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Best water sports to enjoy in Tenerife

Tenerife offers a wide range of options for anyone that enjoys water sports. You can find opportunities to enjoy scuba-diving, sailing trips, windsurfing, kayaking, or watching whales. Tenerife water sports are available in both South and North, and each area specializes in different sorts of water sports. Despite Tenerife may not be the best island for all of these activities, it is for sure the island that offers a wider range of water sports activities in the whole archipelago.

If you are planning a trip to Tenerife we recommend you have a look at our Tenerife holiday planner where you will find tons of recommendations to ensure your trip is a great success.


Kayaking in Tenerife, kayaking with turtles

Our favorite spots and most recommended activities to enjoy kayak excursions in Tenerife are in the southern part of the island (you will find good options in Los Gigantes harbor and also in Costa Adeje) . There are fewer waves and the areas selected to enjoy kayaking are more protected. Some of the excursions include the opportunity to enjoy the sights of dolphins and turtles. Turtles do not always stay in the same areas. Some years ago they were easily spotted near Las Galletas, but local authorities and the animals themselves prefer to stay in quieter, less accessible areas. Kayaks offer a great opportunity in this respect since they are eco-friendly and will not damage the turtles (unlike boats powered with engines) and they are quiet. With a kayak excursion in Tenerife, you will be able to reach some spots that cannot be reached from the land, and that guarantees more sea life.

You can opt for renting a kayak or joining an excursion. The good thing about excursions is that the local guides know the area in and out and if there is a chance to spot turtles, dolphins, or any other interesting sea life, they will make sure you enjoy these sightings.

Kayaking excursions and tours in Tenerife

We include below our selection of recommended kayaking tours in Southern Tenerife. Bear in mind that you will need to be a good swimmer just in case the kayak gets upside down. Excursion operators normally confirm this is the case. You will also need to be respectful with nature and sea animals. 

The day excursions offered are not too demanding but if you have never enjoyed kayaking you should bear in mind that these are group excursions, with different kayaks and that you are expected to follow a certain pace.

Scuba diving in Tenerife

There are many companies and scuba diving centers in Tenerife, so no matter what your objective is, we are pretty sure you will find an activity to suit you. From one single Discover scuba session to completing Padi Open water training, or advanced dives for already certified scuba divers, the offer is immense.

Amongst the sea life that you may expect to see, you can expect trunkfish, barracuda, yellow striped bass, and moray eels. Visibility may be an issue sometimes, especially on the northern coast due to the amount and size of waves. Some areas in the south and Los Gigantes cliffs are well-known for the visibility they offer.

Some excursions offer the possibility to dive with turtles, which is indeed a great pleasure. You may have heard about the 100% probability to enjoy sightings of dolphins and whales in Tenerife. Well, this does not apply to diving! Swimming along with dolphins is not permitted in Tenerife and if there is any encounter with these fantastic mammals you can consider yourself very lucky! But diving excursions are not meant to be an option if whale or dolphin watching is what you are behind.


Scubadiving baptize experience in Tenerife

These courses offer a perfect option to enjoy safe diving in Tenerife. A fantastic and cool activity to enjoy for families with teenagers, couples, and really anyone who wants to know if scuba-diving is “for them”.  The area in Southern Tenerife offers the best environment on the island for safe and easy-going dives for those seeking an adventure.

Scubadiving PADI courses in Tenerife

Diving is an exciting activity and if you have already enjoyed a short session you will already know the next step is to get a certification. PADI is the most frequent certification in Tenerife and also in Spain. Most diving centers offer PADI-certified courses that will usually allow you to dive up to 18 meters.

The south of Tenerife offers a safe and easy-going environment to enjoy one of these courses and the temperature of the water is good all year round, so no matter when you travel you can still enjoy a diving course in Tenerife. In case your main objective for visiting Tenerife is to enjoy one of these diving courses you may also want to consider visiting Lanzarote instead, which in our view if the island with the best diving opportunities in the archipelago. Diving in Lanzarote is our number one option, but Tenerife as already mentioned above also offers great diving possibilities, so no matter which island you choose you will for sure enjoy it!

Scubadiving immersions for certified divers

If you are already a certified diver you will have probably experienced that many tourist destinations offer mainly baptism opportunities to new divers. You will be able to enjoy other challenges than these in Tenerife and also join a re-educational short course to make sure you get up to date with your diving skills. We include below our selection of top recommended dives for already certified divers in Tenerife. 

Surfing in Tenerife

As nearly everywhere in the world, the best places to surf are those you would not typically find recommended to swim. In the case of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is no exception to this rule, this happens in the Northern part of the islands.

Tenerife is not as famous for surfing as Fuerteventura or above all Lanzarote, but you would however be able to enjoy good surfing opportunities if you are an advanced surfer on some beaches in the North of Tenerife. The natural parks of Teno and the Anaga Reservoir have some of the best beaches to enjoy surfing in Tenerife. Some of them are not easy to access, but they offer fantastic landscapes and good waves!

If your objective is not so much to enjoy the best waves in Tenerife but to get started in the surf, then you will find many alternatives in the south of the island. A very good area for both beginners and people that have enjoyed surfing in the past is El Medano, which is located in the southwest of Tenerife.  

We include below a selection of courses and activities to enjoy surfing in Tenerife. A surfing class in Tenerife is not only a good opportunity to learn and enjoy the waves, but also a great possibility to meet people and have great fun!

You will also be able to find family surfing activities, which are amongst the many things to do with family in Tenerife

Group surfing courses in Tenerife

These courses are great value for money and offer a good way to get started in the surf and have lots of fun. They are organized in Southern Tenerife. 

Surfing courses for children and families in Tenerife

If you are looking for a surfing activity to be enjoyed by your children or in a family environment, the south of Tenerife offers good waves (not too challenging) and courses that specialize in children and ensure they adapt the experience to the age of the attendees. 

Private surfing courses in Tenerife

If you prefer to receive all the attention of your coach you will need to book a private course. No problem with this! you will be able to find private surfing lessons in Tenerife too.

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