Best restaurants in Marbella Spain - Curated list & special offers Best restaurants in Marbella Spain - Curated list & special offers

Best restaurants in Marbella

Recommended restaurants in Marbella in 2023

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Marbella. You will find the best restaurants and places to eat in MarbellaSpain, suitable for all different budgets. Enjoy local gastronomy!

Best restaurants in Marbella guide

Most Romantic restaurants in Marbella

Sirocco Marbella- Marbella

Sirocco Marbella- Marbella

Sirocco is located in the center of Marbella and offers a variety of home made traditional andalusian dishes. You will find some more international offerings on the menu (like the tacos) but they live up to the rest of the menu. The restaurant is modern, sleek and dimly lit. A great plce for a romantic dinner: the place is attractive and cozy and the food is excellent.

D.O.Mar by Óscar Velasco- Marbella


D.O. is easily one of the top gastronomic experiences you can have in the vecinity of Marbella. The restaurant is located right on the beach and the dimly lit and elegant dinning roon looks out onto the mediterranean sea. Chef Oscar Velasco offers a menu filled with southern spanish classics, where the preparation and the presentation is meticulously cared for. Only seasonal and local ingredients are used in the kitchen. The highlight is the seafood, but, there are several wild game dishes that are equally impressice. Sumiller, David Robledo, has created an impressive wine list as well to perfectly pair with the offerings from the kitchen. The excellent food and the spectacular views make D.O. Mar a must.

Belvue Rooftop Bar Marbella- Marbella

Belvue Rooftop Bar Marbella- Marbella

The Belvue is more of a bar than a proper restaurant, however, just for the view alone, its worth a visit. The “restaurant” is located in the heart of Marbella, a top the Amare hotel. The Belvie offers amazing views of the city and the mediterranean in a lounge setting with live music. There is a series of finger foods on the menu, but if you are going to choose one thing to order, go for the sushi. No need to mention that the cocktail bar is one of the best in the city.

Most authentic restaurants in Marbella

Funky Tapas Gastrobar- Marbella

Funky Tapas Gastrobar- Marbella

Funky is slightly outside of Marbella, but if you are in the area, or headed that way it’s one of the better places you will find for a bite to eat. They offer a variety of, mainly mediterranean, home-made dishes, that do not dissapoint. The best time to go is in the evening, to properly enjoy their terrace, plus, they have a top notch cocktail bar which is best enjoyed as the sun goes down.

Basilio Beach- Marbella

Basilio Beach- Marbella

Basilio is the the greatest version of a beach side shanty: one filled with delicious food. Basilio is leterally right on the beach. If you wanted to you could jump into the mediterranean between courses. The food is simple, staright forward and delicious. The highlight, as youmight expect is the seafood and the paella. GReat place to kick back, realax and enjoy some really tasty Andalusian food.

Bodegas la venencia de la Fontanilla- Marbella

Bodegas la venencia de la Fontanilla- Marbella

In a city heavy in tourist traps, Bodegas la venencia de la Fontanilla is a breath of fresh air, thanks to its old school, traditional menu and all round vibes. Fontanilla is as authentic a place you will find in all of Marbella. The restaurant, with its exposed brick and wooden tables and chairs, immediatly feels like a traditional sapanish tavern. The menu offers nothing more than traditional, home made andalusian classics. You wont go wrong with either the steaks or the seafood. If you are looking for a traditional Spanish eatery in the heart of Marbella, this is probably your best option.

El Txoco de Luis Salinero- Marbella

El Txoco de Luis Salinero- Marbella

El Txoco is a trendy and elegant little restaurant outside of Marbella that offers slighly updated versions of an array of Andalusian classics. Chef Luis Sarlinero has created a menu that offers all the flavours of traditional andalusian cooking in a creative and modernized package. The restaurant is sleek and modern, perfect for a romantic dinner for two. If you are in the area of Nueva Andalucía, tihs one of the better otions.

Los Nietos Del Pescador – Review

Los Nietos Del Pescador – Great traditional Andalusian Cuisine in the city of Marbella

Los Nietos del Pescador is a tiny little restaurant in the center of Marbella that offers a variety of homemade traditional Andalusian seafood dishes. The place is a bit of a “hole in the wall” but they have some, very fairly priced, tasty seafood dishes. The place is authentic as you will find in Marbella.

Location of Los Nietos del Pescador

Los Nietos del Pescador or the Fisherman’s grandchildren in English is just a stone’s through from the beach, in the center of Marbella’s downtown area. It is less than a 5 minutes walk from Bajadilla beach, and 15 minutes from the cities old quarter.

If you are looking for a traditional, no-frills Andalusian meal, few places are better or more authentic in downtown Marbella.  

Menu of Los Nietos del Pescador 

For starters, the actual physical menus are flimsy plastic sheets that look like they haven’t changed since the early ’90s, and they probably haven’t. What you will find on them is a long list of simple, crowd-pleasing tapas and rations made with the freshest seafood available in the city. You will find paella, fried fish, calamari, croquettes, chopitos, etc. The dishes are as traditional as it gets and meant to be shared with friends over mugs of ice-cold beer. 

Value for money – Los Nietos del Pescador 

As “high value” options go in Marbella, it doesn’t get much better than Los Nietos del Pescador. As long as you are in the mood for some simple, traditional, and delicious tapas, this little restaurant is an excellent option.

Aderezzo restaurant- Marbella

Aderezzo restaurant- Marbella

Adrezzo, located in the heart of the city of Marbella, is a vibrant little bistro-style restaurant that specializes in homemade Andalusian-style cuisine. The restaurant is on a small cobblestone street, housed in a typical Andalusian-style white building, and features a quaint little terrace on which to enjoy your meal. The food is excellent, homemade, and done so with care. In a very “touristy” town, Adrezzo is one of the more authentic places you will find for a bite o eat.

Location of Aderezzo

Aderezzo restaurant is located at one of the best areas in Marbella, at the heart of the famous Plaza de los Naranjos.

Menu of Aderezzo

The restaurant aims at providing a refreshing menu in which innovation and Mediterranean roots are essential.

Marbella can get risky when searching for a restautant and many tourist traps are to be found on many streets. This is absolutely not the case of Aderezzo.

Value for money – Aderezzo 

We believe the restaurant offers excellent value for money. It is not for sure the cheapest option in Marbella but if you are looking for fresh products, an original menu and good presentation and service it is one of the best options in the old town of Marbella.

Soleo Marbella – Great authentic Andalusian restaurant, located in the Fuerte Marbella hotel

Soleo Marbella – Great authentic Andalusian restaurant, located in the Fuerte Marbella hotel

Soleo Marbella offers typical home-made Andalusian dishes, laid-back vibes, dining right on the beach, this is exactly what you will find in Soleo Marbella. Housed within the Fuerte Hotel in the heart of Marbella, you will find Soleo, and there really isn’t much more to say. Tasty food, elegant restaurant, sea breeze, waterfront views, … a great and easy choice.


Location of Soleo Marbella 

Soleo Marbella is located right on Venus beach in downtown Marbella. The restaurant is located within the Hotel Fuerte Marbella, a beachfront property.

The restaurant is just south of the cities old quarter, about 20 minutes on foot away. If you want to enjoy some high quality Andalusian cooking on the beach after a day of exploring downtown Marbella, Soleo is a perfect option.

Menu of Soleo Marbella 

At Soleo you will find Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy with some light touches of fusion.  You will find traditional Andalusian rice dishes, fried Malagueño style seafood as well as more modern versions of your favorite classics. 

The restaurant uses handcrafted tableware and the dishes are attractively presented. The dessert menu is also worth a try as it features some really top-notch, homemade offerings 

Value for money – Soleo Marbella 

Soleo is on the expensive side of the spectrum, but the restaurant’s gorgeous setting and great food add a lot of value to the whole experience. 

Palmyra – Elegant Andalusian restaurant located within the Hotel Monarque Sultán in Marbella

Palmyra – Elegant Andalusian restaurant located within the Hotel Monarque Sultán in Marbella

Palmyra is located within the sultan Monarque Hotel in the center of Marbella. The restaurant is elegant, dimly lit, perfect for a romantic diner. The menu offers an array of traditional Andalusian dishes, where the highlight is the seafood. If you are in the area, this is a great option

Location of Palmyra

Palmyra restaurant and the Monarque Sultán hotel are located slightly outside of downtown Ma, just west of the cities old quarter. The establishment is very close to the Parque de Los Enamorados, and just 10 minutes on foot from Fontanilla beach. 

If you are looking for a nice place where you can enjoy a relaxing, romantic dinner in an attractive setting, Palmyra is that type of place.   

Menu of Palmyra 

The restaurant has a menu that offers some classic international dishes and a good selection of typical Andalusian dishes that includes high-quality local meats and fresh fish from the Strait. The Carrillada stew with wine from Málaga is a stand out as is the red tuna with tomato jam, yuzu reduction, and soy caviar. The steak tartar is also worth a try and is prepared at the table by the chef himself. 

Value for money – Palmyra

You can find less expensive options than Palmyra in Marbella, but if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a romantic diner for two with that special someone, Palmyria is a great option. 

Funky Tapas Gastrobar- Marbella

Magna Café- Marbella

The Marbella Golf Club is home to one of the top restaurants in the Area: Magna Café. Since 2005, this sophisticated eatery has been serving some of the best meals you can find in the area. At Magna Café they only use market-fresh ingredients to concoct their andalusian style recepies. The restaurant also features an extensive wine menu from wich to choose. Elegeant ambiance, beautiful views of the course and the excellent food, make Magna Café an easy choice.

Blanco Bistro Marbella- Marbella

Blanco Bistro Marbella- Marbella

Before we get into it, Blanco Bistro is a good 15 minutes outside the city of Marbella.

That being said, it is perhaps the option you will find in the area. They serve homemade, traditional Andalusian dishes, in a laid back and inviting ambiance.

Everything is worth a taste, but if you have to order one thing, go for the paella or one of the rice dishes.

Kava – Marbella

Kava – Wonderfull fine dining experience in Marbella

Kava is easily one of the top fine dining experiences to be had in the center of Marbella. The restaurant is elegant and beautifully decorated. The menu offers mainly creative Mediterranean dishes, with a few, more international, options sprinkled in. The food is carefully presented and prepared a delight both to look at and to eat.

Location of Kava

Kava is situated in the center of Marbella, minutes from the beach. The restaurant is right down the street from the famous Parque de la Constitución, and a short stroll from two of the cities great beaches: La Playa del Faro and Playa de Venus. 

The restaurant is also situated just south of Marbella’s old quarter, so if you are looking for a fancy place to eat after a long day of exploring the city, Kava is right there waiting for you. 

Menu of Kava 

Kava offers a creative, delicious, and gorgeous series of dishes. Chef Fernando Alcalá has created a unique menu inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, elevated with techniques taken from other culinary traditions. A dish that exemplifies the style is the Iberico pork chawanmushi.  It should also be noted that the restaurant uses only fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Value for money – Kava

Kava is very reasonably priced. With an average price of 30€ per person, Kava is able to offer one of the most creative and delicious meals in town. The portions are dainty, but portion size is not the reason you make a reservation at Kava. 

Tempora- Marbella

Tempora- Marbella

Tempora describes themselves as: international inspiration and local ingredients. Located in the center of Marbella, Tempora offers a slightly dicombobulated colection of seasonal dishes from every corner of the map, all of wich a worth trying. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and right by the ocean. They also offer a very nice wine menu to acompany your meal.

Gastrobar Píkaro- Marbella

Casino Marbella- Marbella

The Marbella Casino offers one of the best fine dinning experiences you will find in the city. Chef Agustín Román offers a menu filled with modernized versions of classic spanish dishes. You will find other not so spanish offerings on the menu as well which are equaly delicious.

Best restaurants in other cities of Spain

Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos Torres- Fine dining near the Royal Palace

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