Priorat wine tours from Barcelona - Priorat wine tours from Barcelona -

Wine tours to Priorat from Barcelona

Priorat is one of Spain´s top wine regions and it is the only wine region in Catalonia with the highest level of calcification (DOC). Enjoy a Priorat wine tour from Barcelona and get to know this beautiful landscape, taste some amazing wines and enjoy small wineries with a wine expert that knows the Priorat region inside out.

The Carthusian monks cultivated this land for centuries. They settled in the Scala Dei monastery in the 12th century. The landscape of Priorat is key to undesrstand its wines. A massive mountain amphiteathre and the slate soils provides a unique paradise for red wine grapes like garnacha, cariñena. An hour and half drive from Barcelona, Priorat is a must wine tour for red wine lovers

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