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Things to do in Granada

Granada has inspired many poets and painters. It is a city most visitors fall in love with and we are pretty certain that if you are a first-time visitor, you will most probably feel that crush too. If what you are planning now is not your first visit, then you know what we refer to. Besides the obvious La Alhambra palace, there are many more things to do in Granada and in this guide we provide you our top picks. 

Granada is one of the most sensual and romantic places in Spain, and the world for that matter. Amazing medieval architecture, fantastic food, a vibrant night life… it’s an amazing place to fall in love.

But if you are looking for something different than romance, you came to the right place. Our local experts have gathered the best things to do in Granada for any type of traveler. Here you will find the perfect places to stay, things to do, and all the inside tips you will need to plan the perfect vacation for you. 

You will find specific lists with things to do in Granada for you along with maps for each travel style. You can also have a look at our guide of Granada or at the fully interactive map  of Granada.  Enjoy planning your trip to Granada! 

Table of Contents

Our list with the coolest things to enjoy in Granada

Enjoy one of the top marvels in the world: The Alhambra palace

Let´s start with the jewel of the Crown. Granada would not be Granada without La Alhambra. A Unesco heritage site and the number one amongst Spain´s most visited attractions, the monumental site of the Alhambra is an impressive set of monuments and buildings where the Nasrid kings and court lived from the 12th and 15th centuries. The Alhambra is composed of the Alcazaba, a walled military city, the Palaces and the amazing Generalife gardens. Get ready to enjoy o¡courtyards (the most famous and beautiful one is the Courtyard of Lions), fountains, and walls and ceilings that are amongst the best vestiges of Moorish art. Words can hardly describe the beauty of the Alhambra. One of the best attempts is by Washinton Irving in his Tales of La Alhambra; a fantastic reading. 

Romantic hotels near the Alhambra of Granada

La Alhambra On the Sabika hill is the palatine city, called Al-hambra, which means “Red Castle” (redness of its exterior walls). Nowadays the Alhambra Palace in Granada is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Spain’s and Europe’s culture. The number of visits to the Alhambra Palace sky rocketed years ago and reached a whooping two million people per year. The Alhambra Palace in the city of Granada was: a palace, citadel, and fortress.

La Alhambra guide »

Get lost in the Albaicin

Some people claim that it is easier to get lost in the Albaicin than to finish Rubik’s cube in 10 minutes. This is the old Arab district. What makes it so famous and special? Think about white houses, narrow steep cobbled streets, the fragrance of jasmine, the color of bougainvilleas, and the Arab melodies played by street musicians. Getting lost in the Albaicin has a purpose though, or many! The number one objective is to get to the Mirador de San Nicolas, one of the best viewpoints to enjoy La Alhambra.

El Albaicin

El Albaicin in Granada The Albaicín in Granada retains both the original urban physiognomy as well as various medieval buildings. The three elements have a complementary value creating a universal and unique meaning. Average customer review Score for El Albaicin 9.5 El Albaicin- visitor guide What is the Albaicin of Granada? The Albaicín was Ziríes Court monarchs in the XI century and is considered the last Arab stronghold before being expelled completely from Granada. Since the Moors

Guide to visit tthe Albaicin»

Flamenco at El Sacromonte

The Sacromonte is above all famous for the Zambras, a characteristic flamenco dance of this district of Granada. The Sacromonte was the area in Granada the gypsies occupied when they arrived along with the troops of the Catholic Monarchs when they conquered the city. They settled here in caves and small houses (once you enjoy the views you will surely understand why) and they were later joined by bohemians and flamenco artists. In the old days flamenco could be enjoyed in the streets at the end of the day. But things have changed. The Flamenco is at the heart of el Sacramento but will need to book a show to enjoy the experience.

Understand Spanish history at the Royal Chapel and the cathedral

You will find these two monuments in the center of the city. They both are without a doubt, an essential part of the list of things to do in Granada. The cathedral built at the request of the Catholic Monarchs and it is the first religious temple of Renaissance style in Spain.  The cathedral of Granada is one of Spain´s top cathedrals, and we especially love its stained glass windows and the quality of  the art found at the museum

Attached to this is the Royal Chapel, which houses the mortal remains of the Catholic Monarchs

Dome at the Cathedral in Granada

The Cathedral of Granada is one of Spain´s most remarkable cathedrals. Yet, it is not easy for any of the best tourist attractions in Granada to “live” by the shadow of the Alhambra. The cathedral offers a fantastic combination of styles and even though it was never finished (it was meant to have 2 towers while only one of them was half-finished) But its main interest is the Royal Chapel, the place where the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand

Royal chapel and cathedral of Granada guide »

Enjoy a day trip to the amazing Alpujarras

The surroundings of Granada are full of natural wonders. The most obvious one is the Sierra Nevada (its views can be enjoyed from the Alhambra) Sierra Nevada is one of Spain´s top ski resorts.  The Sierra de la Alpujarra is famous for its white villages like Campaneira or Pampaneira, and also for the ham from Trevelez and its natural water springs. This is a land where bereber Arabs settled after Granada was conquered. This is a very magical part of Spain. If you would like to relax and enjoy a couple of beach days, you could drive south and enjoy the beaches in the southern part of the province of Granada. You can find more ideas in this guide with ideas for a trip to Granada. and also discover the Alpujarras in the guide of Pampaneira below, one of the wonders of the Alpujarras. 

Wooden roof in Pampaneira
Hidden Gems

Pampaneira is one of the most charming villages in Las Alpujarras, and one of the highest.

With its 2 sisters, Capileria and Bubión, they shape a beautiful landscape of white villages in the Sierra. The charm comes at a price, and this merit has also brought along an increasing number of visitors. Las Alpujarras is a land of white villages south of Granada and the Sierra Nevada.

Pampaneira trave guide »