A guide to tipping in Spain.

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Tipping in Spain

The quick answer to the question, Should I tip when traveling to Spain? Is no, it isn’t customary to tip in Spain. Service staff usually don’t depend on tips to make ends meet in Spain. HOWEVER if you enjoy good service and you want to tip this is not frowned upon. The following article will give you a good idea of the customary amounts that are tipped by type of service, but of course feel free to do as you please. Tipping in Spain is question you should put yourself in view of the service you have received and not on a compulsary reality. Making someone’s day is never a bad idea!

A good way of gauging how much to tip in Spain when it comes to restaurants is to leave about 10 percent of the final bill at a nice restaurant and at cheaper places people will sometimes leave some coins or just skip the tip all together.  What definitely isn’t customary is to include the tip in the bill (though possible at some restaurants) so if you are thinking of leaving a tip make sure to have some cash available.

This tipping scale for restaurants is applicable for other service industries:

Cafe: Leaving some coins is a nice gesture and if the service was exceptional leaving 1 euro is enough to show your appreciation  

Bartender / cocktail waiter: If you are drinking at the bar don’t tip. If there is a tip jar feel free but in every other circumstance it isn’t customary and might even be rejected so just go ahead and enjoy your drink. If you are seated and there is table service, again, up to 1€ for exceptional service. if you are a large group, especially with children, you may want to consider a higher tip. If instead of just drinks you end-up eating tapas you should also consider a higher tip.

Airport Shuttle: Your driver will not expect a tip, but if you want to go ahead and give up to 1€ per bag if the service was good, go right ahead.

Doorman: Once again the 1€ rule is in effect. Doormen do not expect tips, but if you want to appreciate them helping with your bags or just the great service anything in that 1€ range and above is just fine.

Taxis: Taxi drivers rarely get tips for their service. If the service is just amazing, people in Spain will sometimes ask to have the fare rounded up to where they feel is fair. Totally up to you.

Concierge: For really amazing service, 10€ is probably your limit.

Bellhop: No more than 5€, about 1€ per bag.

House Cleaning: 1€ per night if anything.

Barber / hair dresser: Depending on the price of the service required you may decide to round-up the bill. Up to 5 euros if the service was exceptional

Stylist: Same as above. Up to 5€ if the experience was amazing

Tour guides: If the tour was free, the guide makes his or her money on tips so make sure to give something. This is expected. The tip will need to be thought on a per person basis.  A normal tip would be 3-5€ and up to 10€ for a exceptional guide (we recommend you bear in mind the overall amount of people in the tour. Less people normally imply higher tip. 

On paid group tours people don’t usually leave a tip. If anything, 1€ or 2€.

If it was a private tour you don’t have to give a tip. However, guests develop a bit of a relationship with guides after spending the day with them and tend to leave a bit more that in other situations. Up to ten % of the cost of the tour.

Spa Service Provider: A tip isn’t expected, but you can leave up to 10 percent for anything that goes above and beyond your expectations.

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