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Things do in Spain adapted to your travel style

Not everybody travels in the same way. And we do not just refer to the money available for accommodation, restaurants or activities. How you travel can deeply transform the experience. The same place, at the same time of a given year, could be totally different for two travellers who have a perspective that is worlds apart. In each of the travel guides we have put together you will be able to identify hotels, restaurants and activities best suited for a travel style.  We do not expect that by doing this we are providing the perfect travel segmentation tool to visitors to Spain. But at least we try to contribute and support you in your travel planning with options we believe could be more suited to a travel style than to others. 

We do not agree either with the sort of elitist opinion that only those travelling as locals really travel. Travelling as a local may imply much more time than most people may have at certain periods of their live. Besides, you may live for over ten years at a place and locals will not accept you as such.

There are many ways to travel and all of them should be respected for as long as they are respectful of local traditions and with the environment. After all, we could all improve the way in which we travel and contribute to a better world by doing so.

You can find below the different travel styles we have defined in our travel guides. under each of them you will find recommendations and proposlas best suited to you. 

In each of the travel maps to Spain we provide of each city or place of interest you will also be able to filter by travel style. We hope this helps you a bit with your travel planning!

Like a local traveler icon

Like a local


Being a tourist is great… but in your case you want to get abosrbed by local culture and experience a city like locals do. 

You may need more time and a bit of extra preparation work. We will try to answer to all your questions on how Spaniards live so you can make Spain like a local. 

Trendy traveler icon



If a trip is for you a perfect opportunity to enjoy design-savvy architecture, the most stylish places to eat and drink, chic hotels old and new, and the best shops, this category is for sure yours…


Family traveler icon



Planning a family trip`can be quite a challenge, specially if there are big age differences in the group.

Making everybody involved and not being too ambitious with the timings can help a lot. We have put together a fantastic list of activities to facilitate your planning.

Romantic traveler icon



Romantic holidays can help in building a relationship as a whole.

Our team of local experts has put great care in finding romantic things to do and places to visit.

We recommend you plan yoru trip together as a first step and then, once in Spain, forget about your mobile phones every now and then!

No hastle traveler icon

No Hassle


If you are looking into this category you probably consider that travel should be about doing what you want, not what you feel you should do.

You may want to learn, meet people and new cultures, but what you enjoy most is to relax. 

We have put together a great list of ideas to help you with your planning… in an easy way, of course!

Fun traveler icon

Fun seeker


There are many happy reasons to take a trip. It could be a special birthday or anniversary. A get togehter party, a graduation, a wedding – or pre-wedding.

You may just be looking for fun in Spain and to ensure your mind rests and escapes from daily routine. 

We believe we can help you with this!

 You feel there is so much to learn in every trip… Being curious is great, specially when you visit a country with so much history and heritage like Spain. 

One of the main problems for culture seekers is time and to make sure the priorities are rightly set. 

Our team has work hard to help you get your times right!