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Best walks in Tenerife

Wooden bridge in the forest of Anaga in Tenerife

Top hikes in Tenerife?

Hiking in Tenerife is probably not as well developed as is not as well developed as in smaller islands like La Palma, La Gomera or even el Hierro, there is no doubt however that Tenerife offers an excellent variety of walks. Obviously, the main place for hiking in Tenerife is the National Park of Teide. Two routes are very popular at Teide: the climb to the summit and also the walkthrough las Cañadas. El Teide is one of the best National parks in Spain to enjoy hiking.

But there are more options besides Teide. The most popular hike in the south of the island is El Barranco del Infierno whilst probably the best well-known walk after the Teide is El Barranco de Masca in the northwest, near Los Gigantes cliffs.

The best secret hiking opportunities in Tenerife lie in the north at the rural parks of Teno (on the northwest) and Anaga (on the northeast).

Recommended walks in Tenerife

teide national park

Teide national park

Teide national park Teide National Park is one of Spain’s 15 national parks and stands out for several different reasons. It is home to the tallest peak in Spain, Mount Teide, that stands 3,718 meters and, its considered to be one of the 12 treasures of Spain and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also Spain’s largest national park (over 19,000 hectares), it’s the most visited national park and one of the oldest

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El Barranco del infierno in Adeje

What is the Barrando del Inferno? The Barranco del Infierno is with no hesitation one of the most popular hikes in Tenerife. Its appealing name contributed to this, but the main reason lies in its proximity to the most important tourist resorts in the island. Well, the main reason really lies in the beauty of the ravine itself. Since it is not a complex walk it appeals to both hikers and less experienced walkers. This

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Lighthouse in Punta de Teno, Tenerife

Teno natural park in Tenerife

The  Natural Park of Teno is for many people the most beautiful area in Tenerife. Over 8,000 hectares of nature with just a few hamlets scattered here and there, it offers the perfect escape from mass touristic resorts. As in the case of the Agana park in the northeast side of Tenerife, Teno provides fantastic hiking opportunities and enjoying a bit of “real” island life Table of Contents Teno park – what to expect Hiking

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Path in the forest of Anaga Tenerife

Anaga natural park in Tenerife

The Parque de Anaga is located in the northeast of the island, at 30 minutes drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (at 30 minutes drive). This park offers ravines, a lauresilva (laurel) forest that could have been taken from a fairy tale, beautiful rock formations, and beaches that are hardly visited. The park was declared a biosphere reserve and it covers around 14,500 hectares (some 8% of the total surface area of Tenerife island). The

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Circular walk in Malpais de Guimar

This is a 6 kilometer, 3 hour circular trek in the south of Tenerife. This area is part of a protected natural park and a beautiful example of volcanic landscape. The trek starts at El Puertito de Güimar and ends there too. Average difficulty, you will not need to climb the mountain but follow the trail and stay in between the mountain and the coast. Great contrast of desertic type of nature (cactuses and volcanic rock formations) and the blue sea! Route in Wikiloc

Circular hike in Tenerife

Masca, Tenerife´s most popular walk

The village of Masca used to be a farming village but it became so popular that nearly everybody in Masca is dedicated to tourism. Only 100 people live here and many of the traditional-styled houses have been transformed into restaurants.  Many day excursions stop at Masca to illustrate what a traditional village looked like in the Canary islands. Despite part of its charm has been lost, Masca is still a beautiful village, the setting and

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The legends and myths of the Barranco de Badajoz

One of the most mysterious hiking routes in Tenerife, you will for sure enjoy its fantastic landscapes, caves, abandoned houses… If you love mysteries, legends, and walking in a spectacular area this is a fantastic walk to enjoy Tenerife (it starts near the town of Güimar. Directions in Google maps

Badajoz ravine in Tenerife

The 1000 windows in Guimar

Fantastic views in this is a rather difficult walk and not recommended at all in case you suffer from either vertigo or claustrophobia. Having said this, the walk is very impressive and the trail goes through 8 tunnels (some were built by the Guanches centuries ago!) These tunnels are in reality the remains of what used to be an aqueduct for water transportation. A hike that is only suitable for those with high adrenaline! Route in wikiloc

1000 windows hike in Tenerife

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Hiking is one of the best things to enjoy in Tenerife and in this article we have put together all the best plans to ensure you have a great vacation on the island.