Top 10 Restaurants in Granada

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Recommended Restaurants in Granada

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Granada.

You can also find them in our Granada map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

We also recommend you to haev a look at our Granada visitor guide where you will get lots of inside information on Granada.

Our top-picks in Granada

Rincón del Poeta 9.3 rating

Rincón del Poeta – Excellent traditional tavern in the heart of Granada

Why we recommend hotel Rincón del Poeta? In a town filled with excellent traditional taverns, El Rincón del Poeta is one of the best. Located in the center of Granada, this authentic little eatery offers a variety of delicious typical “Granadino” goodies. El Rincón del Poeta relies on excellent ingredients to cook up the tasty dishes on their menu, no-frills, just excellent simple food that is just what you were looking for. Book your table

Restaurante-Pub Albanta

Restaurante-Pub Albanta – Excellent, traditional southern Spanish restaurant at the foot of the sierra Nevada mountain range in Granada

Why we recommend Restaurante-Pub Albanta? Albanta is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevado mountain range, besides the Genil river. Albanta is almost worth visiting exclusively to experience the amazing views and surrounding natural beauty, the menu however is what makes it a must. The menu consists of a variety of Granadino classics made with exceptional ingredients and elegantly presented. Albanta is a wonderful place to share a meal with a loved one. Book

La Taquilla

La Taquilla – Excellent traditional tavern in the heart of Granada

Why we recommend La Taquilla? In the center of Granada, near the La Caleta bull ring, we find La Taquilla, a traditional Spanish tavern Run by Antonio y Paqui for decades. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with wooden tables and chairs and all the trappings of a typical tavern in Granada. La Taquilla is a place to go for great wine and great tapas. It’s favorite for bullfighters and other figures in the bullfighting

Los Patos - Hospes Palacio de los Patos

Los Patos – One of the best gastronomic experiences in Granada

Why we recommend Los Patos? Housed within a XIX century palace, which is currently the Hospes Hotel, we find Los Patos en el Palacio, one of the top gastronomic destinations in the city of Granada. The restaurant specialized in traditional Granadino cuisine. The kitchen uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. The restaurant is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a romantic dinner. Book your table now Average customer review Score for Los Patos

Carmen Aben Humeya

Carmen Aben Humeya – One of the best and most romantic restaurants in all of Granada

Why we recommend Carmen Aben Humeya? In the center of Granada, looking out at the Alhambra, we find one of the best and most romantic restaurants in all of Granada: Carmen de Aben Humeya. The restaurant offers amazing food and amazing views of the Alhambra. They serve an updated version of traditional Granadino cuisine, pristinely prepared and presented. Easily one of the best meals you can experience in Granada. Book your table now Average customer