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Zafra, Badajoz

Zafra, Square "Plaza chica"

Zafra Travelers guide

The charming small town of Zafra is regularly referred to as Sevilla la chica (little Seville). Despite Zafra is located in Extremadura, its character is mostly Andalusian, and the nickname takes from this Andalusian character. The two old squares with their dedicated arcades and balconies provide with a truly old-world character. Zafra is a place full of history, as its many names prove: Segida for the Iberians, Julia Restituta for the Romans, and Zafar or Safra for the Moors. Two gates from the old Moorish wall have survived to our date, and many fantastic streets, squares, and monuments await the intrepid traveler who stops in Zafra.

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Views over Zafra
Views over Zafra
Small street in Zafra
Small street in Zafra

Practical information to plan your visit to Zafra

In Zafra you will discover a fascinating  town with surprising heritage. Probably its main attractions and interest lies in the charm of its squares, streets, churches and convents at Zafra´s historic center.


Zafra became a very important town during the Moorish occupation when it was named Safra and when it was a strategic town between Seville and Badajoz. 

Top reasons to visit Zafra

Parador, the palace of Dukes of Feria

One of the top things to enjoy in Zafrsa (and a place where you can actually stay!) is the Palace of the Duques de Feria. This is the old Alcazar. It has high battlemented walls with towers at the corners and also at the front. It was extended in 1437 and then partly modernized in the 16th Century. The top highlight is the two-story, white marble patio dates from the same time and it is attributed to Juan de Herrera. The Salon Dorado, in the main tower, contains paintings and has an artesunate ceiling. The chapel, of Mudejar style, is also worth mentioning.

Nuestra señora de la Candelaria church

This collegiate church dates back to the 14th and 16th centuries. It is a single aisled church, with a short transept and a Herrera-style portal. Inside there is a treasure: a retable with ten.

Plaza Grande y Plaza Chica

These two squares are the perfect spots to enjoy a walk and relax in Zafra. This is also an area with more bars, terraces, and restaurants.

House of Ruy Lopez

Ruy Lopez was a priest and the most important chess player of his time. He was the first chess world champion in 1575! Ruy Lopez introduced many classical openings to the game.

Weather in Zafra

In Zafra, the summers are short, very hot, arid and mostly clear and the winters are cold and partly cloudy.

The hot season lasts 2.9 months, from June 14 to September 11, and the daily average maximum temperature is over 29 ° C

It does not rain much in Zafra and from September 25th to May 25th (the rainest time of the year), there is a scarce  12% chance that you will get rain in a day. October is the rainiest month, with 1 out of 4 days bringing rain. 

Best things to do near Zafra


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