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Preparation tips

Preparation tips

Getting ready for El Camino

To complete the Camino tour, you will walk around 800km for a duration of 30 days and for this you will need a minimum of preparation and some Camino tips to not get ill, or limit bad surprises that could not make you enjoy your trip. 

With willpower you can accomplish anything. Even if you do sports on a regular basis, it is recommended that you do a checkup a few months before your trip and to go hiking with the shoes and bag you will be taking on the Camino tour to wear them in. For those who do not do any physical activity, you should start training at least 3 months in advance like it is said below:

First of all, as one of your preparations tips for the Camino, it would be best if you could walk to work if it is possible. This would be the best way to start your training. You could also improve your physical health state and grain stronger leg muscles by using the stairs instead of the elevator.

During the 1st 15days, 4 times a week, you should go hiking without a bag pack on flat surfaces. Start with 1h hikes and gradually build up to 2h30 hikes, all this at your rhythm. For now you should concentrate on gaining muscles and building up your stamina. Before your hikes try to do exercises that activate your joints like your neck, shoulders, waist, knees and ankles. Don't forget to stretch after your hike to relax your muscles and improve your flexibility. 

During the next 15 day, continue with these Camino tips but try to vary the paths your take and try to add more duration to your hikes. Try to vary flat surfaces with ups and downs. After the first month you will be able to walk on any path for three hours with no problem at all.  The second month try and do three long walks during the week and use the week end to more attainable hiking paths. Start with routes that are 1 or 2 hours long to finish with routes of 3 to 4 hours, with the shoes and bag you will be going to take on the Camino de Santiago. 

Hydration is very important during long hikes as well as eating correctly during these long lasting trips. 

The last few weeks before facing the Camino tour, keep sticking to your previous hikes but this time, try to hike up mountains with a slope of 500m or more, take it slowly, but it will add to your training making your feel more confident both physically and mentally so that your can fully enjoy your Camino tour. 


You should also think about your posture when you walk, standing up straight and looking forward, leaving your hands free for a more natural walk. If it path is long, you can help yourself with a walking stick or too to reduce the strain that is put on your legs and knees. 


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