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Balearic islands

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Make the balearic islands the right way!

The Balearic islands are a top tourist destination which offers something to everyone. Splendid beaches and small coves, fishing villages, olive and almonds groves and citrus orchads, Despite the masses arrive in summer, you will still be able to find your place and, why not, also enjoy the noise of the sea along with music during endless nigths. 

Balearic islands guide - Contents

Main cities in Balearic islands

Mahon city guide

Mahón is the Capital of Menorca and one of Spain´s cities with larger British influence.Today it holds a population of around 30,000 and its main highlight is with no doubt its beautiful harbour; one of the Mediterranean most impressive natural harbours. Discover in this Menorca city guide all you need to plan your visit to Mahón.

Palma de Mallorca city guide

Segovia city guide with recommended list of hotels, restaurants, places to visit, weather, prices, monuments, things to see and do and much more

Ibiza City Guide

Ibiza city guide

Ibiza the party capital of Europe but his magical island has so much more to offer from spectacular beaches to charming medieval towns, Ibiza has something for everyone. Plan the perfect vacation for you with our Ibiza city guide.

The most beautiful villages of Balearic islands

Ciudadella – A picturesque city port in Menorque

Ciutadella is (After Mahon) the second largest town in Menorca and until 1722 the island´s capital. It is today the seat of a bishop but above all a beautiful, attractive and appealing city.Its port is full of restaurants where you will enjoy fish with fantastic views.

Top attractions in Balearic islands