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Hiking in Spain

Hiking in Spain

Hiking in Spain

The climate of the Iberian Peninsula added with the beauties of nature, makes hiking possible in Spain to enjoy at all times on beautiful routes thought the Spanish territory. 

An average hiking route can go from 20 to 25km, and will take you about 7 to 8 hours depending on your rhythm and on the level of the group, which can lead to stay in a an accommodation in a rural area that will complement your nature adventure.

Hiking is considered a sport that can be done in any outdoor space, and where every individual set their own limits. There are a lot of health benefits in hiking, it lowers stress levels and brings us closer to nature where you’ll be able to breathe clean and pure air. 

The most internationally renowned hiking routes in Spain are the Camino de Santiago ones, but there are an infinity of other hiking routes throughout the country so we are going to highlight some of them below:

El Monasterio de Piedra (The Rock Monastery)

It is located in Zaragoza and offers a very suitable course without difficulty for families and children and all along the route you’ll find crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and caves that will make your journey very enjoyable, this is why the area can be very busy at certain times of the year.

Routes with rackets in the Zamora

During the winter, you can go hiking with rackets in the valleys and canyons of the Lago de Sanabria Natural Park. In the summer, the valley and its greenery is a paradise for hikers. A classic route is the 24km course that goes up to the Peña Trevinca from the Fish River.

The Carlos V route through Cáceres

It’s a route that starts from Jarandilla de la Vera and arrives at the Yuste Monastery in Cáceres, where Carlos V spent his few lasting days. It’s a 25km route that is quite hard due to its numerous inclines.  

The Riolobos Canyon

Located in Soria right in nature, the Riolobos Canyon is very deep with red walls that are overflown by eagles and falcons in pine and junipers. 

Peñalara reserve

It’s a 12km course that goes to and from the Peñalara peek (2.428 metros) that is done easily in 5hours if there is no snow. It is a classic course for the people of Madrid, so on sunny days, the parking lots will fill up very quickly.

Cebreros – Ávila

From this little town of Avila, you can do various circular routes of different longitudes that go through vineyards and scrublands, getting you away from all the stresses of the city. 

The Cares route

The most visited National Park of Spain is the Picos de Europa one, and its Cares route because of its tremendous beauty, as it runs parallel to the Cares River during the whole hike and on both side you’ll have the walls of gorge, tunnels and caves in the rock. 12km of low difficulty unite the Poncebos Bridge in Asturias to the Posada de Valeron in Leon. The hikers who do not wish to hike both ways usually form a group, starting in the opposite direction to meet up with the rest of their friends or family at mid-point to exchange the car keys.

Balear and Canary Isands. In both of these Islands you’ll find an infinity of routes that will lead you through the island to coves and incredible lookout points, to contemplate sea sceneries or impressive gorges and volcanos like the one in Lanzarote. 


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