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Hidden Gems

Trujillo, Spain

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1 day in Trujillo

Estimated time to visit:  4 hours (lunch time not included)


Trujillo, a mid-size town in Cáceres, is part of the land of the “Conquistadores”  

Trujillo in a nutshell

This picturesque town lies on a granite hill and is the birthplace of Fråncisco Pizarro (1475-1541), conqueror of Peru.
Trujillo, the Roman Turgalium, was fortified under the Arabs (town walls have survived in part) and given the name Torgiela or Truxillo. After the town was recaptured under Ferdinand III in 1232 it became the seat of the Trujillo Order of Knights.

Santa María la Mayor: This church was built in Romanesque style on the founda-
tions of a mosque in the 13C and altered in Gothic style in the 15&16C. It stands
at the North West edge of the old ring of walls and has a beautiful portal in transitional style and late 15 Century

San Martín is the church on the Plaza Mayor. It dates from the 15&16C. It is single-
aisled church with Gothic vaulting and a Renaissance portal.

The castle, with its massive square towers of Moorish origin. The semi-cylindrial
towers were added after the Reconquista. On the keep (Torre del Homenaje) stands
he 16 Century statue of the Virgen de la Victoria, patron saint of the city.

Plaza Mayor:

The Plaza Mayor in Trujillo is without a doub one of the most impressive quares in Spain! with arcades and beautial mansions. The bronze equestrian statue off Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru born in Trujillo in 1475) seems to control everything that happens in Trujillo!

Palacio del Marqués de la Conquista:

This palace was built by Hernando Pizarro, son-in-law of the Conquistador. It
has a Plateresque façade with a coat-of- arms, window grilles and twelve statues on
the cornice, which depict the months of the year. The medallions on the corner balconies depict Pizarro and his wife, the Indian princess Inés Yupanqui, as well as the
builder Hernando Pizarro and his wife Francisca.

Things to do in Trujillo

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30 minutes from Cáceres