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Recommended Restaurants in Córdoba

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Córdoba.

You can also find them in our Córdoba touristic map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

We also recommend you to haev a look at our Córdoba tourist section where you will get lots of inside information on Córdoba.

Our top-picks in Córdoba

Taberna Séneca

Taberna Séneca- Great, traditional tavern in the center of Córdoba

Taberna Séneca in Cordoba – Review Taberna Seneca, located in the heart of Córdoba’s old quarter is a very traditional Andalusian tavern that serves up all delicious homemade classics you would expect from a Cordobés tavern. Everything about Taberna Seneca in simple and unassuming: the decor, the location, the menu itself. They serve homemade traditional Cordobés tapas and rations. A truly authentic experience. Book a table at Taberna Séneca Average customer review Score for Taberna

Doble de Cepa

Doble de Cepa – Great, traditional Andalusian tapas in the heart Córdoba

Doble de Cepa – Review Doble Cepa, located in the heart of the Andalusian city of Córdoba, offers an experience more than just-food. Simply put: it’s a great place to hang out and a restaurant where you will also enjoy live music in Cordoba. It features an interior patio, live Spanish guitar, and all the rumblings of a traditional Spanish bar. It’s tranquil, laid back, and inviting. They serve traditional Cordobés tapas and dishes, and

El Aura

El Aura – A Wondaful and Modern Mediterranean Restaurant in Córdoba

El Aura restaurant in Cordoba – Review El Aura restaurant offers an array of carefully prepared creative Andalusian classics. Aura is sleek and minimalist. The food takes inspiration from classic Andalusian home cooking. They serve innovative and creative dishes, prepared and presented with care. The biggest drawback of Aura is that it is located slightly outside of the city center. Book a table at El Aura Average customer review Score for El Aura 8,6 Location


GARUM 2.1 restaurant in Córdoba

GARUM 2.1 – Review Garum 2.1 offers a pleasant and comfortable environment. The space at the restaurant is distributed over two floors (with the kitchen on the third floor) The staff is professional and they provide adequate information on the menu and its details, ingredients, and preparation. The restaurant is located near the Puente de Miraflores, and 6 minutes walk from the Cathedral and Great Mosque. The walls of the restuarnt were part of the


Pic-Nic restaurant in Córdoba

Pic-Nic restaurant – Review Pic-Nic is the sophisticated version of a traditional Cordobés tavern. The restaurant is elegant, with white tablecloths and all the traditional things you want from a Crodobés restaurant: an indoor patio, blue and white tyles, etc. Menu  The menu is similarly constructed: filled with Andalusian classics, prepared and presented carefully and elegantly. A great place to experience a more elevated form of traditional Andalusian cooking. Whether meat, fish or vegetables, the


Gallego’s restaurant in Córdoba

Gallego’s restaurant in Cordoba Gallego´s is a typical galician restaurant in Cordoba. In case you love Galician food, or if you simply would like to try a different style of Spanish gastronomy, this restaurant offers a small corner of Galicia in the center of Córdoba. Their ingredients arrive daily from Galician lands and are carefully selected, a guarantee for their freshness, texture, and authentic Galician flavors. It is a secluded restaurant with decoration and atmosphere

LaMundi Restaurant

LaMundi Restaurant – Great value tapas joint in the heart of Córdoba

LaMundi Restaurant – Review LaMundi Restaurant offers its own very reasonably priced, version of Andalusian tapas. There are more international options than you might expect on the menu, but everything is tasty and worth a try. LaMundi is a place to enjoy with friends, on the terrace with a beer in hand. Book a table at LaMundi   Average customer review Score for LaMundi 8,6 Location of LaMundi Restaurant The restaurant is located slightly outside downtown

El Patio de María

El Patio de María – great traditional restaurant in Córdoba in an excellent setting

El Patio de María restaurant in Cordoba – Review El Patio de María is located in the heart of Córdoba. As the name would suggest, the restaurant is located in a traditional cordobés indoor patio. The dining area is beautiful with a century-old lemon tree right in the middle, providing shade for dining patrons. At el Patio de María they serve traditional homemade Cordobés cuisine. This is a perfect option if you would like to

El Abanico

El Abanico tavern in Córdoba

 El Abanico tavern – Review This Tavern is located next to Calleja de las Flores, onem if not the most, touristic street in Cordoba. El Abanico is a tavern where you can enjoy tapas and wines with no risk. This is not a tourist trap. That is for sure! El Abanico is one of the best tapas options you will find to eat before or after your visit to The Great Mosque of Cordoba.  El

El Equilibrista

El Equilibrista – Great little eatery in the center of Córdoba

El Equilibrista restaurant in Córdoba – Review El Equilibrista offers delicious, affordable, slightly updated Cordobés classics in the center of the city. The restaurant has the feel of a modernized Andalusian tavern. The food is similar: a collection of traditional Cordobés tapas and rations with a modernized look. There are some not-so-traditional options on the menu as well. A really nice little eatery in the center of town. Book a table at El Equilibrista Average

Best places to stay - Experience Córdoba like a local

Ermita de La Candelaria – Charming traditional restaurant in Córdoba

Ermita de La Candelaria – Review  Ermita de la Candeleria is located in the heart of Córdoba, down narrow a cobbled stone street. The restaurant is housed within an old hermitage. From the outside, it would be impossible to know what lies within. Ermita de la Candeleria is vast, elegant, and dimly lit. The kitchens serve classic Cordobés dishes served in their most elegant form. If you are looking for a secluded authentic Andalusian experience,

Santa Marina

Santa Marina – Excellent traditional Cordobés tavern

Bar Santa Marina in Cordoba – Review Bar Santa Marina is located in the center of Córdoba. It’s a small traditional Cordobés bar, no-frills. The bar is not far from the city center, but it is outside the most tourist area. The Santa Marina is a great place to feel like a local and also a very good option if you visit the Palacio de Viana, which is located very close to the bar. The

Authentic places to stay near the Mezquita of Córdoba - experience the city like a local

Casa Mazal – Calleja de las Flores – Sefardic cuisine in Cordoba

Casa Mazal – Calleja de las Flores restaurant – Review Casa Mazal, has two locations in Cordoba, both right in the heart of Córdoba, that specialize in two, very particular styles of cooking: sefardíc and andalusí (Arabic-Andalusian). This review is for Casa Mazal at Calleja de las Flores, the newest of the two Casa Mazal. You can read a review on the “original”, the Casa Mazal located at plaza Maimonides, following  this link  If you

Patio Romano

Patio Romano – gourmet Cordobés cuisine in Cordoba

Patio Romano restaurant – Review Patio Romano  is the traditional Cordobés eatery created by Chef Santi Orellana, located right in the center of Córdoba.  The restaurant has an excellent location and has been several times selected amongst the restaurants with the best patios in Cordoba. If you have not yet visited Cordoba you probably are not aware of the special relationship locals have with their patios. Every May a contest (the Patios de Cordoba festival)

Casa Rubio

Casa Rubio – romantic restaurant in the old Jewish quarter of Córdoba

Casa Rubio – Review Located near the Puerta de Almodóvar, in the old Jewish quarter of Córdoba, we find Casa Rubio, a house in the old estate of historian Jaén Morente. The restaurant is classic and elegant, with an impressive bar, and a rooftop terrace with amazing views of the old medieval wall. The menu consists of a variety of classic home-made Andalusian dishes. Ideal for a romantic dinner for 2. Book a table Average

Restaurante Parador de Córdoba

Restaurante Parador de Córdoba – romantic restaurant in Córdoba

Restaurante Parador de Córdoba Since Roman times, the foothills of the mountains near Cordoba have been a place for recreation and relaxation for the ruling class. This was the area where Abderraman I had his summer house and the area where during the XXth century, an increasing number of businessmen and liberal professionals went to live.   It is in this part of Cordoba where the Parador Nacional hotel is located, and also its restaurant.

Entre Olivos

Entre Olivos – Superb traditional Cordobés restaurant

Entre Olivos restaurant in Cordoba – Review This restaurant in a superb traditional Crordobés style restaurant in the heart of the city. The restaurant is simple and elegant, perfect for a romantic dinner for two. The menu is comprised of a selection of Andalusian classics prepared with care and attention to detail. Book a table Location of Entre Olivos Córdoba  Entre Olivos is ideally located in the center of Córdoba. The restaurant is located next


Marídame – Excellent traditional Andalusian restaurant in the center of Córdoba

Marídame – Review Marídame is a very special restaurant in the center of Córdoba. The food is excellent, but the real show-stopper is the rooftop terrace you can dine at that offers spectacular views of the Cordoba Mosque. While you enjoy the views you may choose amongst a wide variety of top-notch Andalusian homemade classics that do not disappoint. If you are interested in enjoying dining on the rooftop, you better call ahead and make

La Posada del Caballo Andaluz

La Posada del Caballo Andaluz – Great authentic eatery in the center of Córdoba

 La Posada del Caballo Andaluz – Review In the San Basilio neighborhood of Cordoba, we find the Posada del Caballo Andaluz (the Andalusian horse inn) The Andalusian horse is an icon and a very important economic and cultural element in Andalusia. This enchanting eatery is extremely authentic, exactly what you would imagine an old Andalusian inn to look like. They serve some excellent Cordobés home cooking, simple, straight forward and delicious. La Posada del Caballo

Victoria 57

Victoria 57 Restaurant – Great authentic eatery near Cordoba´s synagogue

Victoria 57 Restaurant – Review Victoria 57, located near the Synagogue, in the center of Córdoba offers a slightly updated take on all the Andalusian classics you know and love. The restaurant is youthful, cozy and inviting. The menu consists of an array of southern Spanish staples with a modernized look and taste. If you are in the area and want to discover a modern take on traditional Cordobés cooking, this is a great option.


Tellus – Wonderful modernized Andalusian classics in the heart of Córdoba

Tellus – Review Chef Antonio López, gives traditional Andalusian cooking an updated look and taste, without losing its essence or flavor. Tellus is modern and trendy, with an open kitchen so you can see the staff work. The dishes are carefully prepared and presented, almost as pretty to look at as tasty to eat. A great option to see and taste the evolution of southern Spanish cuisine. Book a table Average customer review Score  9,3

Casa Mazal-Plaza Maimonides

Casa Mazal – Plaza Maimonides – Sephardic and Andalusí cuisine Córdoba

Casa Mazal-Plaza Maimonides restaurant – Review Casa Mazal at Plaza Maimonides is located at the heart of the famous Jewish district in Cordoba. The restaurant is 2 minutes walk from the Cordoba Synagogue, main sights in Cordoba. Casa Mazal means the “house of good fortune” . The restaurant opened thanks to the efforts and idea of Jesús Guerrero, who could not believe there were no Sephardic restaurants in Andalusia at the moment he thought of opening

Taberna Puerta Sevilla

Taberna Puerta Sevilla – Authentic restaurant in the center of Córdoba

Taberna Puerta Sevilla – Review In the area of the old Alcázar, in the heart of Córdoba, we find perhaps one of the most beautiful and authentic eateries in the city. They serve traditional, homemade, Cordobés dishes made to perfection. If there is any way you can get seated in their interior patio, it’s worth the effort. Book a table Average customer review Score  9,3 Location of Taberna Puerta Sevilla  Taberna Puerta Sevilla is located

El Rincón de Carmen

El Rincón de Carmen restaurant in Córdoba

El Rincón de Carmen restaurant – Review Located in Córdoba’s Old Quarter, in the heart of the “Judería” neighborhood, we find El rincón de Carmen. El Rincon de Carmen is located in an emblematic street in Cordoba: Calle Romero (one of the most charismatic streets in any Cordoba city guide) . This is one of the best streets to enjoy the local gastronomy. It is also a very touristic area, and quality bars and taverns

Taberna La Espumita

Taberna La Espumita – great traditional restaurant in the center of Córdoba

Taberna La Espumita in Cordoba – Review Close to the tower of Calahorra, in the center of Córdoba, we can find this small, unassuming, and delicious traditional tavern. Taverna la Espumita is as authentic as it gets: dimly lit, informal, wooden chairs, everything you would expect from a southern Spanish tavern. They serve excellent homemade Andalusian classics. If you are in the area definitely try it out. Book a table at Taberna La Espumita Average

La tranquera

La Tranquera – Excellent traditional homemade Andalusian cooking in the heart of Córdoba

La Tranquera – Review La Tranquera serves some of the best, authentic, homemade meals you can find in the center of Córdoba. The restaurant is traditionally and beautifully decorated. The menu consists of a collection of classic Cordobés dishes, made with care and the highest quality ingredients. If you are looking for a traditional Cordobés restaurant in the center of town, this is an excellent option. Book a table at La Tranquera Average customer review

A Flor de Piel

La Casa de Manolete restaurant- Córdoba

La Casa de Manolete – Review Located right in the heart of Córdoba we find A flor de piel, one of the best culinary experiences you can enjoy in this magical city. Housed in a 19th Century Place, that once was the residence of one of Spains’ most prominent Philosophers, Ortega y Gasset, A flor de piel offers a dining experience like no other. The Palace itself is worth a visit on its own. The

Taberna La Viuda

Taberna La Viuda – Excellent traditional Andalusian tavern in the center of Córdoba

Taberna La Viuda – Review Located in the heart of Córdoba, in the San Basilio neighborhood, Taberna de la Viuda offers one of the most delicious and authentically “Cordobés” dining experiences you will find in the whole city. The restaurant is beautifully and traditionally decorated, with wooden chairs and lined with the traditional blue and white tyle work, so characteristic of the South of Spain. The food is again traditional and authentic: Taberna de la