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Cáceres is the capital of the autonomous community of Extremadura in southwestern Spain. Cáceres, similar to Toledo or Segovia is famous because of its historic city center. The heart of the city is filled with the remains of the old medieval city and immediately transports you back in time. Cáceres’ city center is so spectacular and well preserved in fact that it was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1986. 

Here you will find our expert guides top suggestions to plan the perfect visit to this amazing medieval jewel. 

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Practical information to plan your visit to Cáceres

5 top reasons to visit Cáceres

Get Lost in the Old Town

Cáceres is also known as La Ciudad Monumental or the Monumental City in English, and the city definitely lives up to this moniker. It is one of the bets preserved medieval cities in Spain and in Europe. The historic city center is pretty much untouched and as soon as you set foot in this part of town you feel like you have traveled back in time. 

Since so much of the city center is ancient, the best way of experiencing is simply meandering the winding streets and getting lost. The narrow cobbled stone walk ways create a maze filled with towering Islamic arches, large Renaissance era estates, humble, family-run businesses, etc. The best way to soak in the history of Cáceres. 

Golfines Palace

El Palacio de Golfines is the largest and most luxurious este you will find in the historic city center of Cáceres. The Palace occupies severel city blocks of the center of the city.

The building is a seemless mix of different architectural styles from Renaissance, to Gothic, and Plateresque. The real treasures however lay inside. 

The palace is home to a large collection of murals, tapestries, jewelry and other personal belongings of the Christian Kings ( Isabel Of Castilla and Ferdinand of Aragon)  and much more. Guided tours are available, but the real treat is the theatrical guided tour if you are up to it. 

 Bujaco Tower

Another one of the medieval treasures tucked away in the historical city center is the  Bujaco Tower.  The tower is imposing and overlooks the city, standing at 82-feet tall. Built in the 12th century, during the Moorish occupation of the territory, the tower has played a an important role in most of the cities historical events.  Today it serves as an information center for visitors and offers the best panoramic views of the city. 

Cáceres Museum

An unrivaled treasure trove of archaeological discoveries, masterpieces of the fine arts, and so much more awaits you at The A visit to Cáceres without a visit to the Cáceres Museum  is at best incomplete. This wonderful museum tell the history of Cáceres and of Spain through its collection of  archaeological artifacts, masterpieces of the fine arts, and much much more. 

Housed in a centuries-old building in the city’s historic center, the museum is one of the most underrated museums in the country.  

Cánovas Park

Canovas park is a pleasent oasis located in the the busy shopping district on Avenida de España, in the center of Cáceres.  The park is a perfect place to rest a bit after a long session of sight seeing. Cánovas park features a promenade lined by lush flowering plants, trees, fountains and more. 

Best time to visit Cáceres

Extremadura rarely gets overcrowded but southern Spain can get blisteringly hot in summer.  

April in Extremadura burst out with life and temperatures are still bearable. Days exceeding 25ºc degrees are common but it’s not the norm.  May is an ideal month for nature lovers and bird watchers to visit.

Weather in Cáceres

Cáceres enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. 

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