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Sevilla: Top tourist attractions

The variety and quality of the artistic heritage of Seville, the mixture of styles, eras and civilizations, and the special color of this city makes it an unforgettable place to the audiovisual and cinematographic world.

Although there are a lot hidden areas where famous films have been shot in Seville, let’s point out two sceneries because of their beautiful landscape and the media impact they have had in these recent months.

The Real Alcazar of Seville is a place where you can find one of the most spectacular constructions: the Pedro I Palace which has a Mudejar architectural style. It´s rooms give movies an authentic feel, like the Patio del Yeso or the wall of the Monteria Patio, that were rebuilt by Pedro I “The Cruel” after an earthquake destroyed part of it in the XIV century.     

Of all the famous movies filmed in the Alcazar, one that we should point out is Lawrence of Arabia (1962, United Kingdom), produced by David Lean.

In 2014, the Real Alcazar of Seville was chosen to be Games of Thrones filming location for its fifth season. It is based on the bestseller novel “A song of fire and ice” by George R.R. Martin. The HBO series Game of Thrones concluded its fourth season in June of 2014 and started filming the fifth season at the Real Alcazar of Seville in October of 2014.

Here is a list of some other movies that have been filmed in Seville: La Femme et le Pantin, La Folie des Grandeurs, 1492-La Conquista del Paraiso and The Kingdome of Heaven.

Another location worth mentioning is the Plaza de Espana, built for the Ibero-American exposition in 1929 and inaugurated by king Alfonso XIII. With a semicircular shape and made of brick, marble and pottery, this monument also has a Renaissance and baroque flare in its towers.  

It is called Plaza de España because of its blue and white benches that represent the 48 Spanish provinces, with their corresponding maps and mosaics alluding the history of these provinces. The whole plaza looks over the Guadalquivir River - a natural exit towards America; it represents the ties Spain has with its previous colonies.  

This plaza is surrounded by a stream and four bridges, and in the center of the Plaza you can find a beautiful fountain. It is precisely on these bridges that you will see Anakin Skywalker escorting Princess Amidala through the city of Theed, capital of the Naboo planet in the II episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This is why some may call this plaza, Plaza Naboo.  

On top of the Star Wars scene taking place here, scenes from the 1962 movie Lawrance of Arabia were also filmed in Seville, as well the Spanish movie Belmonte from 1994, the Korean movie Lifting de Corazon in 2005 and the Norwegian movie La Joven de las Naranjas in 2008. Not to forget mentioning one of the latest Hollywood films of the provocative director Sacha Baron Cohen “The Dictator”, who turned the plaza into a palace courtyard from a Middle Eastern country in 2011. 


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