Top romantic restaurants in Valencia

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Top romantic restaurants in valencia

Valencia is one of Spain’s top destinations.  Home of paella and  of the amazing Fallas festival  that takes place every February in Spain. 

But Valencia can also be a very romantic place, with great weather, beautiful beaches, and a charming city center filled where the cathedral or the market stand out. 

Check out our experts picks for the top romantic restaurants in the city or our top restaurants guide of valencia

Map with the Top romantic restaurants in Valencia (Select Romantic)

Valencia is an underrated romantic city in Spain. Everyone knows how romantic Barcelona or Granada can be but Valencia is no slouch in the romantic department.

If you are looking to plan the perfect romantic date for you anr your loved one, look no further. Our expert local guides have done all the work for you. Check out their top romantic pics:

Our top 5 romantic restaurants in Valencia

El Sequer de Tonica

El Sequer de Tonica- top paella near La Albufera in Valencia

Why do we recommend El Sequer de Tonica? One of the best and most elegant option you will find in the Albufera nature park, slightly south of valencia. Everything on the menu is homemade and appetizing, but if you go to El Sequer de Tonica you are there for the rice or the seafood. They offer some of the best paellas you will find and some excellent fish and seafood.

Top like a local restaurants in Valencia

La Anjana tapas and paella like a local in Valencia

La Anjana in Valencia In the center of Valencia, in the Eixample district (in the Ruzafa neighborhood) we find La Anjana. La Anjana specializes in Valencian style tapas. The restaurant is cozy and modest, an excellent place to go with friends or family and share a bite to eat and a “caña” (beer). If you are in Valencia in spring or summer, they feature a nice terrace, the perfect place

El Mornell, romantic restaurant for paellas in La Albufera, Valencia

El Mornell in La Albufera, Valencia Monrell is located slightly south of Valencia, in the Albufera nature park. If you are willing to make the drive down, or you are already in the area, this is definitely one of the best places you will find. They serve a variety of homemade Valencian classics, including, of course, a series of mouth-watering paellas that never fail to impress.  


Ferro – Truly Valencian gastronomy and rice next to Serranos towers – Valencia

Ferro in Valencia Ferro, located in the heart of Valencia is classic and modern at the same time. Or maybe classic with modern sensibilities. The restaurant is modern and beautifully decorated with classic Spanish themes: exposed granite arches, bottles of wine lining the walls, etc. The menu features a series of traditional homemade southern Spanish dishes, including, of course, several paella options. A great place for a quiet dinner with

Top romantic restaurants in Valencia

Arrocería Maribel – Truly valencian paella in la Albufera

Arrocería Maribel? The first rice restaurant that opened back in 1983, Arrocería Maribel, has stood the test of time with its excellent selection of paellas and rice dishes in La Albufera. Chef María José Estevens has created a gastro bar-style menu filled with delicious homemade goodie, where the obvious highlight is the rice dishes. The restaurant is bright and elegant and the ambiance is laid back and relaxed. One of

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