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10 top things to do in Córdoba

Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Mainly known thanks to the Great Mosque, Cordoba offers a lot more. Amongst the top things to do in Cordoba, we include its famous patios, the Jewish quarter, one of Spain´s best Alcazares, white streets, palaces traditional gastronomy, flamenco, Mulsim Hammans… and a few other surprises that only illustrate the fascinating history of what was one of the most important cities in the world during the middle ages.

Cordoba is in our view one of Spain´s top cities and a city you should include in your itinerary.  The high speed train offers very good connections from Madrid and you could decide to either stay in Cordoba or make a day excursion from Seville. 

Our team of local experts have put together a collection of the top things to enjoy in Cordoba. You can also have a look at this “one day in Cordoba itinerary” with lots of insights and ideas to make the most of your time,  for every type of traveler, whether you just want to sit back and relax or if you are looking to let loose and have an adventure, you will find what you are looking for.  

You can also have a look at our Córdoba guide or at the Córdoba online map.  Enjoy planning your trip to Córdoba! 

Table of Contents

Our list with the coolest things to enjoy in Cordoba

Enjoy one of the top marvels in the world: The Great Mosque

What comes first to everybody´s radar visiting Cordoba is the Great Mosque. There is not a single person we know that did not leave in wonder after a visit to this icon of Andalusia and Spain. The mosque is in reality both a mosque and a cathedral. Built in 785 by the Arabs it became also a catholic cathedral once Cordoba was reconquered.

What comes first to everybody´s radar is the Great Mosque. There is not a single person we know that does not leave in wonder after a visit to this icon of Andalusia and Spain. There is no doubt this is one of Spain´s top sights.  The mosque is in reality both a mosque and a cathedral. Built in 785 by the Arabs it became also a catholic cathedral once Cordoba was reconquered.
The Mosque is an impressive place, one that leaves lifetime memories. Its 1300 columns and 360 arches of red and white stone are an architectural prodigy.

The mosque of Cordoba 9.5 rating

Great Mosque of Cordoba . A complete guide The Great Cordoba Mosque is a grandiose and fascinating part of the Muslim art, initiated by the Caliph Abderraman I, that resumes in its history the evolution of the Omeya style in Spain on top of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style of the Christian construction, This is one of Spain´s landmarks, a must-visit, unique place in the world and for many people Spain´s most beautiful cathedral aswell. The

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Enjoy the most famous patios in the world

Have you ever heard of the Patios of Cordoba? These courtyards were recognised by Unesco. They are beautiful and a witness of a way of life. The Patios are best enjoyed between April and June, but they are worth visiting all year round. However, not all Patios can be visited since many are private ones and they would only open their doors during the Patios festival. We have prepared a complete guide on the Patios. One of the top things to do in Cordoba for sure!

Flower and fountain in a patio

The festival of the patios de Cordoba takes place in May. It lasts a bit less than 2 weeks. The festival started as a public competition in 1921. That year, for the first time, the local authorities in Cordoba (the Town-hall) organized a competition. The owners of houses with patios were asked to decorate their patios for this special occasion. Prizes were put in place, besides, of course, the already distinguished honor of winning this prestigious award.

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Enjoy local gastronomy: salmorejo, flamenquines and more

Cordoba is famous for the number of taverns in its Jewish district. This district is one of the best places to enjoy Andalusian-style tapas in the country. During your visit to Cordoba make sure you enjoy some of the city´s local gastronomic specialties such as salmorejo (a tasty cold tomato soup served with egg and ham), flamenquín, which has nothing to do with flamenco dance! A flamenquin in Cordoba is a popular ham, pork and cheese roll wrapped with breadcrumb batter and deep-fried. Vegetarians will love the aubergines (sometimes served with honey) , meat lovers should try the famous oxtail from Cordoba and if you are keener to fish, try japuta (we cannot provide a translation for this without offending you!) . In this link, you can find our list of recommended restaurants in Cordoba. You will even find places where you can enjoy authentic Sephardic food

Get lost in the Jewish district

Cordoba had a very important Jewish community and, as it is the case of the city of Toledo, Cordoba is also referred to as the city of three cultures. The Jewish Community lived in Cordoba between the 10th and 15th centuries. The Jews were expelled from Spain at the end of the 15th century with the Edict of Granada. Those that decided to stay had to convert and become Catholics. We love the narrow white streets of this part of Cordoba. There are many taverns and you will also find here the Synagogue of Cordoba and the most famous street in Cordoba; La Calleja de las Flores.

The Calleja de las Flores is the place for those looking for the perfect selfie: picture yourself next to geraniums and with the tower of the Great Mosque in your back. One of the top things to do in Cordoba? For sure it is!

Feel like a King in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is one of the top fortresses in Spain. The Alcazar is also one of the top things to do in Cordoba. Its walls are imposing and behind them, you will discover amazing patios (our favorite is the Moorish patio) and one of the most famous gardens in Spain. We have put together a guide to help you in planning your visit

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

Alcazar of the Catholic monarchs A fortified palace, the Alcazar of the Catholic Monarchs in Cordoba was built in the 14th Century under Alfonso XI on the same site where an Arab Alcazar stood. The Alcazar is with no doubt one of the top sights in Cordoba.  One of the most outstanding elements of the Alcazar is its magnificent park, which has survived in Arab style. It is interesting to note that what is today a top

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Cathedral of Malaga

Cathedral of Málaga  Construction of the cathedral of la Encarnacion in Malaga began in 1528, following the plans of notable contemporary architects; building stopped in 1783 (late if compared to other Spanish cathedrals) . An imposing marble stairway leads up to the W. façade. Two towers-of which only the N. one was completed-flank the three portals; the other tower is called ‘Manquita’ in the local vernacular, which means ‘the one without’. The middle portal has reliefs of

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Enjoy a day trip to the heart of the Caliphate

Medina Azahara is the largest archaeological site in Spain, even larger than Atapuerca. It was a residential and administrative city of the Caliphate of Cordoba. The Califas may have become tired of the bustle of Cordoba and built this marvelous city at just 7 kilometers from the city center of Cordoba. It is a shame that Medina Azahara did not remain to its full splendor but you will find is for sure worth the visit. Unesco acknowledges this and declared it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara in Cordoba Located eight kilometers South-west of Cordoba Medina Azahar is an outstanding example of the power, vision and ambition of its founder, Abd Rahman III. Less than one-tenth of the city has been excavated and not all of this is opened to the public. The numerous buildings were spread over a large area on three terraces on the slopes of the Sierra. These buildings were defended by a double wall that was defended by

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