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Top restaurants in Spain and Spanish gastronomy

One of the most interesting things about visiting a country is local food. Globalization has brought the fusion of flavors and restaurnts from all nations can be found in capital cities. Despite this, there is something special about trying locally sourced ingredients and tasting recipes there where they were born. Spain´s regional gastronomy is very rich and diverse.  Our team of local experts have hand-picked restaurants all over Spain to ensure you can try truly local dishes, discover fantastic chefs and enjoy all the way through. Discover the real taste Spain at each city!  

Since you are probably visiting Spain soon,  two important questions may come to your mind. One is about how much to tip at restaurants in Spain. Our guide will bring full light on this question, though you should bear in mind there are no fixed rules in Spain. Another question we typically get is about the drinking age in Spain and the rules that apply at restaurants. You will also find all details in the guide we have put together and which you can find in the link above. 

Table of Contents

Best Spanish restaurants per city

Restaurants and Spanish gastronomy

Spanish gastronomy is very varied and there are important differences from region to region. Despite certain elements are shared in what we could describe as the Spanish diet, many things are different. Discover in this series of articles the peculiarities present at each region. 

Papas arrugadas and mojo picon

A complete guide to Canarian food

In this guide you will find complete information about food in the Canary islands. Lots of local dishes and speciliates that include papas arrugadas, mojo picon, gofio and many others. Learn also about specialities in each iusland and also their local wines

Traditional Dishes from Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca

Traditional dishes from Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca – The Definitive Guide

The true Mediterranean spirit of the Balearic islands is felt everywhere, including its food. The islands are well-known for some of their most famous dishes like Ensaimada. The best way to enjoy local food is by visiting smaller villages and local gastronomy restaurants in the main cities. A world of Mediterranean taste awaits you!

Goat cheese and green mojo in Tenerife

A food and wine tour of Tenerife

Enjoy a food and wine tour of Tenerife during your stay in the island. Exotic volvanic wines and traditional food and restaurants are one of Tenerife´s hidden gems. Hotel menus may not always include the most important and interesting examples of local food from Tenerife. This is why dedicating one day to explore the island rich gastronomy can be a perfect activity during your holiday in Tenerife

Iberico ham

10 Things you didn’t know about Iberico ham

Iberico ham is quite possibly one of the most delicious treats you can indulge in period. But, as much as you might love this Spanish delicacy, you probably don’t know these 10 facts on this magical style of ham.

Paella and fideuá

Differences between paella and fideuà

An in depth look at the differences and similarities between Paella and Fideuá, two famous Spanish dishes, that seem very similar. This article will tell you the history and aspects that make each of these dishes special and unique.

Tapas restaurants: heaven in a small bit

Most people that think about Spanish food think about tapas. Tapas are much more than small food portions served by bread. They are a way of living and a way for people to socialize. Tapas are known as pintxos in the basque country and as pinchos in other parts of Northern Spain. Many bars and restaurants have specialized in top quality restaurants and local contests and competitions look for the best tapa in many Spanish towns and cities. 

The best Pintxos in San Sebastian. The ultimate guide

With an increasing number of tourists arriving to San Sebastian every year, and with so many bars and tours to choose from, finding the best options for you may sometimes be a daunting experience. But worry not! Our local team has put together a list with some of the top bars to enjoy pintxos

Rosi La Loca Taberna in Madrid

Our selection of top picks to enjoy tapas in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most famous cities in Madrid for tapas. Many bars and restaurants in Madrid are flexible and offer half Raciones and will not have a problem with other different starters instead of a rigid three-course meal. We aim at providing a list of top places for tapas in Madrid. We cover different styles and budgets

Vinomio 9

Places to enjoy quality tapas in Valencia

Tapas are usually a fun way to enjoy a casual meal. We find our Spanish concept is great while traveling since it is so flexible and takes less time than formal dining… so all the time you save can be used to enjoy the city´s top attractions. Tapas bars in Valencia can be found in every quarter, but there are some of them in which you will really feel like a local.


Best tapas in Barcelona

A selection of tapas bars and restaurants where you will be able to enjoy really high-quality tapas in Barcelona. our team of local experts in Barcelona has selected bars in different districts in the city and also near some of the main tourist attractions to ensure you find a good option that suits your itinerary

Paella restaurants: don´t get seduced by tourist versions

Paella is both an icon for Spanish gastronomy, but also a poorly served dish on many occasions. In these restaurant guides, we provide you with insights to ensure you find good paella at restaurants that genuinely specialize in top quality versions of this delicious dish. 

AlliOli Valencian Food

The best paella in Madrid – restaurant selection

Paella is an icon for Spanish cuisine. This colourful dish which is prepared in various versions (seafood, vegetables, chicken…) is great for all sorts of meals and dinners. Madrid is home to many restaurants owned by locals from Valencia that came to live to Madrid or many chefs that are in love with this dish. Our team of local experts recommend the best paella restaurants in Madrid

Top romantic restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants to enjoy the best paella in Valencia, Spain

Valencia´s Mediterranean climate makes it a great destination to be enjoyed throughout the year. There are few places in the world that are so connected to a dish as Valencia. Paella is almost a synonym for Valencia. Visitors flock to ensure they try the best paella in Valencia.
Our local team has put together a list with excellent options in different areas of Valencia, and for different budgets. including the amazing natural park of La Albufera. Locals refer to paella as rice and it comes in many different versions: seafood, vegetables, black rice…. No matter which one you try, this will for sure be a superb experience if you opt for one of the restaurants in this list.

Arrosseria Xàtiva Les Corts 8

Restaurants to enjoy the best paella in Barcelona

Paella was not born in Barcelona but the city offers many restaurants to enjoy quality paella and other sorts of rice dishes. This list includes restaurants that serve paella in different areas of Barcelona and with different styles and budgets. Enjoy!

Restaurants next to top tourist attractions

It is not a secret that most tourists throughout the world find it hard to enjoy quality food when visiting top tourist attractions. Spain is not exceptions and restaurants near  Spain´s top tourist sites may not always be “ideal”. In these guides we provide with insights to select good restaurants close to some of the country´s top attractions. 

Retiro Park

Top restaurants near the Retiro Park in Madrid

Despite there are terraces where you can enjoy a Cerveza or horchata that may simply not be enough and after all the walking the Retiro involves,and your stomach may simply ramble. Do not worry! In this list, we provide you with our top recommended restaurants near the Retiro Park.

Gastronómico Corral de la Morería - Tablao Flamenco

Restaurants near the Royal palace in Madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid is one of the top attractions in Spain´s capital. While you prepare your itinerary you may want to consider to enjoy your meal or dinner at a restaurant located near the Palace. Madrid is well-known for ox-tail and cocido and also for tapas and churros…. you will be able to find all sorts of restaurants, with different styles and for different budget levels in this selection prepared by our local team of experts in Madrid

Suare in the Gothic district

5 Restaurants in the Gothic quarter you do not want to miss

The Gothic district is a must-visit area of Barcelona. The area can get crowded with tourists and this implies there are also many options to enjoy your meal. Our local Barcelona team has put together this list with the best recommendations to enjoy in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona

Plaza Catalonia

Best restaurants near Plaçca Catalonia in Barcelona

Plaça Catalonia is at the heart of Barcelona. A favorite shopping destination with some of city´s department stores, Plaçc Catalonia is also the point of departure of many of the daily excursions and day tours from Barcelona. Make sure you have a good restaurant option here to ease logistics during your stay in Barcelona

Romantic restaurants in Spain

One style of restaurant that is always highly searched for are romantic restaurants. Discover some of the best options for special dinners in Spain in these guides.


The most romantic restaurants in Madrid

Couples that arrive to Madrid to enjoy a romantic break or to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion will find it easy to discover some hidden treasures and ideas that can bring that extra magic to their stay. We recommend you to visit our guide with romantic things to do and ideas in Madrid.

From parks to go hand in hand during romantic strolls, to restaurants that offer that perfect atmosphere to end the day… Our team of local experts have hand-picked the following restaurants.


Truly romantic restaurants in Barcelona

Cozy up with that special one to enjoy one of Barcelona´s most romantic dinners. Though we all should agree that the term “romantic” can be very subjective and that the most special dinner can take place enjoying tapas, there are certain restaurants that are nearly always sure bets.