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The 12 Best Guided Tours In Madrid


It is always a good idea, even for tourists who enjoy visiting a city on their own, to hire the services of local professionals for at least one activity during your stay. We always recommend scheduling a guided tour to be enjoyed during your initial hours in a city. You will learn from your guide and get helpful recommendations from a local expert who will help you during the rest of the trip.

In this guide, we focus on guided tours in Madrid. If you are looking for day trips that depart from Madrid you should click the link just shown.
As in other parts of this website, some of the links we add include affiliation codes. This means that if you book a tour from one of the links we will receive a small commission that will help us continue building useful guides for travelers like you.

Madrid Civil War Tour

Valley of the Fallen near Madrid

This Madrid tour offers a fantastic way to understand an important and sad part of Spanish history, and also to use your imagination (with the support of videos and photographs) to reconstruct how Madrid looked like in 1936. You will get an understanding of what it implied to live in Madrid at the time of war, and how the war changed the city. A very interesting tour for all sorts of visitors to Madrid


Madrid Ghosts Tour

Statue in Plaza del Sol in Madrid

This guided tour of Madrid offers a great opportunity to visit the city and some of its landmarks, while you listen to some of the stories that have made locals wonder about certain events, you will discover beautiful buildings, and people who played a key role in the history of the city. 


Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral Tour

La Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid and the Almudena Cathedral are next to each other. As a matter of fact, the cathedral was designed to mirror the style of the Royal Palace. This bundle offer offers a perfect way to enjoy two of the top attractions in Madrid. If you would only have time to visit one of them we would recommend opting for the Royal Palace. We love it!



Private Guided Tour of Madrid

retiro park madrid

This tour offers a perfect way to enjoy a very interesting itinerary through Madrid. The tour will run privately for your group and you can request to adapt the tour to your specific interests. Depending on your possible request to customize the tour, you can be picked up at your hotel or meet with your guide at a specific point from where the itinerary will begin.


Madrid Segway Tour

Clock at the tower of Sol in Madrid

A simple way to explore the main sights of Barcelona. The open-air, double-decker bus used for this tour offers fantastic panoramic views of Barcelona. There are two different routes, and a third one is added during summer to enjoy the coast. One of our favorite things about this hop-on and-hop-off bus in Barcelona is that it takes you to places like Poble Espanyol or Camp Nou (besides many other highlights in the city like Sagrada Familia, Casa Batló or Parque Güell.


Real Madrid Stadium Tour


Real Madrid is the best soccer club in the world. Nobody can argue this based on the performance of the team through the years. A visit to the Bernabeu stadium is a must for any soccer fan visiting Madrid. The club has put together a very interesting guided tour. The Bernabeu is one of the top highlights in Madrid and this tour is amongst the most frequently booked tours available in Madrid


Combo: Prado Museum and Royal Palace

Façade at Prado museum in Madrid

Most locals from Madrid would argue that if there are two things to enjoy in Madrid, and just two, they should be the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. This guided tour includes tickets to enjoy both attractions and also a guided tour (which means you will also profit from the explanations from the guide on the way from the Prado museum to the Royal Palace)


Flamenco Show and Dinner at Corral de la Moreria

The Best Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Flamenco was born in Southern Spain but for most singers and dancers, Madrid was always the place to perform. Spain´s capital has contributed a lot to the development of flamenco music. Many of the top performers of flamenco, like Camarón de la Isla, gained their reputation only after having conquered Madrid. You will be able to find a good number of quality flamenco shows in Madrid, some of them include tapas or dinner. Corral de la Morería offers a good show.


Tapas Tours


After having spent a day or two in Madrid you will probably be amazed by the endless number of tapas bars in the city. Locals love to hop from bar to bar in search of the best tapas or wine. Eating standing, and ordering tapas and “raciones” may not always be a simple task for visitors to the city that may end in tourist traps. There are good options to enjoy Madrid and taste its tapas during a tapas tour.


Combo Prado and Reina Sofia Guided Tour

Statue Reina Sofia in Madrid

Madrid is one of the cities in the world with the most art museums. The Prado and the Reina Sofia are probably the best-known ones. Both museums are a must-do for any art lover visiting Madrid. In this guided tour you will discover the top masterpieces at each of the museums and also learn from your guide about many of the things and anecdotes that have made these museums so important.


Madrid Hop on Hop off Bus

Despite this is not a guided tour, we have decided to include this option as a simple way to explore the main highlights of Madrid. The open-air, double-decker bus used for this tour offers good panoramic views of the city. This bus tour of Madrid offers two different itineraries and the flexibility to book it for one day, but then use it on a different day to ensure you can fit it in your itinerary.

We like this bus tour of Madrid because the open-air double-decker is great with friends or children, and also because it provides flexibility. A more affordable option is to use local EMT Madrid buses, but if you make several stops compared to the hop on hop off bus, the price difference will narrow.


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