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Best beaches in Balearic islands

Cala Varques-90 meters of chilled-out
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Beaches in the Balearic islands

Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, and the smaller islands of Formentera and Cabrera shape the Baleric islands in Spain.  Located east of the peninsula, the islands offer excellent opportunities to enjoy outdoors, especially on its beaches. This archipelago is a pearl in the vast Mediterranean sea, and despite some parts of the islands (mainly of Mallorca) have been overdeveloped, many of its beaches still retain paradise-like looks, especially during the low-season. In this post we share some of our favorite beaches in the Balearic islands. 

You can find more information on Spain´s best beaches in our Beaches section, where you will be surprised by the beauty of many of the unknown beaches of Northern Spain. 

Our recommended beaches in the Balearic islands

Cala Sa Calobra-Breath-taking scenery  and some of the best views in Mallorca along the way to get to Sa calobra

Cala Sa Calobra – Balearic islands

Cala sa Calobra in Northern Mallorca Driving to Sa Calobra beach by car is not easy and should even be disregarded if you do not enjoy driving or are fearful of getting sick (driving in Spain is generally easy but this is a clear exception!). Having said this, you will for sure enjoy a fantastic reward once you reach Sa Calobra. The road is beast enjoyed off the top tourist season when there are fewer large buses getting up and down. Average user review Score for Cala Sa Calobra 9 Ça Calobra beach- visitor guide What does Ça Calobra

Caló des Moro-Crytal clear water

Caló des Moro – Balearic islands

Caló des Moro Beach in Southern Mallorca Caló des Moro is a virgin beach located 6 kilometers drive from Santanyí. The beach is not easy to access but it is small (30 meters length and 20 meters of width) Its size explains why it is rather crowded despite being difficult to reach. Pines and bushes besides its crystal waters make Caló des Moro one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. It is a great beach to enjoy scuba diving and snorkling in Mallorca. Its depth ranges from 3 to 4 meters. For those arriving from the sea, Caló

Es Trenc-2 kilometers of white sand and caribbean style waters. One of Mallorca´s best known beaches

Es Trenc – Balearic islands

Es Trenc beach in southern Mallorca This beach is located in a protected area. The beach is long, with over 2 kilometers, and has white sand, soft dunes and crystal clear water. There ano shops nor restaurants aside from a beach bar and you should expect to walk a long distance from the parking, which is a paid parking. Since this is a very famous beach, many people are eager to visit it and a few do not always comply with basic education rules in an attempt to bring filth into paradise-like areas. There is no shade available in

Cala Varques-90 meters of chilled-out

Cala Varques – Balearic islands

Cala Varques Beach in Eastern Mallorca To enjoy this beach you will need to walk 15 minutes from the parking. This is not a typical sandy beach since it less than 100 meters long and part of it is covered with stones, but waters are simply amazing and since there are no services it is a less frequented beach (though its popularity has increased). There are no water sports nor bars or restaurants. This beach is fantastic if you enjoy snorkling since there are many caves that serve as home to fish. This beach is frequented by people selling

CALA SALADETA-A little bit of paradise in earth

Cala Saladeta – Spectacular secluded cove in Ibiza

CALA SALADETA Beach, Ibiza This amazing, white sand and turquoise-colored water cove is located in Ibiza and is one of the top beaches of the Baleares Islands.  Out team has sometimes been asked about Ibiza by people that may not be able to locate Ibiza in a map. Ibiza is the second largest (in size) island in the Balearic islands (Eastern Spain in the Mediterranean coast) You can reach this cove through the other uber-famous Salada cove which is usually more crowded and a bit more stressful. If you are looking for a more secluded and relaxing experience, head

where is ibiza

Calò des Mort – Amazing white sand beach in Formentera

CALÒ DES MORT Beach, Formentera This spectacular cove is a great place to go, escape your troubles and relax in Formentera, a paradise East of Ibiza Calò des Mort is located in the western Migjorn bay of the Baleares Islands. The water is crystal clear, calm, and still, and almost resembles a pool. The beach is calm and secluded and immediately disconnects you from the outside world. The hardest part is driving away at the end of the day. Activities near this beach Average user review Score for CALÒ DES MORT 9,0 Ibiza CITY GUIDE Ibiza HOTELS PAGE Top

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Macarella and Macaralleta – Spectacular beaches in Menorca

MACARELLA and MACARELLETA Beach You can only reach this secluded beach on foot or by boat. It is one of the most photogenic areas in Menorca and in all of the Baleares Islands, with its crystal clear water, white sand, and the surrounding sheer cliffs. This beach can get pretty crowded in summer, so make sure you get there early. Average user review Score for MACARELLA and MACARELLETA 9,4 Activities near this beach Other amazing beaches in Spain Discover more about the beaches in Spain

Beaches in each of the Balearic islands