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La Barceloneta 

La Barceloneta is actually a neighborhood of the Ciutat Vella district of  Barcelona, although many people associate the term with just the beach. The área was developed during the XVIII century, designed by Próspero de Verboom.

The neighborhood was built to shelter the inhabitants that had been living in the Ribera neighborhood, which had been demolished, as ordered by King Felipe V who used the land to build the citadel. Construction didn’t begin in 1753, however, at this point, the project was taken over by the military architect Juan Martín Cermeño. To complete the project the island of Maians had to be absorbed into the mainland.

La Barceloneta

History of La Barceloneta

The neighborhood is triangular in shape, surrounded by the beach and sea on one side, the Old Port and the Ribiera neighborhood on another, and the estación de Francia and the new Olympic sport on the other. The urban planning is very characteristic of the Age of Enlightenment in Spain with very uniform designs both in the street grid and the buildings themselves.

The houses that were built were meant to be single-family homes, with two entrances that let out onto the street (front and back), creating this way optimal ventilation. Nowadays, there are still some of the old buildings still standing but the neighborhood has not been immune to modernization and the current real estate market of Spain.

At the heart of this enclave, we find the church of San Miguel del Puerto in Barceloneta Square, and the Marine campus of the Pompeu Fabra University is located here as well.

During the XIX century, the neighborhood experienced a renaissance during the industrial revolution when several metalworking industries set up shop there. The factories and workshops located to the north were the only reasons that the neighborhood didn’t expand over into the nearby Pueblo Nuevo.

In 1996 Barceloneta park was inaugurated on what had once been the grounds of the old gas factories.

What to do in La Barceloneta

Barceloneta is one of Barcelona’s cooler neighborhoods, and for such a small part of the city, really has a bunch of cool things to see and do:

1. Check out the bars and restaurants:

La Barceloneta is a great place within the city to enjoy some tapas. Like any good beach town in Spain, the open-air terraces are peaceful and relaxing and the seafood is top-notch. In particular, you should check out the mythic flamenco tavern “de la Leo“, Salamanca restaurant (if you are looking for a more formal option or Ca La Nuri if you want a good paella.

2. Check out La Barceloneta Market:

If you want to experience the essence of the neighborhood check out the central market. Its the typical Spanish market, with all of its hustle and bustle, amazingly fresh produce, fish and meat, and all the tempting goodies you can handle.

3. Take a ride on the cable car:

From the port you can take a cablecar that will take you all the way to the nearby mountain Montjuic, offering the most amazing views (with permission of the amazing park Güel) you will find in the city along the way. It was built in 1929 for that year’s Expo.

4. Check out the History Museum of Cataluña:

Near the docs, you will find this interesting museum that chronicles the history of the region of Cataluña and the city of Barcelona. Tickets cost 4,5€ which makes it even more worth your while.

5. Explore the streets on foot:

Lastly, like most old neighborhoods in Spain the best way of experiencing them is by walking, getting lost, and creating your own adventure, and if you have to stop and enjoy a cold drink at one of the many bars along the way, so be it.

Where is La Barceloneta:

La Barceloneta is located about 40 minutes southeast from the Sagrada Familia on foot (20 minutes on public transport), and just 2o minutes from Plaza Cataluña and the Arco de Triunfo of Barcelona.


Video tour of La Barceloneta

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