The Bests Water Sports In Mallorca

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Water sports in Mallorca

Mallorca is the perfect place to partake in some exhilarating water sports. This spectacular Mediterranean island is ideal because of the year-round warm temperatures, the favorable winds, ideal water temperature, a large number of aquatic centers, yacht clubs, and marinas. 

Mallorca also has a long tradition of watersports, so the island boasts first-class infrastructure and a wide variety of different coastline settings. The international nautical fair that is held every year in Palma, and there is almost too many .

Water sports in Mallorca

Kite Surfing

Mallorca is an excellent destination if you are looking to do a bit of kite surfing. Can Pastilla is the premier destination on the island but there are several top-notch spots such as Palmanova, Es Trenc, and Alcúdia. These long, pristine beached have excellent conditions for kite surfing. 

More and more surf schools on the island of Mallorca have started to offer kite surfing in their curriculum. Experienced kitesurfers will have to have several different kites on hand to get the most out of their trip. 

During the summer, things get a little more complicated due to the droves of tourists that show up on the island. 

water sports in mallorca
flyboarding mallorca


One of the more modern water sports, Flyboarding is available on the island. 

Flyboarding is an exhilarating alternative to surfing. The board is electric and quiet, so you can still enjoy the amazing views and the calm Mediterranean sea.

Fliteschool Mallorca can organize excursions or sessions throughout the island and can even deliver the boards on your yacht.


There is actually a legend regarding windsurfing on Mallorca. A 13th-century Mallorcan monk is said to have sailed from Mallorca to Barcelona using nothing more than his and a piece of wood shaped like a candle.

For this reason, he is supposed to be the first windsurfer in Spain, and this monk can be seen on the weather vane of the church of Sóller. Mallorca is an ideal place for those who practice windsurfing since its infrastructure is top quality, the winds are prone and there are a large number of surf schools and theme shops.

windsurfing mallorca
Surf in Fuerteventura

Surf and Paddleboard

Mallorca is not the best place in Spain for surfing, there is no getting around it. There are several decent spots in the southwest of the island. 

The beaches of Paguera, around Cala Mayor, and on Playa de Ciudad Jardín are all good spots to get some waves in, and probably the best on the island. You can also head over to Ses Covetes or Es Trenc. Here the waves aren’t as impressive but the gusty wind makes up for the weak swells. 

In the east, the waves can be somewhat steeper. The best and longest are in the north, especially when the winds from the Tramuntana mountain range sweep the coast. 

Jet skis

It is very common to see jet skis on the beaches. Championships are held for professionals in the surroundings of the Balearic Islands.

Jet ski rental centers can be found in nautical all over the island of Mallorca. You won’t need a license to rent a jet ski, so don’t worry about that.  You will, however, have to maintain your distance from the beaches (up to 250 m. 50 from the cliffs), from other water skiers (100 meters), and from buoys of divers (50 meters). The use of life jackets is mandatory for both pilots and passengers.

jet ski mallorca

Sailing and Boating 

In 1867, at the age of 20, Duke Ludwig Salvador came for the first time on a cruise and was fascinated by the island. The same happened to the first tourists who came by sail in the 20s and 30s of the last century and the same happens to thousands of sailors today. The nautical industry is an important economic factor: the construction of boats, sales, maintenance, equipment, storage, charter, training courses and licenses, excursions, including tax offices of the same industry is the order of the day. The list of companies is long, literature and web pages is extensive – you cannot even list that market. Tip: take a cruise in winter. In fact, it is colder, the sun sets earlier and the hours are scarce, but it should also be considered that the island is less congested and one can get the feeling of being sailing in another time when in reality one is sailing on the sea . Mallorca is probably Spain´s top sailing destination!

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Mallorca has incredible places for scuba diving for both beginners and expert divers. There are over 50 diving clubs and a large number of centers throughout the island.

There are fantastic spots that can either be accessed by boat, or from the coast. You will be able to explore underwater cliffs, caves, and shipwrecks just off the coast.

If scuba diving is too intimidating for you you can always enjoy a bit of snorkeling. The water surrounding the island is crystal clear, which makes snorkeling in Mallorca a real treat.

Temperatures go from 14º degrees in January to 25º in August.

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