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10 exciting Toledo tourist attractions

Our team of local experts has selected the 9 top tourist attractions to enjoy in Toledo during your stay.

One of the top problems for visitors to Toledo is to decide what to visit first. This can become a problem for day visitors to the city of Toledo. Toledo is one of the top day trips from Madrid and it is also included in a good number of coach tours to Spain.   If you are going to spend 1 day in Toledo during your vacation in Spain and you are looking for ideas to ensure you make the most out of your time. 

Toledo is an amazing destination and an open-air museum. a Unesco heritage site, Toledo is full of churches, or museums besides its top attractions. In the city of 3 cultures, the amount of heritage you will discover is astonishing. 

You can also find a map with the best attractions in Toledo by filtering them in our Toledo interactive touristic map . You will be able to filter by type of attraction and your travel style and convert this map into a comprehensive attraction guide adaptable to your taste.

We also recommend you to have a look at our Toledo city guide where you will get lots of inside information to make the most of your visit and the best way to organise it. 

Our top recommendations in Toledo

Sinagoga del Tránsito

Sinagoga del Tránsito in Toledo

Transito Synagogue in Toledo Toledo is the city of 3 cultures and this top attraction, Sinagoga del Transito is good proof for this name. The Transito Synagogue also receives the name of the Synagogue of Samuel ha Leví since it was him who sponsored its construction.  The interior of the building is richly decorated. Along the entire upper part is a stucco frieze with psalms in Hebrew script, interrupted by coats-of- arms from Castile and León. These point to the protection given by Peter L The ceiling has octagonal wood paneling decorated with bows. Following the expulsion of the Jews

Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca

Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca- Toledo

Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca in Toledo Built at the end of the 12C, it was rebuilt after a fire in the 13C. The interior of the Synagogue has five aisles, divided by horseshoe arches. The capitals are unusual, all being differently decorated with pine cones integrated into a geometrical arrangement. Around 1550 the synagogue was converted into a Christian church and three chapels were added to the end wall. This Synagogue was the largest of all the ten synagogues that used to exist in Toledo before the expulsion.  In this guide to one of Toledo´s top sights, you

Santo Tome

Santo Tome, Conde Orgaz Burial in Toledo

Santo Tome, Conde Orgaz Burial in Toledo The church of Santo Tomas in Toledo dates from the 12C. It was rebuilt in the 14C at the behest of Gonzalo Ruiz de Toledo, Lord of Orgaz. The main chapel and the Mudéjar tower date from this time. In the Capilla de la Concepción hangs the famous El Greco painting The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, 1586-8. Average customer review Score for Santo Tome, Conde Orgaz Burial Table of Contents The burial of Count Orgaz and the history behind the painting The burial depicted in the painting is that of a

Puerta de Bisabra

Puerta de Bisagra in Toledo

Puerta de Bisagra in Toledo The Puerta de Bisagra in Toledo is one of the gates of the City. It is the most famous Gate of the city and one of the top attractions of Toledo. The Gate of Bisagra, also known as the “New Gate” was first known as Bab al Sagra, a Muslim name that means Gate of Sagra (Sagra being an area outside of Toledo).  The Gate is located in the Northern part of the old city of Toledo, in an area not surrounded by the Tagus river. In 1540 construction was initiated to renovate this Gate.

San Juan de los Reyes Monastery

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo

San Juan de los Reyes Monastery The monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes is located in the Jewish quarter in Toledo. Its elegant shape is best enjoyed from the Puerta de San Martin bridge at the other side of the Tagus river. When the visitor approaches the monastery boasts all its beauty and the splendor of the Isabelino gothic style with all its shapes and decorations is breathtaking. This is one of our favorite places in Toledo. The cloister has interesting gargoyles.  Average customer review Score for San Juan de Los Reyes Monastery 9.2 Monastery of San Juan de

lagrimas de san pedro el greco

El Greco Museum, Toledo

What is El Greco Museum?  The El Greco Museum is housed within the a 16th-century estate, located in the heart of Toledo’s old quarter, in the city’s Jewish quarter. The museum is dedicated to the Mannerist painter Doménikos Theotokópoulos (known as El Greco) who was originally born in Crete but who produced most of the of his work in the city of Toledo. The museum was inaugurated in 1911 and compiles many works by the Cretan artist. It houses a wide collection of canvases by this artist from the Golden Age. The museum consists of two buildings: a house with

Don Quixote Windmills

Don Quixote Windmills

The Don Quixote Windmills  “Tilting at windmills” is an English expression taken from Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel Don Quixote. In the book, the chivalrous, but crazy Don Quixote rides in to do battle with a group of giants who are terrorizing a local village. After he engages with the monsters he comes out of his trance and realizes he was actually fighting a windmill. The expression describes confrontations where the adversary is incorrectly perceived, or courses of action that are based on misapplied heroic, romantic, or idealistic justifications. But do the Don Quijote windmills actually exist?  The short answer

Convento de Santa Isabel de los Reyes

Convento de Santa Isabel de los Reyes- Toledo

Convento de Santa Isabel de los Reyes in Toledo The Convent de Santa Isabel de los Reyes in Toledo, which takes in the Palacios de Casarrubios and Arroyomolinos, was established in 1477. This is not usually considered as one of the top sights in Toledo, but we believe it is an exceptional landmark for art and culture lovers.  The two palaces were given as a gift to the convent by Isabella the Catholic. Preserved within are the Patio del Laurel, which is modeled on the Alhambra, and a few rooms, such as the dormitorio de la Reina (Queen’s bedroom). The

Catedral Primada

Catedral Primada- Toledo

La cathedral Primada of Toledo is the Town´s major monument and one of Spain’s cathedrals best examples of pure Gothic style. It contains an outstanding art museum with paintings from El Bosco or El Greco, to name but a few. Any visit to the city of Toledo should include time at the Cathedral. The visitor center is opposite the entrance and tickets can be bought there or get them included in one of the daily tours that depart from Madrid.  Average customer review Score for Catedral Primada 9 Cathedral of Toledo History of the Cathedral of Toledo  Legend has it

alcazar of toledo day

Alcazar of Toledo

The Alcázar of Toledo is the fortress that presides over the city of Toledo. Built at the highest point in the city it is currently is an important government building and contains the war museum of Toledo. Alcazar of Toledo – Visitor´s Guide How long to see the Alcázar of Toledo? It will take you about 1 hour to visit the museum at the Alcázar What is an Alcázar? Alcázar is the Arab word for castle or fort. The word is still i use in Spain and you will be able to find an Alcazar at some of Spain´s top destinations.