Best excursions in Spain Selected y local experts Best excursions in Spain Selected y local experts

Spain Excursions and day trips

A Great selection to enjoy excursions from Spain´s top cities

In this guide, we propose you a review of the most interesting and best day trips in Spain. Spain boasts an enormous amount of interesting monuments, natural parks and attractions. Different civilizations left behind their monuments, gastronomy, and culture. While most of the important museums and art galleries in Spain are to be found in the largest cities, many of the most interesting sites in Spain are however not located in Spain´s top cities. This is why day excursions and tours are vital to get to know some of Spain´s top sights.

Top excursions in Spain

Best Excursions from Madrid

Madrid is one of the few cities in the country that has 6 Unesco heritage sites at less than 1 hour drive. Some of these sites include the famous Spain royal palaces in Aranjuez, La Granja or El Escorial.  All of these incredible sites can be enjoyed with day tours that departure from Madrid, by train, and also by car through high-quality highways. Let´s review 4 of them plus other super interesting villages and sights. We have specific guides to each of these unique places, so in case you want to enjoy an excursion to one of them you will be able to find full details in them. In this guide we provide you details on the best day trips from Madrid

avila from far way

Avila and its walls

Avila is located at one hour drive north west of Madrid. The most famous thing about Avila are its medieval walls. The walls of Avila are the best preserved walls in Spain and amongst the best walls in Europe. Fantastic churches, monasteries and traditional gastronomy (Spain´s most famous steak is from Avila) complete Avila´s offering for a great day from Madrid. 

Best views over Toledo

Toledo and the 3 cultures

Toledo is probably the favorite excursion or tour for most visitors to Madrid. If asked, we would recommend to stay overnight in Toledo, though it can be enjoyed with a day tour. Toledo can be accessed easily with high speed train from Atocha station in Madrid. 

The Alcazar fortress, the Catedral Primada, the Alcantara bridge, its jewish quarter or its churches and  synanogues are amongst the top attractions of Toledo


Segovia and its amazing aqueduct

Locals from Madrid have a bad time to decide if they prefer Toledo over Segovia. Less famous than Toledo, Segovia is equally impressive. If you enjoy roman architecture Segovia is a must for you. In our view, local gastronomy is also an area where Segovia is above Toledo since its local gastronomy is one of the top attracions of Segovia. Segovia can also be accessed with hgh speed train (from Chamartin station) and it is at one hour drive from Madrid.  

San lorenzo del Escorial-views

El Escorial and its imposing Monastery

San Lorenzo del Escorial is a mid-sized town located at a bit more than 30 minutes drive from Madrid. The town grew thanks to the construction of the massive Monastery of el Escorial. Besides being a monastery, El Escorial also boasts a fantastic art museum, one of Spain´s best libraries. an impressive church and it isplace where Spanish kings are buried. 

The mid-sized town of Cuenca in Castilla la Mancha and the palaces and gardens at Aranjuez (30 minutes south of Madrid) also hold Unesco status. But there are many more interesting places to visit like small villages where it seems time stopped centuries ago: Pedraza,  Sepulveda or Chinchon are amongst these amazing places. 

Best Excursions from Barcelona

Barcelona is Spain´s most visited city. Thousands of tourist stroll Las Ramblas street and enjoy La Sagrada Familia. But if you have time you will be able to enjoy some very interesting sights at less than 1 hour from Barcelona. 

Sitges in Barcelona

Sitges and its cool atmosphere

Sitges is located at less than 30 minutes drive from Barcelona. It can also be accessed by train and with some day tours. From being a small fishing village Sitges evolved into a weekend tourist destination for “barceloneses” and a upper-class second home residence. The late XXth century saw it evolved into a famous gay destination and nightlife here could even rival the famous nightclubs in Ibiza!

Montserrat monastery

Montserrat Monastery and the "magical mountain"

Located 50 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, this monastery is located at the Montserrat mountain. Its rounded shapes and pillars shaped by the erosion of wind protected the initial monastery that was built there. This is the most famous day tour from Barcelona and a must visit for pilgrims from around the world.  Paying a visit to Montserrat is the most famous excursion from Barcelona. Many different day trips are available and some combine Sitges and Montserrat or wine country and Montserrat. You can find more details on the history of Montserrat in Barcelona and ideas to plan your visit to Montserrat here. 

port aventura dragon khan

Salou and Port Aventura

If you travel with children you may well want to spend a day or two in Port Aventura. Probably number one amongst the best Theme parks in Spain and one of Europe´s largest parks too. Port Aventura one that combines exciting rides with many activities and areas for smaller children. 

Port Aventura is located in Salou, an area famous for its beaches and holiday resorts.

Small beach while walking the GR92 in Girona Spain

Girona and the land of Dali

North of Barcelona the coast becomes prettier and mid-sized resort towns co-exist with smaller ones that have preserved certain character. A bit more than an hour drive from Barcelona you will reach Cadaques, a beautiful village where Dali (one of Spain´s most famous persons) spent his summers. 

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