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Top places to visit in Spain

Cities, beaches, hiddem gems, islands, mountain landscapes, national parks… We will cover here some of the best places to visit in Spain. 

Spain has a lot to offer but time is limited. 

Depending on your interests you will have to choose which places match your travel style. No matter how much time you have or which is the itinerary you have in mind, our team of local experts has put together the best ideas to ensure travel planning is both easy and enjoyable for you. You can also enjoy the Spain vacation ideas and plans we have prepared with simple and ready to use itineraries. You will be able to learn about things Spain is famous for, or famous Spanish people while you disvoer the most exciting tourist attractions and enjoy the best local Spanish gastronomy

This section will cover Cities, Hidden Gems and beaches.

Cities in Spain

Spain is one of the countries in the World with more Unesco sites. Many of these are cities. Spain offers a very diversed reality and we are sure that some of the best places to visit in Spain are cities you may have not heard about! We have prepared city guides for some of Spain´s top cities.  In each of these guides you will ecounter recommendations and lots of ideas: best restaurants, local attractions, tours, stories and much more. 

Madrid city guide

Madrid city guide

Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants but the entire metropolitan area gets to a population of approximately 6.5 million. It is a vibrant city, where art and fun co-exist. In this Madrid city guide you will find ideas to plan your trip and make the most out of it.

Seville city guide thumb

Seville city guide

The variety and quality of the artistic heritage in the city of Seville, the mixture of styles, eras and civilizations, and the special color of this city makes it an unforgettable place. White streets and squares, flamenco dancing, the river Guadalquivir and the Cathedral and Giralda are just a few of the reasons why Seville should be in your list!

Thumb Barcelona city guide

Barcelona city guide

Barcelona is Spain´s second largest city and the capital of Catalonia. The city has something from everyone. Its Mediterranean character contrasts its gothic roots, which also contrast with its wide avenues and beautiful modern buildings.

Barcelona is a place where architecture and art melt together. The influence of Gaudi has been profound and exceeds his masterpieces.

Fiestas in the cities

Some places in Spain change through the year, specially at the time in which their local festivals take place. Visitors arrive and locals get ready to enjoy traditions, songs, dances, fireworks and many more things. Las Fallas in Valencia. Good examples are The running of the bulls in Pamplona, or the Semana Grande in San Sebastián,  or la Feria de Abril in SevilleYou can find more information on Spain festivals in this section. 


Las Fallas, Valencia

They say that the city´s bonfires originated from wanting to burn everything old: branches of the fields and all the bad things from the past year are burnt to start the spring strong with new strength and optimism for the new harvest. Fallas Valencia. These 2 words, like also paella, go togehter in the minds of Spanish people.

Particularly in Valencia, they say the carpenters cleaned their workshops to have them ready for the San Jose festivities and burned all the remains in big bonfires, that with time got decorated, resulting is the Valencia Fallas.

San Isidro Madrid

San Isidro in Madrid festival, Bulls and Rosquillas.

Each 15th of May in Madrid is the festival of San Isidro, the patron of Madrid. For a period of five days, locals take to the streets to celebrate their pilgrimage in the Pradera of San Isidro and also to enjoy music, dancing and Madrid cuisine in the gardens of the Vistillas.
The day before the party, in the streets of downtown Madrid, you can hear the excitement from the Parade of Giants, announcing the arrival of the Proclamation that occurs on the afternoon of the 14th on Plaza de la Villa.


La Merce in Barcelona, a colourful festival

The patron saint of Barcelona is the Virgen de la Mercé, and is celebrated every September 24TH since the nineteenth century to dismiss the summer solstice and prepare for the arrival of the colder months.

A Mediterranean feast that brings back all the inhabitants of the city to enjoy music, dance and street entertainment with Giants, Castellars and Sardanas that dance to traditional instruments such as the “chirimía” a kind of hornpipe.

Hidden gems in Spain

Some of the best places to visit in Spain are small villages that are sometimes not easy to find. On many ocassions they are far from the main touristic routes, but in some other cases their beauty is so irresistable that they have become famous. We share with you here some of Spain´s hidden gems. You wil be able to find some of the most beautiful villages in Spain in this link.  El Camino de santiago is an excellent way to travel slow and to find many of these gems on the way.

Hidden Gems


Sepulveda is a beautiful Segovian town that offers the opportunity to enjoy not just the town, but also great trekking opportunities in the natural reservoir of Hoces del Duraton (home to many vulture families). As part of the Hoces del Duraton you will also be able to enjoy La Ermita de San Frutos and its fantastic scenery

Calle de las Cuevas de luz in Setenil
Hidden Gems

Setenil de las bodegas, the village built on a rock in Cadiz

Setenil de las bodegas is a small white village located in the province of Cadiz. Its surname says a lot about Setenil. “De las bodegas” refers to the many caves in the rocks of this village. Some of its houses are literally built on the rocks and it is easy to imagine Neolithic caves that served as dwellings for hunting groups. One of Spain´s hidden gems for sure!

Square in Frigiliana
Hidden Gems

Frigiliana, a jewel in the Axarquia

Frigiliana is located in Malaga, Spain. Frigiliana is a stunning white village near the beautiful sierra de Tejada, which is a natural park. Beautiful landscapes, narrow white streets and an amazing square are among the chamrs offered by Frigiliana, a perfect day excursion from Malaga

Beaches in Spain

A quick look at the map of Spain is enough to get an idea that a large proportion of the country is next to the ocean or the sea. Different cultures, weather, landscapes and also tourist developments bring along a great diversity to the Spanish seaside. 

If you enjoy the sea, it seems clear to us that some of the best places to visit in Spain for you will be its beaches. Our team has put a selection of what we believe are the best beaches in Spain