Gaudi is today one of the top magnets for visitors to Barcelona and one of Spain´s top tourist attractions. A very religious man, Gaudi started his  studies in metal work and is his name is the icon behind the modernisme movement in Spain, though his work shows clear examples of surreal and dreamlike qualities. Gaudi can be considered today as a one of Spain´s most famous people.

Gaudi dedicated lots of his energy to the Sagrada Familia, which was however only started after his death (only the apse and the Nativity façade were completed.  The original design is an enormous cathedral where 13,000 people could gather. Gaudi started to work in the project in 1882 but when he passed away in 1926 it was far from finished. In 1939 and 1940 architect Fransec de Paula Quintana I Vidal reassembled the old models from Gaudi and restored the crypt but the architects in charge of the project have interpreted some of the original ideas from Gaudi since they were not all fully described. There is no fixed date for the completion though 1926 is a desired date to make it coincide with the hundred anniversary of the death of Gaudi.

It is an unfinished catholic church which was designed by Antonio Gaudí after its construction had already began. Nowadays it is one of the most visited monuments in Spain and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you think about things to do in Barcelona, visiting the Sagrada Familia is indispensable because this church will take your breath away. Although the church was designed as neo-gothic in its initial first drawings, Gaudí, who was commissioned to complete the building, changed its design considerably. Today Sagrada Familia is a modern construction and its completion is planned for 2026 – the year marking the centenary of the death of Gaudí, who is buried in the crypt of the church.

The Sagrada Familia, once finshed, will be one of the largest Cathedrals in Spain but is designed around three façades that symbolize the nativity of Christ (east), his passion (west) and his glory (south). Furthermore, the eighteen towers complete this unique structure: twelve represent the Apostles, four are dedicated to the Four Evangelists, one represents the Virgin Mary and one (the largest) that is dedicated to Christ. Although the church is unfinished, you can still go up some of the towers to discover the most spectacular views of Barcelona.  

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This is a description of what you should expect from a tour to Sagrada Familia. They are interesting and help you in getting you day organised.

Make your visit to the Sagrada Familia unforgettable with a 1.5-hour guided tour of Gaudí’s magnum opus. See the Basilica’s surreal facade and interior in a small-group setting led by an expert guide. On the tour you will learn about the reasons behind the ongoing construction, the current estimated completion date, and the generations of craftsmen, architects and artists and how the learned to make Gaudi’s vision a reality.

After you cross the security point you will learn about one of the churches facades, the Nativity, which was the first to be completed and the one Gaudí personally worked on the most in his lifetime. You will enjoy trying to decode the many symbols that Gaudí left for the viewer to decipher.

Once inside the Sagrada Familia, marvel at the unique ambiance created by the intense colored lighting emanating from the stained glass windows and the branch-like columns extending across the ceiling. Gaudí wanted to make the interior look and feel like a walk through the woods. As you exit the Basilica you will learn about the Passion facade, which illustrates the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Next, you will head to the Sagrada Familia Schools, designed for the children of the workers who built the Sagrada Familia. Hear how it was reconstructed more than once and even moved locations to make way for the Basilica.
Lastly, you will visit the Sagrada Familia Museum, where your guide show you the original sketches and plans that illustrate complexity of Gaudi’s architecture and vision.

Things to bear in mind to plan your visit to the Sagrada Familia

Bring your Passport or ID card

• Shorts are Not allowed

Know before you go

• Please bring your passport or ID card with you
• All visitors must go through a security check, which may take up to 25 minutes in high season
• The Sagrada Familia is occasionally closed to the public
• Modest clothing is required: knees and shoulders must be covered at all times; no swimwear; no transparent clothing; no plunging necklines, exposed backs or stomachs
• For safety reasons, no hats are allowed inside the nave or the museum, except for religious or health-related reasons
• Itinerary is subject to change in the case of special events at the attraction or big crowds
• You will need to arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the tour starts
• Please do not enter the monument barefoot
• At the Sagrada Familia it is not permitted to give headsets to children under the age of 12

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