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Make Toledo the right way!

Toledo may shadow today next to Madrid, the capital. Relatively small in size, Toledo is however large, actually huge, in the nations´s history. Learn about about to spend the perfect day in this fascinating city in this Toledo city guide.

Toledo, located in the region of Castilla la Mancha, used to be the capital of Spain till this honour changed in favour of Madrid. Toledo was once a super religious power and the centre of a multicultural society that, despite not always in peace, managed to live together in the middle ages. 

Walking its streets is like walking in an outdoor museum.  It is so close to Madrid that it is very easy to get to Toledo by either train or with one of the many excursions and tours that departure from Madrid everyday. The visit is worth every minute!

A few days in Toledo?

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Build your itinerary with our interactive map of Toledo

façade Toledo cathedral in Spain
Altar Toledo cathedral spain
Detail alter Toledo Cathedral

Toedo in depth

Discover secret places, stories and more in Toledo

One of the best things about Toledo is that all its sights (and there are many) are at walking distance from each other. 

The streets of Toledo are pebbled, so you want to make sure you bring with you comfortable shoes. 

if you stsay till dusk and manage to get to the other side of the Tagus river you will be delighted by the amazing views of the city at night. 

History of Toledo in a nutshell

This provincial capital has some 53,000 inhabitants and lies above the Tagus in the middle of the Meseta of Castile. Toledo is one of the oldest cities in Spain, it was captured by the Romans in 192 BC and named Toletum. The Visigoths occupied the city in 418. In 527 the 2nd Council of Toledo took place. From 569 Toledo was capital of the Spanish Visigoth empire.

The city fell into the hands of the Moors in 711. Alfonso VI of Castile recaptured Toledo in 1085 and from then on Toledo became capital of the Kingdom and also the focal point of the Church in the whole of Spain. Ferdinand III, the Holy, founded the cathedral, and Alfonso X, the Wise, set up the famous school of translation, which made Toledo a centre of medieval knowledge. The city lost its political importance when Philip II moved his court to Madrid.

Toledo in a few minutes

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