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Practical information and Spain travel tips

A complete guide to ensure your vacation in Spain is stress less. In each article you will find recommendations or items of general cultural to ensure you take the most of your trip to Spain. We have put together a complete list of Spain travel tips to hep you decide on specific elements of Spain (traditions, people, culture) and also useful information for your travel planning.

Spain is a very save country, but there are many things to bear in mind when you travel to Spain, From the railway network, to tipping, you will find here tips for a smooth trip.

what spain is famous fro

What is Spain famous for

Spain is an amazing country filled with excellent things to see and do. But what is Spain famous for? Here is a list of the top things Spain is famous for

Famous Spanish People

Top 10 Famous Spanish people

Discover some of the most famous people the country of Spain has produced. Our top 10 famous Spanish people list covers some of the most influential people from this amazing Mediterranean paradise.

drinking age in spain

Drinking age in Spain

Here is everything you need to know about the drinking age in Spain. Discover and the legal and cultural rules to drinking in Spain and enjoy the experience responsibility.

Covid 19 - Traveling To Spain

Covid 19 – Traveling To Spain

The current travel restrictions the Spanish government has imposed on travel in and out of the country are very strict and detailed, and can be hard to navigate. In the following article we will go step by step and review the current status of the travel restrictions in Spain.

Tipping in Spain

Tipping in Spain – The best guide to tipping in Spain

The following article will give you a good idea of the customary amounts that are tipped by type of service, but of course feel free to do as you please. Tipping in Spain is question you should put yourself in view of the service you have received and not on a compulsary reality. Making someone’s day is never a bad idea!


Spain train map – Ave routes

The AVE is Spain’s uber-comfortable, high-end high-speed railway system. Most of the peninsula is connected by these trains and its the easiest and quickest way of getting around in Spain. Learn about the connection with the Spain train map

High Speed train in Spain and railway network

he Spanish railway network today consists of private and public operators and it is the state-owned entity Renfe which serves most passengers travelling around the country, especially to the major cities. In addition to serving passengers, Renfe´s operations expand into train leasing, maintenance and freight services in Spain.

A Brief Guide to Driving in Spain

Driving in Spain can be more exciting than one thinks. This is because continuous improvements to the roads have made them more modern and smoother, thus making the overall driving experience more pleasant (not the case decades ago).