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Trekking in Gran Canaria


Trekking in Gran Canaria

Trekking in Gran Canaria is an amazing way to experience all the natural beauty of this amazing Spanish tropical island, off the coast of Morrocco. 

The Canary Islands are volcanic islands, and their explosive origins created some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Spain. The Island of Lanzarote is home to the otherworldly Timanfaya National park and Tenerife boasts the tallest mountain in Spain, which is actually a dormant volcano. Gran Canaria enjoys its own particular brand of volcanic beauty.

Check out the ultimate guide to trekking on the island of Gran Canaria!  

Trekking in Gran Canaria

Hiking through Cogolla

A simple circular route of just over six kilometers, starting and ending in the small town of Veneguera, in southwest Gran Canaria. In the southern part of Gran Canaria, when the un comes out, temperatures start rising quickly. Therefore, you should set out early in the morning. 

The trek starts in the main square of the small town. If you want to get some supplies before heading out this is the moment to do so. 

The path is very clearly marked so you will have no trouble finding your way. Between the town and the main portion of the hike, there is about a 2km stretch that runs along the road and will give you a scenic view of the area. Up to this point, the path is extremely easy. 

Once we leave the town limits the difficulty goes up. The next portion is steep. In just 700 meters distance you will have to ascend 125m, which is equivalent to over 15% incline. The pass is narrow and if you are traveling with children you will have to keep an eye on them. 

The rest of the way is basically all downhill. You will make your way through some beautiful country and agricultural estates. The landscape is reminiscent of the Old West, with eroded orange mauntains ancient abandoned dwellings. 

The Bandama Caldera 

Trekking the Bandama Caldera is one of the most amazing activities you can enjoy on the island and also one of the easiest treks. It is a hike that can easily be undertaken by kids, and it’s near to the island’s capital, Las Palamas. 

There are two ways to explore the caldera, hiking the inner portion and the ridge. The entire route is about six kilometers long and the ridge portion is slightly easier than the inner caldera. 

If you are planning on undertaking the full hike, you might want to start with the inner section, then ascend to the ridge, and end your trek wherever you parked.

The entire path of the crest of the Caldera de Bandama is comprised of gravel so make sure you take good shoes and children might want to wear boots. 

Brandama caldera GRAN CANARIA

Montañón Negro and the Caballero Caves

One of the most beautiful hiking routes in Gran Canaria, especially in spring, when all the flowers of the surrounding hills adorn the path. The Montañon Negro, or black peack, jets out like a black shard of glass, and when the flowers are in full bloom, it creates a magical contrast between the two.  

Another highlight of this route is the Caves of Caballero. These natural caves traditionally offered shelter and protection to the inhabitants of gran Canaria. Nowadays, they are an impressive feature of the natural environment and a great place to enjoy amazing views of the island. 

Fataga to the Ansite Fortress

Before we get into it, this hike isn’t circular, so keep that in mind, but it will be well worth your while. This hike will take you from the picturesque town of Fataga, to the ancient fortified village of Ansite.

Ansite was once inhabited by the islands aboriginal peoples, the Guanches. The village is comprised of cave dwellings and many tombs and artifacts of the Guanche people have been found at this site. It is a truly unique and immersive way to experience the history of Gran Canaria. 

The route itself is not particularly hard, except for the initial climb of just over 300 meters that must be overcome in the first kilometer. The rest of the trail is a breeze.

fortaleza gran canaria
waterfall cernicalos gran canarias 222

Barranco de los Cernícalos 

The Barranco de los cernícalos is considered by many an oasis for hiking in Gran Canaria. It is equal parts beautiful and easy to hike. It is a path suitable for almost all levels, very well conditioned and marked.

With just over 8 kilometers round trip, the journey will take a total of about 4 hours, with mandatory stops to enjoy the journey.

From the beginning to the first waterfall, there is about 3, from here the physical demands increase considerably. For the next 800 meters, we will have to climb rocks and slippery terrain; avoid fallen logs, loose stones, and lots of vegetation. Only experienced hikers should attempt this portion of the hike. 


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