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Sitges is an amazing little beach town on the Costa Brava of eastern Spain. It offers a very unique combination of history and culture and laid back, party beach-town vibes, an odd little mixture. 

Located just south of Barcelona, Sitges hoasts the prestigious Sitges Film festival and there are a plethora of museums and monuments to visit and at the same time, there are also plenty of bars and clubs to party the night away, and Sitges’ pride week is world-famous. Read on to discover everything Sitges has to offer.  Together with Montserrat mountain, Sitges is one of the top day excursions from Barcelona. 

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Practical information to plan your visit to Sitges

5 top reasons to visit Sitges

The Sitges Film Festival

The exact dates vary slightly from one year to the next, but around the first week of October, the city hosts the famous Sitges Film Festival, a festival dedicated to recognizing fantasy films from around the world. The week is filled with all sorts of events and movie showings.

The festival has gained international notoriety thanks to the quality of the movies selected, of course, but also because of the stars the festival has attracted. From Quentin Tarantino, to Sir Anthony Hopkins to Cameron Diaz, all have participated in the festival. The fantastic venue helps in attracting many visitors to the festival (something shared with the San Sebastian film festival

Another quirky highlight of the festival is the Zombie Walk that is organized every year where thousands of people show off their zombie skills, shuffling mindlessly through the streets of Sitges. The walk ends with a living dead, live music ball.


Museu Cau Ferrat

What was once the home of acclaimed artist Santigo Rusiñol, ha snow been turned into a beautiful and charming museum in the heart of Sitges.

Rusiñol was one of the leading figures of the Catalan Modernist movement. Before he died, Rusiñol determined he wanted to leave his home and all of its contents (that included drawings, paintings, ceramics, etc.) to the city of Sitges under the condition that it be opened to the public as a museum. The museum currently is home to a variety of different collections and is well worth a visit if you are in town. 


Casa Bacardí

Yes, THAT Bacardí. The founder of the ultra-famous Cuban Rum brand was actually born in Spain, in Sitges to be more exact.

Facundo Bacardí was born back in 1814 in what is known today as Casa Bacardí. Facundo’s childhood home is now a museum that chronicles the brands history and the life of its founder. The of course cover the rum-making process as well as offering guests a variety of different, delicious cocktails in the bar at the back.

Sitges Carnival

Towards the end of February, mayhem is unleashed onto Sitges. Barcelona has it’s own Carnaval celebration, but everyone knows that the real party is down in Sitges.

Sitges boasts one of the most vibrant and spectacular Carnaval celebrations, much like the Carnival of Cádiz. The Sitges Carnival is well known across Spain for its colorful floats, amazing dresses and costumes, and the roaring after parties. 


Explore the Old Town centre

Sitges’ historic city center is small, charming, and definitely worth a couple of hours of exploration. In particular the old fishermen’s quarter with its with blue trimming and the 15th-century, Baroque style Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla.

Best time to visit Sitges

Sitges is the type of place where most people want to visit when the city comes alive. For Sitges, this is either during the Sitges Film Festival which takes place in October, or during Carnaval which takes place in February. These are the two events during the year when Sitges is percolating. Of course, during this time the town is crowded and hotel prices go up. 

If you are looking to avoid crowds, we would also suggest avoiding the summer months, when beach-goers flock to Sitges. 

If you want a laid-back Sitges experience, try March, April, and May, you might even get lucky and the weather might be nice enough to enjoy the beach. 

Weather in Sitges

Sitges enjoys a Mediterranean climate which means hot summers and mild winters, with stable temperatures the rest of the year. 

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