Things to do in Seville

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Things to do in Seville

Seville, the capitol of Andalucia, is a vibrant city full of amazing things to do, see, and discover. But Seville can be a challanging place to navigate, especially if it is your first time visiting the city.

Maybe you are up for an adventure and you want to experience Seville like a local, or maybe are you traveling with Family. Our local experts have put togther a series of vacation ideas to help you tailor the perfect trip for YOU.  

You can also have a look at our Seville city guide or at the fully interactive Seville tourist map.  Enjoy planning your trip to Seville! 

Recommended things to do in Seville in 1-day

One day does not leave you much time, so we recommend not to be too ambitious with your planning. If we were to be just 1 day in Seville these are the things we would do! 

Torre del Oro

Torre del Oro- Seville

Why do we recommend Torre del Oro? This 12 sided fortress tower dates from 1220, the era of the almohade, and was originally part of

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Repetto- Seville

Why we recommend Repetto? Right in the center of town, on San Pablo street we find Repetto. They serve traditional homemade Andalusian dishes, with their

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Señorio Sevilla

Señorio Sevilla- Seville

Why we recommend hotel Señorio Sevilla? Chef Daniel García is at the helm of Matiz, an elegant and sofisticated restaurant in the center of Málaga

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Recommended things to do in Seville in 3-days

When you plan your stay in Seville for 3 days we recommend you enjoy the ideas we have highlighted in the things to do in 1 day plus these additional ones. 

Below you will also find extra ideas and suggestions adapted to specific travel styles.

More recommended things to do in Seville based on your travel style

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