Things to do in Granada

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Things to do in Granada

Granada is one of the most sensual and romantic places in Spain, and the world for that matter. Amazing medieval architecture, fantasic food, a vibrant night life… it’s an amazing place to fall in love.

But if you are looking for something different than romance, you came to the right place. Our local experts have gathered the best things to do in Granada for any type of traveler. Here you will find the perfect places to stay, things to do and all the inside tips you will need to plan the perfect vacation for you. 

You will find specific lists with things to do in Granada for you along with maps for each travel style. You can also have a look at our guide of Granada or at the fully interactive map  of Granada.  Enjoy planning your trip to Granada! 

Recommended things to do in Granada in 1 day

One day does not leave you much time, so we recommend not to be too ambitious with your planning. If we were to be just 1 day in Granada these are the things we would do!