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Spain from the Sky

Spain from the Sky

Hot air balloom ride in Spain

Spain has sceneries, towns and natural landscapes that are worth enjoying and visiting, even through the air, and this is why we are going to show you a few options that you can do with amongst friends, family or with your partner. 

The best way to keep in close contact with nature and to enjoy the most emblematic sceneries of Spain would be to take a hot air balloon trip, feeling the breeze on your face and listening to the silence of a spring morning only interrupted by the burner. This burner heats the air of the balloon elevating it to 300 or 400 meters off the ground and then taken by the wind for an hour or an hour in a half.

The hot air balloon trip starts early in the morning to take advantage of the cold air currents that enable the balloon to move horizontally and will move in the direction of the wind. The first task would be to get all the equipment into the balloon, to heat up the hot air balloon and to listen to the security measures given by the instructor. After about one hour you’ll be able to embark on your hot air balloon trip to enjoy a full hour of visit and to let yourself be taken by the wind along with the experts that will guarantee your security during your trip.  

During this hour, a team on the ground with track the hot air balloon to be able to help the pilot when landing, and there, they’ll set up a little tent to celebrate the trip with some Champaign and a good meal, as is tradition. 

The areas in Spain where you can find this type of flying activities, to be able to breath morning fresh air and enjoy beautiful sceneries in the Spanish Natural and National Parks are: the Europa peeks, the mountains of Guadarrama, Doñana, Aigües Tortes or Sierra Nevada, or a few little historical towns where the airspace is not restricted like Segovia, Salamanca, Soria, Aranjuez, Ávila, Toledo, Burgos, Córdoba, Granada, or the vicinities of Madrid y Barcelona.

If being taken by the wind in a balloon is not your thing, it is also possible to do a “captive flight” consisting in going up in a balloon about 20 or 30 meters by having the balloon attached to the ground.

The hot air balloon basket can hold up to 10 people, although in Spain there are some that can hold more passengers, so it is possible to embark in this adventure with your family, friends or your partner, where the only restriction is for kids under the age of 6 and for pregnant women. In a few places in Spain it is possible to look at the sceneries during the night on night flights.

If you have not the time to spend the 3h or 3h30 that this hot air balloon trip occupies, you can also photography and enjoy the sceneries from the Spanish sky on a light aircraft trip that lasts about 30 or 40 minutes around the vicinities of Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or Granada for example. It can be double the cost of a trip in a hot air balloon, which are about 100 to 130 euros, but a lot less than a helicopter ride, that for only 40mins can cost around 500 euros.

To be able to participate in one of these Sky activities in Spain, there needs to be some kind of airport or little air pad where the planes can take off and land on, which is a bit more restrictive than the hot air balloon rides. 


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