Spain in-depth: Camino de Santiago

How to travel the Camino de Santiago

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How to travel the Camino de Santiago

On foot

It is very normal for a person who wants to prepare for the Camino should think about whether to do it alone or accompanied; we would answer that, alone, you wouldn’t have to depend on anybody to make decisions, plus, there will never be a moment when you are completely alone, you will be able to fully enjoy this experience and do the needed soul searching.

The Camino de Santiago tour is very safe so there is no real danger. The paths are well indicated and, other than in extreme winter weathers, you will be sure to find other pilgrims in front or behind you that can help you out if needed.

If you decide to take the walking tour, don’t worry, you will find company for sure.

By bicycle

On the opposite of walking,  pilgrims decide to get the pilgrim´s certificate  enjoying El Camino by bike (with the dependence you have on the bike and possible break downs), it could be best to be accompanied if you decide to the bike tour, if you ever need to go the extra mile to repair your bike…

You should also think about wearing tight clothes on the bike tour, with no flaps that could get caught in the bike, that offer little resistance to the wind. You should also wear bright colors so that you are seen clearly by car drivers.

You would have to be very aware of traffic, and if you are a group, you should walk in a line. There are more that 800km… It is not a race, the one cycles the best will go last, accept when there is wind.

Be aware that you should not wear a waterproof poncho because it could be very dangerous on the bike. You should also check your bike daily since it is the extension of the pilgrim.

Horseback riding

Same goes for horseback riding, it is recommended to go accompanied by other horseback riders.

Previously it is advisable to have done the Camino tour by car to arrange the places of overnight stay for the animal and that way having enough food when the horse arrives.

It is essential to have insurance for your horse, because both road traffic as well as the reaction by people seeing horse are occasions for mishaps; not to mention if the rider doesn’t pay attention to the horse, it might eat the best flower of the city or get in the middle of cereal field.

The horseback riding tour requires a more thorough preparation for the Camino tour, because you have to prepare your horse and train it and also make the appropriate arrangements for veterinary and transfer.


And once you begin the Camino tour, the daily review of horse’s health is important both at the beginning and at end of the day.  You have to prepare your equipment and the journey ahead to see if there were to be any problems.