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Segovia city and capital of the province same name, and in the region of Castilla y Leon,  played an important role even in ancient times. Standing on a rocky out-crop between the two river valleys of the Eresma and Clamores it looks like a stranded ship. Discover in this city guide of Segovia all the information to ensure you make the most out of your visit. 

Segovia is the most beautifully organised of cities. She is a planner´s dream. Segovia lies along an elongated rock between the affluent Eresma river and the Clamores river.



Segovia city guide - Table of Contents

Roman aqueduct 10 rating
Roman aqueduct 10 rating

Practical information to plan your visit to Segovia

5 top reasons to visit Segovia

Segovia is a Unesco heritage site. It is an unspoiled medieval town located at a fantastic setting and with many monuments to enjoy

The aqueduct. One of the word´s best preserved roman aqueducts. You can spend hours looking at it and yet you will continue to wonder how they built it without any kind of mortar

The Alcazar: a castle cannot get more beautiful than this fairy tale fortress that could have inspired Disney himself

A walk in the old quarter: beautiful cobbled streets, palaces, Europe´s last Cathedral, one of Csastilla´s most beautiful squares…

Gastronomy: Segovia is a favorite weekend destination for locals from Madrid who visit to enjoy Segovia´s 3 most famous dishes: judiones de la Granja (a bean soup), Cochinillo (Suckling pig) and Ponche Segoviano dessert.

Best time to visit Segovia

Weekends are normally pretty busy due to all “madrileños” that arrive to Segovia to enjoy a walk, shopping and gastronomy. We would recommend to avoid weekends if possible. 

Our favorite months to visit Segovia are april, may, september and october.  september 

Weather in Segovia

Segovia is located northwest of Madrid. It enjoys continental weather with cold winters and hot and dry summers. Warmest days are from June 16th to Septemebr 10th with a daily average of 76F for high temperatures. The coldest days are from November 14th till March 3rd with daily high averages of 52F.

The probability of rain is rather low, with 15% chance from September to June and 6% in summer. 

Where are the best views to enjoy Segovia?

The best  views are located from the hillrock beside the avila road. The whole silhouette of Segovia can be seen and it shines with a perfect equilibrium. The best moment of the day to enjoy this view is early in the morning.

interactive tourist map of Segovia

Recommended hotels in Segovia

There are many hotels in Segovia and it is a city where prices are moderate and where you will be able to enjoy a very high standard at great value for money.  Our team of experts recommend the following hotels in Segovia (we believe they are the best options at different price levels)

Recommended attractions in Segovia

Segovia is a Unesco heritage city and offers an enormous number of monuments. Churches, monasteries, a jewish cementary, the last gothic cathedral in Europe, one of the most beautiful castles in the world and probably the best preserved Roman aqueduct on earth…. You read it all right! The many tourist attractions in Segovia can easily be reached from Madrid. Daily Segovia tours run from Madrid to explore these fascinating treasure. 

Roman aqueduct

Roman aqueduct of Segovia

The Roman aqueduct of Segovia The roman aqueduct of Segovia´s landmark and amongst Spain´s top attractions. It is with no doubt one of the finest

Alcazar de Segovia

Alcazar de Segovia

Alcazar de Segovia in Spain The Alcazar de Segovia is one Segovia´s top attractions. Segovia, 1 hour drive north-west of Madrid, is a mid-sized city which

Cathedral Segovia

Cathedral of Segovia

The old cathedral was totally destroyed in the revolt of the Comuneros. Charles V ordered a new cathedral with a different ground plan to be

Recommended restaurants in Segovia

Segovia is a city which is well-known in Spain due to its local gastronomy.  Besides all its Unesco heritage monuments, Segovia is known thanks to 3 dishes: the suckling pig, the judiones de la Granja and the ponche segoviano, as desert. Many local restaurants serve these dishes but we recommend you to have a look at our recommendations to ensure you get the most out of the experience! 

Best things to do Near Segovia

Hidden Gems


Sepulveda is a beautiful Segovian town that offers the opportunity to enjoy not just the town, but also great trekking opportunities in the natural reservoir of Hoces del Duraton (home to many vulture families). As part of the Hoces del Duraton you will also be able to enjoy La Ermita de San Frutos and its fantastic scenery

Pedraza, segovia, Castilla Leon
Hidden Gems


A walled village where cars are not permitted, Pedraza, located at 40 minutes drive from Segovia, is said to be the birthplace of the Emperor Traian himself! and is one of the towns in Segovia and near Madrid with a highly individual character.

La Granja de San Ildefonso
Hidden Gems

La Granja de San Ildefonso

Located in the province of Segovia, just 15 minutes drive from the city of Segovia (a Unesco heritage site) La Granja de San Ildefonso is one of the royal palaces in Spain near Madrid. Its gardens and fountains make it look like the Spanish version of Versailles.

Video of Segovia - The city in a nutshell

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