Spain vacation ideas and plans

Travel to Spain - Covid 19

Up to date information on travelling to Spain during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Málaga, the homeland of Picasso, is a city that offers a great variety to tourists: to the excellent weather and the nearby beaches,  we should add art galleries, nightlife, and many attractions and day excursions.  Discover the best way to spend 1 or 2 days in Málaga in this Malaga vacation planner free guide. 

Spain Vacation planner: bespoke service and Free resources

If you are looking for a perfect Spain vacation you are in good hands! Our team of local experts has put together some ready-made itineraries to ease your holiday planning process. All the content on this website and its travel guides are free. So you can start planning and use all the material and vacation ideas in Spain that put togehter by our team of local experts.  

If you would like to limit driving during your trip to Spain to a minimum we recommend you have a look at our Spain train map article where you will be able to find very useful information to help you build a perfect itinerary if you use the train. 

We have also put together a bespoke itienrary service for those who would like to get a more personalised service from us. This comes at a cost. 

Bespoke itinerary building service for your vacation to Spain

With this service, we design detailed, bespoke itineraries that provide a personalized experience for travelers to Spain. Our bespoke itinerary building service focuses on you. We identify your interests and build an itinerary to ensure you visit Spain while you enjoy your favorite things.
We will ensure that you stick to the most scenic roads (if that is what you like!), sleep in the most charming accommodations, and discover the most authentic eateries.

We understand that everyone´s idea of what makes a perfect trip is different. At the same time, hiring a travel agency to run a bespoke itinerary in Spain for you can be very expensive. Our proposal is different, we charge a flat fee for your itinerary and let you take care of the booking process.
Our duty is to recommend you inspiring plans based on your taste and preferences.
We will learn about what you like, how many days you plan to spend in Spain and how much money you plan to spend.


Our services include an initial questionnaire to understand your preferences and your travel style.

This is followed by a phone call where we will try to understand better what you are looking for and which things are an absolute must for you.

We charge a flat fee basic rate of 500 E that covers itineraries of up to 6 people and 8 days. If you would like to add more days we charge 100€ extra per planning day and if you are more than 6 people we will prepare a quote for you. Trips for many people can become very complex to prepare.

If you would like to book this service contact us and also let us know if you have any coupons.

One or two days vacation ideas in Spain


2 day City break

Barcelona… The mediterranean and Gaudi may come to your mind. 2 days may not be enough to enjoy all Barcelona has to offer but if you organise your time well you can enjoy the best of it. Our team has put together a superb itinerary to get the most out of your stay . 2 days in Barcelona guide


2 day City break

Madrid… 3 of the finest art galleries in the world,  relentless night life, and some of Spain´s most beautiful Plazas. Something most people are not aware of is that near Madrid you can enjoy 5 Unesco sites (Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Aranjuez) . 2 days is for sure not enough to enjoy it all but it can be a great start! 2 days in Madrid guide


2 day city break

Seville is a city that makes it easy to fall in love with. Moorish and Mudejar architecture mix together with the largest cathedral in the world. Orange trees gathered in the white streets of Santa Cruz district, while flamenco music is played in Triana while locals enjoy pescaito and wine near Nervion. Great shopping opportunities and affordable prices if special occasions such as The Feria or Eastern are avoided. . 2 days in Seville guide


1 or 2 day city break

A fantastic itinerary to enjoy the best of Cordoba in one day or two days. Cordoba and its Mosque are a Must visit in Spain. Cordoba can be visited in one day, but for anyone who prefers not to rush two days many things await too! Selection of recommended restaurants to fit the itinerary, hotel selection and best things to do. 2 days in Cordoba


2 day city break

Granada is a magical place. The Alhambra stands on the hill. Behind it the Sierra Nevada and its white peaks. Granada was moorish, but also jewish. Granada was actually known as the city of jews, where they flourished. We are sure you will get lost in the Albaicin district, relax at one of Granada´s baths and envy the dance of gipsys from the Sacromonte.


2 day city break

Málaga, the homeland of Picasso, is a city that offers a great variety to tourists: to the excellent weather and the nearby beaches,  we should add art galleries, nightlife, and many attractions and day excursions, like Ronda, Gibraltar or El Camino del Rey..  Discover the best way to spend 1 or 2 days in Málaga in this Malaga vacation planner free guide. 


2 day city break

Valencia is without doubt the best place to enjoy paella in Spain. But the city is much more than that: in Valencia you will enjoy the fascinating park of La Albufera, one of Spain´s most attractive food markets, nightlife, beaches and top architecture. If you happen to visit Valencia in March you will learn about one of Spain´s most famous Fiestas: Las Fallas. In this 1 or 2 day vacation planner in Valencia you will get to learn about what the city has to offer.

Four to seven days vacation ideas in Spain

Barcelona & Madrid

4 day short vacation

Enjoy Spain´s 2 main cities in a short 4 day vacation. Fantastic airport connections to most countries andhigh speed train to get to Madrid or Barcelona make this a perfect combination to enjoy Mediterrean and Gaudi architecture in Barcelona. Tapas and art in Madrid… not to forget about soccer, shopping, nightlife…

Fantastic day tour opportunities to extent your trip. FIND OUT MORE

Madrid & Seville

4 day short vacation

Enjoy the elegance of Madrid plazas, its art galleries, and vibrant nightlife and the passion and beauty of Seville. A 4-day itinerary designed to enjoy every minute, but not too overloaded. Transportation within both cities takes a bit more than 2 hours in a high-speed train. You will find options to adapt the itinerary to your travel style. FIND OUT MORE

If you have one week to enjoy Spain this is probably one of the best itineraries you can put together to enjoy the most of it. The fantastic contrast offered by these three cities is proof of the rich history and heritage that makes of Spain a top tourist destination. From Mediterranean sea and Gaudi, to beautiful plazas and a royal palace, and also including the world’s largest Cathedral, Flamenco and, why not, 2 of the best football clubs…