Top like a local restaurants in Marbella

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Top like a local restaurants in Marbella

Marbella is a tourists dream. Located in the south of Spain, in the province of Málaga., Marbella enjoys spectacular beaches, excellent restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. 

It can be complicated, however, to find a nice secluded little slice of Marbella where you can enjoy a intimate meal for two. 

Check out our experts picks for the top romantic restaurants in the city. 

Map with the Top Romantic restaurants in Marbella (Select Like a local)

Our top romantic restaurants in Marbella

Sirocco Marbella

Sirocco Marbella- Marbella

Why do we recommend Sirocco Marbella? Sirocco is located in the center of Marbella and offers a variety of home made traditional andalusian dishes. You will find some more international offerings on the menu (like the tacos) but they live up to the rest of the menu. The restaurant is modern, sleek and dimly lit. A great plce for a romantic dinner: the place is attractive and cozy and the

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Top fun restaurants in Marbella

Belvue Rooftop Bar Marbella- Marbella

Why do we recommend Belvue Rooftop Bar Marbella? The Belvue is more of a bar than a proper restaurant, however, just for the view alone, its worth a visit. The “restaurant” is located in the heart of Marbella, a top the Amare hotel. The Belvie offers amazing views of the city and the mediterranean in a lounge setting with live music. There is a series of finger foods on the

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Funky Tapas Gastrobar

Funky Tapas Gastrobar- Marbella

Why do we recommend Funky Tapas Gastrobar? Funky is slightly outside of Marbella, but if you are in the area, or headed that way it’s one of the better places you will find for a bite to eat. They offer a variety of, mainly mediterranean, home-made dishes, that do not dissapoint. The best time to go is in the evening, to properly enjoy their terrace, plus, they have a top

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Magna Café

Magna Café- Marbella

Why do we recommend Magna Café? The Marbella Golf Club is home to one of the top restaurants in the Area: Magna Café. Since 2005, this sophisticated eatery has been serving some of the best meals you can find in the area. At Magna Café they only use market-fresh ingredients to concoct their andalusian style recepies. The restaurant also features an extensive wine menu from wich to choose. Elegeant ambiance,

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Top romantic restaurants in Marbella

D.O.Mar by Óscar Velasco- Marbella

Why do we recommend D.O.Mar by Óscar Velasco? D.O. is easily one of the top gastronomic experiences you can have in the vecinity of Marbella. The restaurant is located right on the beach and the dimly lit and elegant dinning roon looks out onto the mediterranean sea. Chef Oscar Velasco offers a menu filled with southern spanish classics, where the preparation and the presentation is meticulously cared for. Only seasonal

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Kava – Wonderfull fine dining experience in Marbella

 Kava – Marbella Kava is easily one of the top fine dining experiences to be had in the center of Marbella. The restaurant is elegant and beautifully decorated. The menu offers mainly creative Mediterranean dishes, with a few, more international, options sprinkled in. The food is carefully presented and prepared a delight both to look at and to eat. Book a table at Kava Average customer review Score for Kava

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Tempora- Marbella

Why do we recommend Tempora? Tempora describes themselves as: international inspiration and local ingredients. Located in the center of Marbella, Tempora offers a slightly dicombobulated colection of seasonal dishes from every corner of the map, all of wich a worth trying. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and right by the ocean. They also offer a very nice wine menu to acompany your meal. Book a table at Tempora Average customer

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Top no hassle restaurants in Marbella

Gastrobar Píkaro- Marbella

Why do we recommend Gastrobar Píkaro? Located right on the port of Marbella, looking out onto the mediterranean sea, you can find Gastro bar Pikaro. This small bistrot style restaurant offers a selection of andalusian style tapas and rations The restaurant is cozy and inviting with a wonderful terrace that looks out onto the port. Great ambiance, great food, ocean views… what more can you ask for? Book a table

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Casino Marbella

Casino Marbella- Marbella

Why do we recommend Casino Marbella? The Marbella Casino offers one of the best fine dinning experiences you will find in the city. Chef Agustín Román offers a menu filled with modernized versions of classic spanish dishes. You will find other not so spanish offerings on the menu as well which are equaly delicious. Book a table at Casino Marbella Average customer review Score for Casino Marbella 9,6   Marbella

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