Top 10 Restaurants in Córdoba

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Recommended Restaurants in Córdoba

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Córdoba.

You can also find them in our Córdoba interactive touristic map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

We also recommend you to haev a look at our Córdoba city guide where you will get lots of inside information on Córdoba.

Our top-picks in Córdoba

Taberna Séneca

Taberna Séneca- Córdoba

Why we recommend hotel Taberna Séneca? Taberna Seneca, located in the heart of Córdoba’s old quarter is a very traditional andalusian tavern that serves up all delicious home made classics you would expect from a Cordobés tavern. Everything about Taberna Seneca in simple and unassuming: the decor, the location, the menu itself. They serve home made traditional Cordobés tapas and rations. A truly authentic experience. Book a table at Taberna Séneca Average customer review Score

Doble de Cepa

Doble de Cepa- Córdoba

Why we recommend hotel Doble de Cepa? Doble Cepa, located in the heart of the Andalusian city of Córdoba, offers an experience more than just food. Simply put: it’s a great place to hang out. It features an interior patio, live spanish guitar, and all the rumblings of a traditional Spanish bar. It’s tranquil, laid back and inviting. They serve traditional Cordobés tapas and dishes, and it’s as good a place to for a family

Zahir Brillante

Zahir Brillante- Córdoba

Why we recommend hotel Zahir Brillante? Zahir offers their own very resonably priced, version of andalusian tapas. There are more international options than you might expect on the menu, but verything is tasty and worth a try. Zahir is a place to enjoy with friends, on the terrace with a beer in hand. Book a table at Zahir Brillante Average customer review Score for Zahir Brillante 8,6   Córdoba CITY GUIDE  RESTAURANTS IN Córdoba  

El Aura

El Aura- Córdoba

Why we recommend hotel El Aura? Aura restaurant offers an array of carefully prepared creative andalusian classics. Aura is sleek and minimalist. The foood takes inspiration from classic andalusian home cooking. They serve innovative and creative dishes, prepared and presented with care. The biggest drawback of Aura is that it is located slightly outside of the city center. Book a table at El Aura Average customer review Score for El Aura 8,6   Córdoba CITY


GARUM 2.1- Córdoba

Why we recommend hotel GARUM 2.1? From the outside, Garum 2.1 may look like your run-of-the-mill Cordobés tavern, but this is not the case. Inside you will find a small dinning area, decorated again in a traditional maner. The menú however offers a variety of modernized andalusian classics that take the whole esperience to the next level. Garum 2.1 is located in the center of the city, so if you are in the area and


Pic-Nic- Córdoba

Why we recommend hotel Pic-Nic? Pic-Nic is the sofisticated version of a traditional Cordobés tavern. The restaurant is elegant, with white tablecloths and all the traditional things you want from a Crodobés restaurant: an indoor patio, blue and white tyles, etc. The menu is similarly constructed: filled withy andalusian classics, prepared and presented carefully and elegantly. A great place to experince a more elevated form of traditional Andalusian cooking. Book a table at Pic-Nic Average