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Recommended Restaurants in Málaga

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Málaga.

You can also find them in our Málaga interactive touristic map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

We also recommend you to haev a look at our  guide of Málaga where you will get lots of inside information on Málaga.

Our top-picks in Málaga

El Rengue

El Rengue- Excellent traditional Andalusian restaurant in the center of Málaga

Why we recommend El Rengue? The restaurant is located just outside the city center, but if you venture out that way, this is a great place to enjoy a meal. The menú is very traditional as is the restaurant itself. The recipes are simple and straight-forward but the result is outstanding. Book a table Average customer review Score 9,6   Málaga CITY GUIDE  RESTAURANTS IN Málaga  

Las Golondrinas

Las Golondrinas – Charming and romantic eatery in the heart of Málaga

Why we recommend hotel Las Golondrinas? Undoubtedly one of the top restaurants in Málaga. Located slightly north of the city center, this restaurant is an inviting and cozy little eatery that serves the best versions of an array of classic Spanish dishes. Every table at the restaurant feels secluded and every dish tastes like it was made with care for you. If you can, the best best way to enjoy a meal is at night,

Amador - Hotel Villa Guadalupe

Amador – Hotel Villa Guadalupe- Málaga

Why we recommend hotel Amador – Hotel Villa Guadalupe? Located within the beautiful Hotel Villa Guadalupe, we find Amador, an elegant and sofisticated traditional spanish restaurant. The kitchen staff is highly qualified and they have put all of their talent and effort into creating a menu filled with modernized andalusian classics. They pride themselves in using only the freshest seasonal ingredients to create their dishes. They also have a very complete wine cellar were you

El Vergel Meson-Braserie

El Vergel Meson-Braserie – Wonderful traditional Spanish tavern in Málaga

Why we recommend El Vergel Meson-Braserie? If you don’t know that Vergel is there you might miss it. On the outside it looks like any other Spanish tavern, and many ways it is. However, Vergel offers some of the best food you will find in the center of Málaga, and easily the best value. They serve simple, traditional Andalusian dishes made to perfection with excellent ingredients and care. Book a table at El Vergel Meson-Braserie

Verum - Tapas Bar & Restaurant - El Asador de Málaga

Verum – Tapas Bar & Restaurant – El Asador de Málaga – Excellent castilian style restaurant just outside of Málaga

Verum – Tapas Bar & Restaurant – El Asador de Málaga – Review  Verum is a Castilian style asador (similar to a steak house), located just outside of downtown Málaga. They feature an authentic Castilian wood oven. The oven is fed exclusively with oak, giving the meats and other dishes that go through a unique flavor. The specialties are lamb and roast pig, but everything on the menu is top-notch, in fact, he boasts several


Veroda – Delicious and affordable meal just outside of Málaga

Why we recommend Veroda? A bit down the road towards Torremolinos we find Veroda, which offers some really tasty food at a very good price. Veroda something of a local favorite. The food is abundant and very fairly priced for the quality. It´s not the most typical Spanish eatery you will find (the menu includes burgers and quesadillas), but patrons rarely leave disappointed. Book a table at Veroda Average customer review Score for Veroda 9,2

El Merendero de Antonio Martín

El Merendero de Antonio Martín – Down on Málaga’s port, this restaurant offers one of the most authentic dinning experiences in the city

Why we recommend El Merendero de Antonio Martín? Down on the Malagueta, Málagas port, we find el Merendero de Antonio Martín which offers one of the most complete and authentic dining experiences you will find: ocean views, authentic Andalusian classics on the menu, excellent tapas, they even have a terrace on which to enjoy your meal. Everything on the menu is worth a taste, but the “must’s” are the rice dishes and the wild-caught fish.


Cávea – Excellent modern Andalusian eatery in the heart of Málaga

Why we recommend Cávea? Chef Alberto Molina heads a team of young cooks that what to offer an updated and creative version of traditional Andalusian cooking. Located in the heart of Málaga, this restaurant is modern, sleek and innovative. The food is enthusiastic and delicious, successfully modernizing traditional southern Spanish cuisine. Book a table Average customer review Score  9,2   Málaga CITY GUIDE  RESTAURANTS IN Málaga  


ALMIJARA CASUAL BAR – Excellent Mediterranean cuisine down on Málaga’s port

Why we recommend ALMIJARA CASUAL BAR? Down by Málagas port you will find one of the cities best dining experiences: ALMIJARA CASUAL BAR. They serve beautifully crafted creative Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant itself is unassuming and laid back. Book a table at ALMIJARA CASUAL BAR Average customer review Score for ALMIJARA CASUAL BAR 9,2   Málaga CITY GUIDE  RESTAURANTS IN Málaga  

Aragon & Capel

Aragon y Capel – Excellent traditional Andalusian tapas joint in the heart of Málaga

Why we recommend Aragon y Capel? This restaurant, located in the center of Málaga, is the definition of a crowd-pleaser. Abundant, inexpensive yet remarkably tasty food is what Aragón y Capel is all about. It is far from a fine dining experience but it more than makes up for it with its offering. You will find an assortment of homemade Spanish classics, meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family. Book a table


Lígula – Charming and delicious tapas joint in the center of Málaga

 Lígula – Review Lígula offers incredibly high-quality food at a very reasonable price. You will find creative Mediterranean-style dishes that are definitely worth a taste. The biggest drawback is the location, which is slightly outside of the city center. Book a table at Lígula Average customer review Score for Lígula 9,2 Location of Lígula  Lígula’s location is its biggest drawback. The restaurant is located just outside of Málaga’s downtown area. It is 13 minutes by


MATIZ- Superb fine dinning experience in the center of Málaga

Why we recommend hotel MATIZ? Chef Daniel García is at the helm of Matiz, an elegant and sophisticated restaurant in the center of Málaga ideal for a Mediterranean fine-dining experience. The restaurant is dimly lit and beautifully decorated, ideal for a quiet romantic dinner. Chef Daniel offers creative versions of typical Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, as well as several re-imagined typical “Malagueño” dishes that will pleasantly surprise you. Book a table at MATIZ Average customer


Recoveco – Top-notch home made Andalusian cuisine in the center of Málaga near the Picasso Museum

Why we recommend Recoveco? Recoveco is a typical Spanish/ Andalusian style eatery with an updated look and feels, in the center of Málaga. Recoveco is just a few meters away from the Picasso museum in Málaga. It’s a Bistrot style restaurant where you will find excellent homemade Spanish and Andalusian classics that stand out, in part, due to the quality and freshness of ingredients. A wonderful choice if you are hungry after visiting the museum.

Marisquería Jacinto

Marisquería Jacinto – Excellent seafood in the heart of Málaga

Why we recommend hotel Marisquería Jacinto? Located in the center of Málaga, Marisquería Jacinto can’t get much more authentic or delicious than it is. Marisquería Jacinto specializes in seafood, straight from the Mediterranean. They serve simple and straight forward recipes that allow the excellent ingredients shine on their own. They pride themselves in offering the freshest shellfish and fish you cand find in Málaga Book a table at Marisquería Jacinto Average customer review Score for

Los marangós

Los Marangós – Excellent, authentic Málagueño cuisine

 Los Marangós – Review Los Marangós is a typical, southern Spanish eatery in the heart of Málaga. If you know anything about southern Spanish cuisine, there will be no surprises as far as the options on the menu. Los Marangós serves up the best versions of all the homemade Andalusian classics. The restaurant itself is equally as typically Andalusian. If you are in the vicinity and in the mood for this style of cooking, this

La Taberna de Cervantes

La Taberna de Cervantes – Excellent traditional Andalusian tapas bar in the center of Málaga

Why we recommend La Taberna de Cervantes? La Taberna de Cervantes is a truly authentic Andalusian tapas Bar, right in the heart of Málaga, that is well worth your while to try. La Taberna de Cervantes is one of 4 restaurants run by owners Gabriel and Romina. This tavern is beautifully decorated in the typical Andalusian style. Here you will find typical Andalusian tapas and “raciones” meant to be shared with friends, a glass of


Arrozeando – Excellent paella restaurant just outside of Málaga

Why we recommend Arrozeando? Slightly outside the city center of Málaga you will find Arrozeando, a typical Andalusian restaurant that specializes in one thing: rice. Here you will find some of the best, typical Andalusian rice dishes in all of Málaga. The restaurant itself is cute and inviting with all the simple character you would expect from an Andalusian restaurant. It is equipped with a terrace as well for the full Spanish experience. If you’re

La Taberna de Monroy

La Taberna de Monroy – Great traditional Andalusian tavern in the historic city center of Málaga

 La Taberna de Monroy – Review The restaurant is located in the Historical City center of Málaga. It’s a small bistort-style restaurant that serves tasty homemade Andalusian-style dishes. From the outside, it may look like just another Spanish tavern: the decoration is simple and unassuming, it features the typical bar lined with local regulars, etc. but, of course, Monroy is not an average bar. The food is simple and delicious and the wine selection takes


Palocortado – Updated and delicious versions of Andalusian classics in the center of Málaga

Why we recommend Palocortado? The restaurant is an updated and sleek version of a typical Andalusian seafood restaurant. Located in Málaga’s city center, this charming restaurant serves excellent modernized versions of classic southern Spanish dishes, specializing in seafood. Book a table Average customer review Score  8,9 Location of Palocortado This restaurant enjoys an amazing location in the heart of Málaga’s old town. Palocortado is right behind the cities gorgeous Cathedral, and close to many of

PX wines

PX wines – Excellent little restaurant that specializes in wine, 20 minutes outside of Málaga

Why we recommend PX wines? This restaurant is a small, Bistrot style eatery, that, as the name indicates, is designed around wine. Both the menu and the restaurant itself were created with wine in mind. The dishes are typical Spanish classics made meticulously and beautifully presented. The biggest drawback is that PX is about 20 minutes outside of Malaga. So if you are in the area or up for the trek, PX is a great