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Top restaurants in Spain

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best hotels in Spain and group them by city

You can also find them in our  interactive touristic maps  a selection of hotels, restaurants, attractions (museums, things to do, parks, churches, cathedrals, tours, shops and more) to ensure you plan your trip in an easy and fun way.

Rosi La Loca Taberna in Madrid

Our selection of top picks to enjoy tapas in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most famous cities in Madrid for tapas. Many bars and restaurants in Madrid are flexible and offer half Raciones and will not have a problem with other different starters instead of a rigid three-course meal. We aim at providing a list of top places for tapas in Madrid. We cover different styles and budgets

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Retiro Park

Top restaurants near the Retiro Park in Madrid

Despite there are terraces where you can enjoy a Cerveza or horchata that may simply not be enough and after all the walking the Retiro involves,and your stomach may simply ramble. Do not worry! In this list, we provide you with our top recommended restaurants near the Retiro Park.

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Gastronómico Corral de la Morería - Tablao Flamenco

Restaurants near the Royal palace in Madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid is one of the top attractions in Spain´s capital. While you prepare your itinerary you may want to consider to enjoy your meal or dinner at a restaurant located near the Palace. Madrid is well-known for ox-tail and cocido and also for tapas and churros…. you will be able to find all sorts of restaurants, with different styles and for different budget levels in this selection prepared by our local team of experts in Madrid

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Vinomio 9

Places to enjoy quality tapas in Valencia

Tapas are usually a fun way to enjoy a casual meal. We find our Spanish concept is great while traveling since it is so flexible and takes less time than formal dining… so all the time you save can be used to enjoy the city´s top attractions. Tapas bars in Valencia can be found in every quarter, but there are some of them in which you will really feel like a local.

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Top romantic restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants to enjoy the best paella in Valencia, Spain

Valencia´s Mediterranean climate makes it a great destination to be enjoyed throughout the year. There are few places in the world that are so connected to a dish as Valencia. Paella is almost a synonym for Valencia. Visitors flock to ensure they try the best paella in Valencia.
Our local team has put together a list with excellent options in different areas of Valencia, and for different budgets. including the amazing natural park of La Albufera. Locals refer to paella as rice and it comes in many different versions: seafood, vegetables, black rice…. No matter which one you try, this will for sure be a superb experience if you opt for one of the restaurants in this list.

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Best tapas in Barcelona

A selection of tapas bars and restaurants where you will be able to enjoy really high-quality tapas in Barcelona. our team of local experts in Barcelona has selected bars in different districts in the city and also near some of the main tourist attractions to ensure you find a good option that suits your itinerary

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