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Parks in Madrid

Parks in Madrid

Parks in Madrid

Though not a well-known fact, Madrid is Europe´s capital city with the most trees... Some of the parks in Madrid offer magical spots for romantic walks, enjoying a drink, or just taking a breathe.

The Retiro Park

The Retiro Park is located in the heart of the city of Madrid, just a few steps from the famous Puerta de Alcalá. It is Madrid´s most famous park. Visitors are both Spaniards and foreigners from many different countries.

The Retiro park is a huge park with 350 acres and its origin dates back to the era of King Henry IV in 1640.

You will be able to take some pictures of trees, squirrels, ducks and beautiful fountains. This will allow you to take home beautiful memories of a legendary place in the Spanish capital. This park is not to be missed in Madrid.

You will enjoy the view of the monument dedicated to King Alfonso XII, opposite a beautiful lake where people have fun rowing in small boats.

The Retiro lake, which has a length of 280 meters and width of 140 meters, had at its center an oval island which served as a stage for theatrical works.

There are different theories about the origin of the pond. It is believed that it was an existing marsh that consisted of a network of canals, artificial lakes and ponds that made it possible to water the gardens.

Over the years, the Retiro Park underwent various modifications.

Inside the Retiro Park, there are many interesting finds like the Crystal Palace which hosts many exhibitions. There are also many terraces to enjoy a snack, puppets shows for children, fortune tellers... etc.

Another very interesting and beautiful area to walk (mainly in the springtime) is The Rose Garden, which is a park within the Retiro Park.  It is in the shape of a maze and, in the center, and it has a beautiful fountain. A fantastic place to enjoy and smell the incredible scents of flowers.

If you arrive early at the Retiro Park, you should consider visiting the church of San Manuel and San Benito, which is located next to the Retiro metro station. This church may be an interesting surprise.

Other parks in Madrid

Madrid Rio is one of the parks in Madrid where you can be very active and sporty by going: bike riding, running, roller skating or walking. It’s very long path starts in the Puente de los Franceses and runs a few miles until you reach the Matadero area. The large number of trails makes it very pleasant to walk, and by the time you’re done walking one trail or another, it could add up to about 10 kilometers. 

On Sundays a lot of Madrid’s population come to spend time in Madrid Rio with their children, for which there are a lot of slides, swings and even a zip wire, which is one of the most sought out elements of them all.

For the older kids and young skaters, there is a good place to practice longboarding. However, if you like skateboarding, you can go to the skate park and skate with other enthusiasts. If you are only going for a stroll, you are really going to enjoy the surroundings and ambiance of it all.

If you prefer something calmer, right next to the Paseo de Virgen del Puerto there are some green areas where you can sit, read a book, sunbathe and relax in front of the fountains. The ones that are found next to the Puente de Segovia has a beautiful panoramic view of the Royal Palace and the Almudena and you can take advantage, during the night, of the bridge lightings of the Toledo and Segovia bridges (great photo opportunities).

On the very east of Madrid’s city, you can find the lovely El Capricho Park, in the Alameda de Osuna neighborhood, that you can access practically every day throughout the year. You will find that this park has a lot of charm given that you can find numerous, very interesting architectural pieces like civil war bunkers, the dance casino, beehives…

In the upper part of the park, you can find a beautiful lake and its pier known as the Casa de la Canas (House of Reed) because of the material its built out of. This park was made, almost entirely by an illustrious gardener named Paul Boutelou commissioned by the Duchess Doña María Josefa in the late XIX century.

Just north of the El Capricho Park, you’ll find the Parque Juan Carlos I, which is one of the largest of Madrid’s parks, with more than 150 acres of land, divided in different recreational areas. It is located next to the IFEMA fairground and was inaugurated in 1992 for the naming of Madrid as the European Capital of Culture that same year. 

The park is huge and has a lot of space where you can enjoy outdoor activities. The Juan Carlos I park offers you a multitude of things like a free visit of the park in a little train and free bike rentals, which is a service that no other Madrid park offers.

The easiest way to get there is by car, plus you will find vast parking areas around. You can also get to the Juan Carlos I park by bus or taking the metro on line 8. If you plan on spending the whole day there you should bring your own food because there are no bars or little kiosks like in the Retiro.

The Parque de Berlin is a beautiful 5 acre park that honors the Berlin city. It is situated in the north of Madrid on Calle Ramon y Cajal, and has on display 3 pieces of the Berlin Wall that was brought over in 1990. There is also a sculpture called the “Oso de berlin” (Berlin bear) and a sculpture dedicated to Beethoven, an auditorium and playgrounds for the children. 


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The most beautiful parks in Madrid - Madrid tourist attractions

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