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Spain travel agency

If you are looking for a travel agency in Spain to get your trip or vacation planned by local experts we have to admit we are not a traditional agency. Not in the usual sense of the word.

Makespain is a travel guide, but we are also very different from most travel guides or travel planner websites.

Our team of local experts work very hard to compile the best experiences in Spain and to propose them to you. This we do as a travel agency. But we do not sell travel. We only propose and recommend that you book with operators that negotiate great prices.

 We trust that this sounds like a great deal to you: fantastic selection of things to do, hotels, restaurants…. Great ready-made plans and tools to assist in your travel planning.

Whether you are a culture-seeker, a foodie, city sticker or a family traveller you can be sure Spain ticks all boxes. The incredible amount of heritage in Spain is also home to cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona or Madrid, a enormous amount of beaches and also a good number of natural parks and nature reservoirs.

One thing which happens to Spaniards is that, if asked about a place where they would love to live they would most probably answer Spain.

No country is perfect but we are sure that Spain is safe, clean and varied. The motorway and train system is fantastic. Cities are very safe and full of green areas where you can breathe fresh air. There is a rich food culture, lots of night live and a never-ending list of cultural attractions, churches, and monuments.

For travellers looking for fun, few countries in the world can match the number of bars of Spain. Flamenco dancing, some of the best soccer teams in the world and much more.

Makespain: how to get the most out of it.

We provide with comprehensive city guides to Spain´s most important cities. In them you will find everything needed to plan your trip according to your travel budget and taste.

If you are looking for travel maps of Spain, we have many! And we believe they offer great value since they put together attractions. Shops, hotels, hostels and restaurants.

You will be able to save the list of items you are interested in to build your own itinerary in Spain. And in case you look for ready made proposals, our team of local experts have work in a good number of ideas ready to be used.