature a top-notch wine menu as well, to choose the perfect

Hops and Dreams

Hops and Dreams in Seville

Hops and Dreams restaurant in Seville Hops and dreams is a cozy laid back establishment dedicated to craft beer in the heart of Seville. The interior is bright well decorated and inviting. The main attraction is, of course, the beer, but the food is top-notch as well. An assortment of homemade bar food’s that is exactly what you want with a beer in hand and good company. Book a table at Hops and Dreams Average

Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa restaurant in Seville

Maria Luisa restaurant in Seville María Luisa’s gastronomy aims to highlight the Andalusian gastronomic culture, using only the highest quality local products. Maria Luisa, located inside the trendy Mercer hotel in the heart of Seville, offers traditional recipes, made with innovative techniques and sensibilities. The menu is contemporary and original, the restaurant is elegant and sophisticated. To this add the amazing wine menu and you have an excellent gastronomic experience to be shared. Also, if

Cuna 2 - Baco

Cuna 2 – Baco- Seville

Cuna 2 – Baco in Seville Baco is located a few meters from the cathedral of Seville and is one of the tops restaurants in the city. The specialty at Baco is Cod, which they serve in many different ways, but there really isn’t anything that isn’t worth a taste on their menu. The restaurant is equal parts elegant and traditional. The food, the location, and the ambiance make Baco one of the best all-around

Los Rincones del Marqués - Hotel Palacio de Villapanés

Los Rincones del Marqués restaurant Hotel Palacio de Villapanés in Seville

Los Rincones del Marqués – Hotel Palacio de Villapanés in Seville Just a few meters from the historic neighborhood of Santa Cruz, in the heart of Seville we find the Palace of Villapanés. What was once a beautiful estate is now one of the Best restaurants in the center of the Seville. Elegant and sophisticated, the Palace of Villapanes is home to an equally impressive restaurant Los Rincones del Marqués. The restaurant is designed to


Sacamuelas restaurant in Seville

Sacamuelas restaurant in Seville Sacamuelas is a small, cozy eatery in the center of Seville. They serve a variety of traditional homemade Andalusian dishes. The dining area is quaint and inviting, with small wooden tables. The food is all made with exceptional ingredients and exceptional care as well. The result is a collection of delicious Andalusian classics dishes to be enjoyed in a laid back and intimate setting. Book a table at Sacamuelas Average customer

Arte y Solera

Arte y Solera- Seville

Arte y Solera Arte y Solera is a beautiful little eatery in the heart of the city, right by the river. The restaurant is bright, modern and tastefully decorated. The menu, designed by Chef Marco Antonio Paz del Alamo, is intended to make fine dining accessible to everyone. He and his team cook up creative and elegant versions of an array of traditional Andalusian dishes. Book a table at Arte y Solera Average customer review

Palo Cortao

Palo Cortao restaurant in Seville

Palo Cortao restaurant in Seville Palo Cortao opened its doors in 2016 as a small bar, that specialized in Sherry Wines and offered a few creative versions of classic Andalusian tapas. As the grew in popularity, so did their menu. Palo Cortado is run by a couple: Chef Ángel Rodríguez and enologist Ana Hergueta. The menu is designed to be shared and changes with the seasons to incorporate the freshest and tastiest ingredients. If to


Bodegón restaurant in Seville

Bodegón restaurant in Seville Bodegón offers top-notch, traditional Andalusian classics, near the city center. Bodegón is slightly south of Seville’s city center. They serve delicious homemade, traditional Andalusian dishes that are both elegantly presented and plentiful in quantity. The restaurant ins minimalist and elegant, with dim lighting. If you are in the area, this is a great option. Book a table at Bodegón Average customer review Score for Bodegón 9,3   Seville CITY GUIDE  RESTAURANTS

Vega 10

Vega 10 restaurant in Seville

Vega 10 restaurant in Seville Vega 10 is a new restaurant in Seville that offers delicious homemade classic Andalusian dishes. Vega 10 is very new, and still a bit of an inside suggestion. The dining area is small and dimly lit, with wine bottles lining the walls, perfect for a romantic dinner for 2. The food is homemade and elegantly presented and features all the Andalusian classics you would expect with their own personal touch.


Mareaviva restaurant in Seville

Mareaviva restaurant in Seville Mareaviva is an exciting new restaurant in Seville, specializing in beautifully crafted seafood dishes. The restaurant is modern, dimly lit and well decorated with a wide-open dining area. The food is a collection of traditional southern Spanish classics, with their own personal touch. The dishes are meticulously prepared and presented. A great place for modern Spanish cuisine in the heart o Seville. Book a table at Mareaviva Average customer review Score


Ispal- Seville

Ispal in Seville ISPAL is the latest project put forth by the La Raza restaurant group which has been at the top of the culinary world in Seville since 1932. Located in the heart of Seville, ISPAL is a restaurant dedicated 100% to traditional Sevillian cuisine, recovering long-forgotten traditional Sevillian recipes and preparing them with Avant-guard techniques. Chef Antonio Bort uses only local, fresh ingredients to bring his recipes to life. ISPAL only works with

Sur Bar y Tapas

Al Sur Bar y Tapas – Great tapas restaurant in the center of Seville

Al Sur Bar y Tapas – review Close to the Plaza de España in Seville, in the Porvenir neighborhood, we find Al Sur Bar y Tapas, which serves seasonal, traditional Andalusian dishes. Sur Bar y Tapas takes inspiration from traditional Andalusian recipes to develop their own, slightly updated version of the classics. The restaurant itself is elegant and laid back and features an extensive wine menu. If you are in the area, it is well

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