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10 Exciting Valencia Attractions

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Valencia Attractions To Enjoy During Your Stay

Our team of local experts have hand-picked the best restaurants in Valencia.

You can also find them in our Valencia interactive touristic map  where you will be able to select hotels near tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, etc.

We also recommend you to haev a look at our Valencia tourist guide where you will get lots of inside information on Valencia

Our top recommendations in Valencia

La Albufera

La Albufera

The Albufera, La Albufera or L’Albufera de València as it’s known, the amazing nature park, located just south (11km) of the center of  the city of Valencia. La Albufera is a vast freshwater lagoon and estuary The nature reserve spans over 21,120 hectares (52,200 acres). Unique climate conditions are responsible for the incredible biodiversity that the reserve enjoys. It is a prime destination for a great number of migratory birds and is also home to a number of

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valencia silk exchange

Valencia Silk Exchange

The Valencia Silk Exchange or The Llotja de la Seda as it’s known locally is an amazing 15th-century Gothic building in the heart of the city of Valencia. It was once one of the most important silk markets in the world, a precious commodity at the time. It is one of the city’s main attractions and most breath-taking landmarks. Table of Contents History Construction of the Valencia Silk Exchange began in 1482 and was completed

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Valencia Market

Valencia Market

The Valencia Market or Central Market of Valencia is a public market located across from the “Lonja de la Seda” and the Church of Juanes in the heart of Valencia. It is home to a great number of stands that sell everything from fresh produce, to spices and charcuterie. The market itself is one of the most spectacular examples that you can find of Valencian Art Nouveau architecture in the City. Table of Contents The

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L’Oceanogràfic : Valencias amazing oceanographic

L’Oceanogràfic or El Oceanográfico in Spanish is part of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia but deserves special mention on its own. The giant and spectacular oceanarium of the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias) of Valencia, Spain. It is home to a great number of different habitats and marine animals including mammals, reptiles, and birds as well as fish. The Oceanographic is the largest oceanarium in Europe, spanning

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Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias – Valencia, Spain

La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is a large complex dedicated, as the name indicates to the arts and sciences. This complex features several ultra-modern buildings and structures, each specializing in something different: performing arts, botany, marine biology, etc. This city is located within the spectacular city of Valencia and it is one of it’s main attractions. It was built on what was once the riverbed of the Turia River. The river was

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